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 I think you mean: T h e  b o o t s  a r e  r e a l l y  s t y l i s h 
 This may not be popular with the bargain hunters but quite frankly I prefer this approach and think it makes more sense for a brand like Luxire. Leave the sales to JC Penny and Jos A Bank. As a Luxire customer, I don't make my purchasing decisions based on sales as I am generally shopping for something unique that I have in mind, so waiting for a sale might have me waiting forever, and a sale coming up on some other item is unlikely to incentivise me to buy it if I hadn't...
1. These cars don't break down 2. I keep a pair of gloves in my trunk in case my car breaks down     Can't wait to see who knocks off this image  
just got a Bonobos catalog in the mail       Mr Porter not the only place where someone has been paying attention, it would seem
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