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 That's funny; you identified the same exact 3 things that I want to change/find for my next suit. The Epaulet stuff is not MTM, but they are limited to their stock models from either Southwick or Samuelsohn. This particular jacket was from some random factory in Italy that I guess was just too unreliable for them to use again, so this one is actually a little different from what people are getting today. Anyway, looking at Eidos potentially, but my next suit is a ways off...
Epaulet Marcello jacket and medium grey 120s pantsCarmina austerity brogues  [[SPOILER]]     
Epaulet (x2) Moderntailor Chipp Carmina          
Epaulet navy hopsack blazer and linen waltsCarmina austerity brogues  [[SPOILER]]    
Epaulet (x2) Moderntailor Givenchy Carmina          
 +1 would wear
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