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I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande
I've always read it as "Art is hard" but in the voice of Will Ferrel doing his George W. Bush impersonation, a la "Presidenting is HARD!"
EpauletRRLMMM  [[SPOILER]]  
EPLA blue overdye oxford    [[SPOILER]]     
Epaulet flannel work shirt  [[SPOILER]]  
EpauletEverlaneRRLMMM [[SPOILER]]  
Lizard monks are so good. I told Pastor he was lucky they weren't my size.
watch, he names the kid Tom
I can't believe how long it has been for some of the stuff I am still wearing. Ever since I joined SF, I've been retaining a lot more. I used to go through a wardrobe every year (but it was all cheap garbage). Now I have stuff like:   - APCs purchased in Nov 2009 - RRL chinos purchased in Feb 2011 - MMM GATs purchased in Jul 2012 (2 yrs not bad for sneakers)   I still feel like I bought these "just the other day."
yes you could say he has ensnared our collective adoration
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