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Tennis trainers made it to Jost Van Dyke
Let's all pause to remember that this place would be horrible without @Bam!ChairDance
buttoning point and pocket placement both look fine but then the jacket has like 2" or more of length below where I assume the pockets end that doesn't need to be there
 are you saying the President has been kidnapped by ninjas?
Doing so is a huge logistical undertaking, or at least, it needs to be in order for one's cut to be worth the effort. I made it work in Santa Monica by getting everyone to send me their requests early and getting into the store ahead of time to assess what was there. Even then, I was probably able to satisfy 20% of the requests.   Anyone who goes there today is likely to get a great deal on something they weren't expecting to find. Anyone who goes looking to get a great...
 @DavidLane Nice. I'm in the process of getting a jacket myself so I'm curious about a few things if you don't mind answering: - what fabric did you choose?- machine or hand made?- measurements or did you have them copy an existing jacket?  It looks good and my only criticism would be that the quarters look too closed. So I'm definitely interested to know if they just made it that way or if that's the result of copying a jacket that was also shaped like that.
 Oxford cloth will absolutely shrink more, no matter how one washes it. 
    "Sire, the peasants are revolting!"   "You said it, they stink on ice"
Culver City being accessible by Metro makes a huge difference as well.   Plus we'll once again have Father's Office within walking distance (probably/hopefully).
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