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Your item arrived at our USPS origin facility in FLUSHING, NY 11351 on January 27, 2015 at 6:49 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.    
there was a french guy who used to post here -- I am blanking on his name right now -- but he wore all APC and usually looked pretty good
Dude, you could totally be one of those character actors that's in like every movie. "Who is that guy?" "I don't know, but isn't he in everything?" Send me a headshot and I'll pass it along to one of my friends in the industry.
 Not sure if you're being serious but I should point out that over several years Miran has proved to be completely harmless, and even sent me stuff in the gift exchange one year (all of which has yet to explode or infect me with ebola), and all of the facts he's citing (many of which are actually slightly incorrect as one might guess) are based on information that is freely available on the internet. Though he has definitely been paying attention.
@ManofKent works even better with the darker hat. very nice.   shit, time to update the banner again
well... you're definitely presenting one hell of a good argument
 This is awesome news. Can't wait to see the final product. Just how wide did you decide to go on the lapels? I see you stayed shy of where brands like, say, Eidos or Formosa are going (which is probably too aggressive a look for many).   Judging from this, I would say the overall fit is very much "on trend" but putting that aside I'd actually suggest that you're the ideal candidate for a longer length, even keeping in mind that this is one size down from your usual, I'd...
 ok, that was pretty clever. I've got nothing 
 I didn't apologize  [[SPOILER]]
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