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lacking explosions tho
 Thanks! And that's a really common suggestion for some reason, but the reality is that I already wear tall collars. The band on this one I think measures 1 5/8" in the front and taller in the back. That's near the highest you're going to see any standard collar band, or even normal mtm/bespoke. I have a couple shirts made with a 2" collar band and two-button fastening, and those are really tall. Going anywhere beyond that totally throws off the proportions of the shirt...
 thanks!  correct 
People were asking yesterday about the navy hopsack in the natural shoulder fit as a blazer; here it is along with oxford grey flannels in the Taylor fit:  
I'll bet 18.75 is actually the correct measurement   As I was saying earlier, if you do the same shoulder measurement on an unconstructed shoulder with spalla camiccia the result is a narrower fit in the shoulders. If the Dartmouth shoulder measurements are 0.5-1" wider that actually makes sense and will result in a similar fit so people can take the same size.
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