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 Correct. The sneaker price is a special deal. Most everything else is 50%, with the big exception being the EPLA stuff which is only 15%.
SANTA MONICA PROXY UPDATE   ...a few things you may not yet be aware are available:           Vass Theresianer (one pair available) Size 43. Peter Last. $400   Mike probably can't advertise this price. I CAN.   Carmina Brown Lizard Double Monks (one pair available) Size UK8.5. Inca last. $350   Not guaranteed to save you anything on car insurance.   ALL GERMAN ARMY TRAINERS* several pairs available, variety of sizes, colors $100 yeah, that's...
 this needs to be one of the subjects of the next "What is SF Wearing" posts
PROXY UPDATE   I'm going to respond to everyone's PMs right after I finish typing this but this is the general announcement that will apply to everyone.   Mike has warned me that the remaining stock at the Santa Monica store is very scattershot, and for those of you who haven't been, it's a fairly small space (around 600 sq ft), so it was never stocked with a "one of each in every size" approach that you would expect in, say, a Brooks Brothers store. Mike says they are...
No problem, I just want to be clear that I don't have an inside track or anything so people don't think the wrong thing one way or another.
 No -- I'm not saying I have any such thing. I'm going to play by the rules as Mike has set forth (which are that the sale starts Saturday) -- I am just saying that I am going to stop by the evening before during normal store hours to see what is there at that point. Anyone in LA could do that too.  I think we can expect the discounts to be more than 10%
SANTA MONICA PROXY   I haven't seen anyone else publicly stepping up to the plate for this, so I figure I may as well offer to help out all you guys outside of LA who have been requesting. Here is how I see this working:   You're going to PM me with your budget, a list of items you want in order of priority (with your sizes for each listed), and your name & phone number.   I will plan to go by the shop Friday night to do an inventory check to see how much of what you...
  I like the cut of your jib.
SW&D CHALLENGE 5/4/2014: Match Your Wall
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