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I, for one, am incensed!   But, Miran will defend my honor.
 Do you like Huey Lewis?
 and here I've misplaced my ascot
holy crap, zissou must be as tall as people think I am
Hello again. Seeking some GNAT on casual unstructured sport coats this time.   I've got three examples and I like elements of each but no single one is nailing it for me. Would love to hear your thoughts.         Here's my take, and please let me know if you agree/disagree or have further input.   Grey (right): This one is 97% cotton, 3% elastane. I found it in a small shop in Bellagio, Italy. My wife spotted it while I was trying on a similar blue one and...
it always just seemed like a gimmick to me.   there is a reason Jos A Bank uses it to sell suits and high end brands do not
what the hell part of the forum are these bitchfights coming from even?
Oh and I joke, but we all know the worst part of this is that somewhere out there, in a room decorated for a little girl, there sits a man in an Armani jacket, who can refresh but not reply, who is gloating too.
I wonder if the nerds who are now banding together in their quest for truth and justice are realizing that the confidence they thought they could attain by wearing a leather jacket was there all along.   You see, the Temple of Jawnz isn't a place, or a thing you can wear, it's a state of mind!   And you can't get a tracking number for that either.   (5)
New Posts  All Forums: