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      UPDATE: So, it's too big. Like, possibly irrevocably too big. BUT!  I have a tailor who has proven before that he can slim shoulders, so maybe I will have him take half an inch off each side, which should be sufficient to get it "into spec." Taking in the body should be no problem and other than the shoulders being just a bit too wide I think it could be made to work for me pretty easily. Tell me not to. Tell me if it will ruin it. Otherwise I'm tempted to give it a...
wife fit     Mauro Grifoni Everlane MMM Converse
 Your poor bride had to navigate that cobblestone minefield in heels while you stomped through that shit like an Uncle  [[SPOILER]]
"SHUT UP"   I love it.
We'll see how it goes. This one is more of a gamble because it's a size up so I might have to just send it back if it turns out to be huge. But based on the measurements it should be "within the range" of what can work for me, albeit at one of the far ends of that range. I measured my sport coat with the widest shoulders last night and that's where this one supposedly measures.   I'll post photos when I get it.
   Not sure you can even get that particular sole in white, and if you can, I'd bet it's pretty heinous. What you could do though, if you wanted an all-white option, would be to paint the gum sole white and then let it naturally chip away over time. Now that would look awesome. I may have stolen this idea from somewhere else.
 the idea is that it would look like this, but without the frayed edges:  so no, it would not be monochrome as it would have the gum sole similar to the other "sport trainers"
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