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goddammit @jet
 5'10" 120lbs
 These look great. The toes look darker than mine ever got. What are you using to take care of them?
I have decided to part with this suit as I've ultimately concluded it is just slightly too large for me. I normally wear a 34R and this suit is a 36R with a bit too much room in the chest for me.   This is the original "Desmond" jacket that Epaulet produced before their partnership with Southwick. I do not believe the jacket is canvassed.   Pants are a size 30 and have been taken in at the waist slightly but all the fabric remains so they could be let back out again....
 Hrm, no -- must have been one of my body doubles.
thoughts on Terroni?
 someone photoshop Benesyed onto that top left balcony in lmao's fit
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