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well I can't argue with that
 Oh, I didn't model mine off that. I did use some of the dimensions from a different PC collar, but only for the height.
same as what
 Yes, I have a 14.5" neck which is why I configured the scaled-down version. Check my original post for details (it's linked in the spreadsheet). I'm also currently having them try a rounded version of the same collar. Everything the same -- same spread, same height, except rounded instead of the 3" collar point. We'll see how it turns out and I'll definitely post the results here.
 So, you have even less of an excuse for this kind of post than I do
 This actually checks out. I also think the sleeves on the cardigan are a little too short.
 If we're going to continue this discussion (and I'd like to, although I'm not sure this is the right place), let me also repost a few examples where I think the suits look better than the photo that sparked the recent debate:   [[SPOILER]]
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