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 This is awesome news. Can't wait to see the final product. Just how wide did you decide to go on the lapels? I see you stayed shy of where brands like, say, Eidos or Formosa are going (which is probably too aggressive a look for many).   Judging from this, I would say the overall fit is very much "on trend" but putting that aside I'd actually suggest that you're the ideal candidate for a longer length, even keeping in mind that this is one size down from your usual, I'd...
 ok, that was pretty clever. I've got nothing 
 I didn't apologize  [[SPOILER]]
 Ok, so I know that typically, ordering a longer length is just that -- extra length is added at the bottom, but the overall shape of the jacket is not affected. Things like buttoning point stay where they are. Is that true for this? Curious how that would work with the more open quarters we're seeing on this, which also look great by the way.
 petition to @LA Guy to have this be Moo's new custom title
btw I would not hold out hope for the second two items but frankly I would be flabbergasted if we don't see some slightly wider lapels as part of the new design
 You speakin my language, son
McCall, Idaho New Year's 2015   Warning: long post, lots of photos, only some of them are fits   Every year I go to the snow for New Year's. Usually my friends and I go to Tahoe. This year we decided to do something different.     I had recently bought an Audi A3 diesel. My sister and her husband have a Golf diesel (same engine, slightly different car). Another friend of ours just bought a BMW X1. Fuel prices in the US have plummeted. We decided this would be...
 It says you are well on your way to having the StyleForum Greatest Hits Album wardrobe plz let me know when you are going on tour so I can buy tix for LA
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