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Grassblade Fiber Ninjas
Epaulet (Southwick) navy hopsack suit today:    [[SPOILER]]
  That's a patch. These are the RRL officer chinos I've had since 2011. They're more of a SW&D item and have been worn to the point where fabric wore through there, at which point I had it reinforced.
A couple more to share with you guys from NY; I wore pretty much the same fit on Monday as I had on Friday but with an Epaulet shirt as well this time, and in the iconic DUMBO location per Mike's recommendation:    [[SPOILER]]
from Monday:          
well, it's not a donegal -- it's herringbone and I think it was from back in 2011 or 2012. It's the original Daltrey design with the goat suede elbow patches...
from this past Friday:    
a couple shots from my recent visit:   Epaulet x Southwick navy tweed sport coat:     Epaulet New England button-down shirt and EPLA tennis trainers:     Checked out a bunch of the new stuff and in particular, the derby shoes turned out really nice and there a bunch of good-sounding future plans for that line. Also the new deconstructed shoulder Southwick shape turned out really nice and has a great lapel that isn't trendy-wide but is well-balanced and compliments...
one more from Brooklyn:      
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