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 That's incorrect, it's actually this one: http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread
and ladygents, amirite?
 Yes it does. It's a direct response to your "what they think they look like / what they actually look like" meme adaptation. Please try to keep up.
 I've been saying this for 5 or 6 years now.
It's getting harder and harder to summon Miran. We had to talk about my suits for two days this time!  [[SPOILER]]
 I agree actually. I had English suits in the past...    [[SPOILER]]  Only the thing is they were both cheap (Next) and too large (size 36 when I need 34) so they fit poorly and wouldn't have ever been worth keeping due to the quality in any event. But this does give you some idea of what more shoulder padding, and in the case of the grey one on the left, what a longer jacket length would look on me -- just imagine it all scaled down a little to get to my correct size. Now...
 See this is what I mean about the short torso/long legs thing. People think I'm 6'6" or something. I'm 5'10" (1.78m).
 Well I may be one to talk, but this ain't exactly the cleanest break we've ever seen round these parts: 
 Fucking exactly. Thank you. You've clearly been paying attention.  
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