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Epaulet x Individualized flannel    
is it ridiculous for me to have the pockets swapped on my beat-to-hell APC NS? Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone6 I haven't been able to wear them with the phone in the pocket which basically means I haven't been able to wear them 
but that's not important right now
perhaps Acne? you would have to do the cropping yourself   http://www.acnestudios.com/shop/men/jeans/van-lt-vintage.html  
 cue Mike's infamous quote re short shorts
Big points for:   - outfit, obviously - taking the metro downtown, apparently - liberating a sign   Sorry it was not one of my cases, but then I would have kept you on
 I can provide you guys with a referral for a doctor in Beverly Hills along with the sale; PM me for details
 This is great, but would be perfect with just a plain white linen PS.
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