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Got my linen/cotton canvas jacket back. Shipping back to India was pretty easy as it turns out, they fixed the lapels, and shipped it back to me really quickly as well.    Thinking I may need to get the shoulders narrowed by 1/4 inch on each side. The shoulder seam apparently extends into the sleevehead which extends the effective shoulder unlike what it would be with a true unconstructed shoulder + spalla camicia construction. So possibly, my measurement might be right...
E. Thomas charcoal hopsack:         Details
so good
 Thanks! So far, so good. Prior owner was pretty on top of basic maintenance but seemed to mostly drive around town and never took it to the next step. I do a lot more freeway driving and we want to take it on road trips, so the biggest thing it needs for now is a complete suspension overhaul. Luckily he took care of everything else it's needed in order to be reliable mechanically and electronically, at least. I've been driving it all week and the engine stays cool in...
non-clothing recent purchase:     1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D   Photo was taken right after purchase, prior to any wash or anything else so the car is a bit dirty and paint is looking a little dull. It's a bit of a restoration project but also a totally decent daily driver in its current state. Seats & dash are in excellent condition though some of the other interior upholstery is a bit worn. Paint is not original, nor are the wheels/hubcaps, but the car came with the...
WELP time to stock up on English ties   eh chaps
 So yeah it's super light-weight feeling, because the hopsack is so breathable, but drapes really nicely since it's not actually paper-thin. The fabric is ideal for LA weather.
 I recently got the 8400 and while I have had a bunch of different Hertling trousers at this point, all in the same fit/pattern, these are by far the nicest.
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