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 like he just said, some stores pay it. I'm pretty sure FarFetch has this specifically built into their business model.
proving @Bam!ChairDance right about Everlane Women's once again:  
I don't want to jump the gun on any of the coverage but let me just quickly say that I second the above statement. I got lost in my exploration of the store several times throughout our visit and felt like I could have easily spent the whole day there. 
So I know I more or less posted this outfit already, but this is too cool not to share, and it actually shows the EPLA henley better anyway:       This was shot by @oisin (www.noiseranch.com) using a medium format Zenza Bronica (ゼンザブロニカ) camera in Joshua Tree National Park.
I, too, would like to know more
after wearing boots all day in the desert heat I don't really understand the grumbling about wearing them with a suit, in fact, I feel like if it's super hot, a necktie is going to bother me considerably more than covered ankles would... maybe that's just me though(?)
@mcobinad nice kops!
   I was hit for $36, so somewhere between those two. That UK rate sounds pretty rough.
Recent shot wearing the EPLA short sleeve henley:     And in case you missed it, check out some more from our desert photo shoot here
Congrats to @Synthese! I saw it go back and forth a couple times but it looks like he edged me out. A well deserved win. Also, credit is due as well to our awesome photographer, @oisin (www.noiseranch.com), his assistant Caitlin, and my wife @KarenVanBuren, who, while @Synthese and I were relaxing in unlined cotton and linen, was enjoying the 100 degree desert heat in a leather jacket and heels.
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