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a couple shots from my recent visit:   Epaulet x Southwick navy tweed sport coat:     Epaulet New England button-down shirt and EPLA tennis trainers:     Checked out a bunch of the new stuff and in particular, the derby shoes turned out really nice and there a bunch of good-sounding future plans for that line. Also the new deconstructed shoulder Southwick shape turned out really nice and has a great lapel that isn't trendy-wide but is well-balanced and compliments...
one more from Brooklyn:      
catching up from New York...    
lol @ Rais still gets a +1 after she says there's nothing Fall about it 
 as always, the detailed brand info can be found on my tumblr (link in sig). the cuffs are 2 inches. I'm not really interested in facilitating any conversation on the other issues as that tends to just derail the thread. glad you like the look though. 
Epaulet Marcello sport coat and tan moleskin Walt trousers:    
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