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 I was going to say exactly this.  It certainly reads that way.
No, I can dig it. I need to get some proper cream trousers at some point here.
Epaulet Marcello sport coat  [[SPOILER]]
 I think the more important rule is contrast between the trousers and the jacket, and not necessarily that the trousers have to be lighter (though I get that's a "rule" too). Here, I think the photo didn't quite pick up the contrast as well since for some reason the trousers are picking up the light a bit more. IRL they are a pretty dark charcoal and the jacket is a strong navy, and in terms of texture, they're totally different as well. I agree a light grey flannel would...
 This, exactly. It's always funny when the transplants get silly every Jan/Feb when we have our mini-summer and they brag to all their friends back east about how CA is paradise, etc, and I always have to remind them that the "bad" weather just waits for April to late June.
Epaulet tweed jacket and charcoal grey flannel pants  [[SPOILER]]
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