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Mid-2014 fashion realizations / proclimations   So first, on the issue of travel shoes, I should say that my MMM GATs have proven to be solid travel shoes for bombing around Europe on a couple occasions and other places too. I don't get the people saying their CPs are more comfortable because, for me at least, the GATs are vastly superior in terms of comfort and support. Then again I also don't mind walking around a European city all day wearing leather-soled dress shoes...
I have some. They haven't shown up in fits recently because I've realized they are baggy in the upper thigh and need tailoring, but you can expect to see them soon.
ItalyEnglandUSAJapanFrance not 100% sure about this one. the jacket is probably on the shorter side to be wearing it like this. pants will be hemmed soon.  [[SPOILER]]  
 well shit, man. you don't need a million dollars to do that. 
 that's cool but I wouldn't wear a corduroy jacket in Italy 
that's too bad, as their shirts are actually great. I have 20+   I told them to get rid of that video but they did not listen
I just finished a huge post in WAYWT chronicling my spring break adventure across Europe, so check out the full thing there, but here are the Epaulet highlights:   EPLA blue overdyed oxford in Regensburg, Germany   Marcello jacket at dinner in Lézzeno, Italy   Luchino polo in Lézzeno, Italy (overlooking Lake Como)
warning: huge post lots of pictures   SPRING BREAK 2014   For me, our trip began the day before our first flight (Wednesday). I had to drive our dog 350 miles north to stay with my parents while we were away. I left around noon, arrived around 5, had dinner with my parents and got everything set up, then turned around at 10pm and hit the road to get back to LA in time for our first flight, which was at 7am. I picked up my wife’s brother coming back in to LA and took...
 Oh thanks. Not C&J. They are from Bexley, a French shoemaker. I like them because they offer blake-stitched shoes in really flattering shapes, the leather is soft and feels great starting on the first wear, and at a pretty affordable price too. And while that probably means they are made elsewhere, I've got two pair that I've had for a couple years now and the durability seems to be good. The only downside is that ordering can be kind of a process, and while they will...
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