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EPLA hoodie, henley, and trainers:    
"Find a cobbler," what am I, made of Google?
and then stop kicking things  
you joke, but Brooks Brothers is already a step ahead on this...  
  how wide did you end up going on the lapels?
$20 each plus $5 SHIPPING (within US)     or, both for $35   Both shirts are Gant size small, "hugger" fit. Both have had darts added to the lower back to prevent billowing, but those can be easily removed if you prefer a more generous fit.   1. Red multi oxford 2. Green/yellow madras    
Koala I think you would benefit from a 1940s cut; broad, bold shoulders and high-rise full-cut trousers would balance things out nicely. Avoid pinstripes if you don't want the gangster comments but otherwise I could see it working:   maybe don't go this extreme but stronger, more extended shoulders and less tapered trousers would be my first step
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