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 So I guess the type of elegance you're on a quest for isn't the type that includes coming across well on the internet.
 Thanks! Yeah, I think the longer length and lower buttoning point on this jacket are better for me. This suit is from H&M back in 2010. I bought it for a wedding I was in; I wouldn't ordinarily talk/brag about price but it's worth mentioning here as it was $60 for the jacket and $30 for the pants. I had to buy one size up (a 36 instead of a 34) which to some extent accounts for the longer length and lower buttoning point. Luckily like everything at H&M it was slim enough...
@Holdfast had the right idea today.   H&M Moderntailor Rooster Carmina      
 Yeah, I mean, let's not discuss fashion or anything
 "Ugh, don't you just hate it when this happens? Hold on a sec, dear..."
 This is my favorite from you yet. Texture of the jacket and tie are great and I love the subtle pattern of the shirt. Very nicely done. Also, I have been to your town, once, on my way from Gernsbach to Kehl. I only saw the train station though.
 haha yeah no kidding
FB Class Moderntailor Boggi Epaulet Bexley        
Hi there, I'm taller on the internet I'm thinking that buttoning this blazer or wearing it with a tie maybe just over-exaggerates its shortness and I should stick to just wearing it casually, and open.  [[SPOILER]]     
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