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 Haven't been to a car meetup in awhile. Super high end stuff isn't that interesting to me, but if he tracks his cars that's a big plus in my book. I need to get something worthy of taking to a car show again, kinda wish I still had my Fiat but then again I still have nowhere to put it and never quite fit in it anyway...
$650 -> $525 -> $450 -> $400 final drop   Retails for $1100 and only available by special order. This is the Epaulet single breasted "Weller" 3-roll-2 model made by Southwick in a lightweight medium grey super 120s wool.   Here are the specs:  Size 34 Regular  Single Breasted 3-roll-2 Pants Size 28 (Walt cut)  Full lining in deep purple silk  Welt breast pocket; hip inset flap pockets  Dark brown horn buttons   Measurements from Epaulet's site:  SIZE 34  CHEST...
Went to Death Valley the other day for the super bloom -- happens once every 10 years or so when dormant seeds sprout as a result of heavy rains. All shot on 35mm (Kodak Portra 160) EpauletN&FEpaulet   [[SPOILER]]
think James May but with regard to carpentry instead of cars
 are you talking about Star Wars or Fast & Furious
what a ridiculous thing to be worried about though   I'm @StanleyVanBuren and I endorse this message, should it become its own thread
obviously the trick is, in discussion of any topic you wish to keep in RFT, to include several other unrelated yet intertwined topics such that there is no one single topic to split   this is your safest defense against Aggressive Moderation™
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