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 It could, but the capability alone is not the issue. Users feel differently about posting a reply in a thread and posting a comment in the thumbs. It doesn't seem that this is a behavior/perception that can be changed by shouting at them to "just put it in a reply" since it's been quite awhile and that simply hasn't happened.
 If anyone knows better please correct me but this is what I believe was going on around the time and I believe it is what triggered the decision: I'm pretty sure it was a shah v. moo thumb comment war that got into unacceptable territory, probably something about moo's daughter, and so rather than ban either user (given they were/are both fairly large contributors to the forum in one form or another) the decision was made to just get rid of the thumb comments since they...
  sup, @Synthese
SW&D: so far ahead of the trend that we're actually coming up behind it, preparing to do a lap
 See this is why Fok is working on the "thumb handicap" setting. Once it is in place it will adjust for all the people getting thumbs undeservedly purely based on seniority, or whatever. For the time being, you can always demand a recount. PM me for details.
 holy shit, MTX
"for some reason"
 Hey thanks! We're actually home now and I'm slowly getting through the photos from our trip. We were only in Malmo for a day but it seemed like a cool place.
couples fits   MALMÖ, SWEDEN   SNS RRL MMM   Guðrun & Guðrun jeans GATs     A little bit about my wife's sweater -- it's from a very small company operating out of the Faroe Islands, which is in the North Sea and is part of Denmark but actually much closer to Scotland. Everything is hand-knit. The quality seems to be very high. They seem to primarily make women's sweaters but their website appears to have men's stuff too. We stumbled on this brand because...
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