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 No -- I'm not saying I have any such thing. I'm going to play by the rules as Mike has set forth (which are that the sale starts Saturday) -- I am just saying that I am going to stop by the evening before during normal store hours to see what is there at that point. Anyone in LA could do that too.  I think we can expect the discounts to be more than 10%
SANTA MONICA PROXY   I haven't seen anyone else publicly stepping up to the plate for this, so I figure I may as well offer to help out all you guys outside of LA who have been requesting. Here is how I see this working:   You're going to PM me with your budget, a list of items you want in order of priority (with your sizes for each listed), and your name & phone number.   I will plan to go by the shop Friday night to do an inventory check to see how much of what you...
  I like the cut of your jib.
SW&D CHALLENGE 5/4/2014: Match Your Wall
 this has inspired me
< joke about waistcoat matching bottom of wall >  
another suit fit...   [[SPOILER]]   
Epaulet cadet grey suitCarmina austerity brogues  [[SPOILER]]   
It's from J. Press.
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