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 LA is still in the mid-70s, low-80s but it is starting to only hit those temperatures in the middle of the day and stay below 70 in the mornings and evenings. Working in an air conditioned office effectively means that we are now in tweed and flannel weather! Oh so here's another random shirt question -- whatever happened to the buttondown club collar? I thought that was going to be an option in the Gitman MTO program but I'm not seeing it there.
bean boots + black spray-on rhinoliner
also FWIW, Epaulet does have what I would call the American cousin of what I'm talking about, too, so that might work for some people but I'm trying to see if I can't get closer to the original; a larger check, a spread or cutaway collar... etc.   It's probably too specific of a request but I'm just throwing the idea out there on the off chance it's something that would be possible.   Honestly I would take a gamble on a 15" version of the shirt from Cordings above (I'm...
 Oh, for sure. They have some contenders in terms of fabrics, but as you probably know, their fit is extremely generous. Getting something like this in the Epaulet fit would thus be a huge score for me.
Hey Mike -- I know you have the shirt event coming up soon, and I think another round of factory finds at some point, right?   I've been searching for awhile for an English "Country Shirt," which, from what I gather, is usually a  white or off-white brushed cotton with a check pattern. There are options online but never in my size and certainly not in anything approximating the Epaulet fit. Examples:   (Harvie & Hudson, Cordings).   I'm wondering if you ever come...
 Have they arrived yet tho?
 This guy is like a reverse Bill Brasky
 It could, but the capability alone is not the issue. Users feel differently about posting a reply in a thread and posting a comment in the thumbs. It doesn't seem that this is a behavior/perception that can be changed by shouting at them to "just put it in a reply" since it's been quite awhile and that simply hasn't happened.
 If anyone knows better please correct me but this is what I believe was going on around the time and I believe it is what triggered the decision: I'm pretty sure it was a shah v. moo thumb comment war that got into unacceptable territory, probably something about moo's daughter, and so rather than ban either user (given they were/are both fairly large contributors to the forum in one form or another) the decision was made to just get rid of the thumb comments since they...
New Posts  All Forums: