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shocked that anyone would think there is a city that edges out San Francisco in this category
because we're being given free reign to play jazz with our requests which means the person on the other end may have to guess at what we mean or may be following an industry standard that we as lay people aren't familiar with and/or may wrongly assume is the opposite
 Well, crap. If that's the case then I've just made the same mistake. I'll just take the darts out and specify on future orders, but yeah, I did assume that where I provided a waist measurement and requested darts, that the waist measurement I provided would be the final number, eg the net-after-darts measurement.
 do a MTO, choose 38" inseam and have your tailor hem it to wherever it looks best.
 yeah and where do I find one in size 44
oh so that's what peak lapel vs. notch lapel signifies
 Update: received all of this stuff. The OL stuff is great. I will have to post a shot of the inside of the indigo dotted shirt because the knitting is pretty fantastic. The hand on the oatmeal-colored sweatshirt is incredible (it's 80% poly, 20% linen), which hopefully will keep up through washing. The Norse Projects one is LOOOOOONG. Like, probably a good 3-4 inches too long. But, it fits perfectly in the shoulders, sleeves, and chest, which is the problem with all the...
   I'm cool with either of these evaluations. Thanks guys.  Not at all. Like Mikey says the fit itself is arguably mediocre but I was just going for a clean, minimal, and relaxed look, not looking to compete with kgfan or ghostface, etc. And this would not be the first time I've been given as many thumbs for context as for the clothes themselves, but if you're new here I could see how that might raise an eyebrow.
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