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Nigel Cabourn mtm APC MMM
but they would all look the sa...   wait
this is worse than when my wall was torn down
Dear StyleForvm,   Downtown Los Angeles is changing. I had heard that the parking lot next to my building was for sale and had even seem some development plans that included a huge new building with ground floor retail, apartments, a pool, etc, being included in the sale for potential developers to hit the ground running. It seems either the sale has gone through or they are continuing to prep the lot for any potential sale, as on Saturday morning I awoke (way too...
 I remember a time when a lot of people were acting like my styleforum journey was not going to be complete until I got a TOJ of one sort or another. I wasn't convinced, and it sounds now like I dodged a bullet. Anyone care to give cliffs notes on what is going on?
YES!! I wasn't the one that requested it, but that was awesome.
 LA is still in the mid-70s, low-80s but it is starting to only hit those temperatures in the middle of the day and stay below 70 in the mornings and evenings. Working in an air conditioned office effectively means that we are now in tweed and flannel weather! Oh so here's another random shirt question -- whatever happened to the buttondown club collar? I thought that was going to be an option in the Gitman MTO program but I'm not seeing it there.
bean boots + black spray-on rhinoliner
New Posts  All Forums: