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Epaulet flannel shirt and MTO rivet chinos  [[SPOILER]]
 Crap, are there not going to be long sleeve henleys in that heavier 8oz fabric?
 I'm not a watch guy but I like the umbrella and briefcase a lot here.
 Glad to hear it!
GUYS     you know you want this feeling:  
 You haven't thought about asking for another inch to let out in the crotch from where the zipper ends right around back to the bunghole? 
 Hrm, maybe. The cuffs are 2" but the shoes aren't super low-profile; the soles are standard thickness, but they are blake stitched so they don't look as prominent. Maybe that's what you're talking about...
 I have these and so I will second this. I sized down 1 full size from my normal dress shoe size. They are extremely comfortable and I am coming up on having had them for 2 years (in about a month) and they have held up really well. Cheaper slippers that I had in the past were always trashed within a couple months. These still feel nice and cozy. And fuck slippers that don't surround your ankles, those are bullshit. I want my whole foot to be warm, thankyouverymuch.
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