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My local place can make custom clip on sunglasses for any frames, so you can always go that route. I got them for my old Cutler & Gross frames, and they're great, and a lot cheaper than I expected at $60. Custom made to fit the frame, you can pick the color of the lens and the frame to match your existing frames. Here's a picture for reference, in my volunteering-at-my-kid's-kindergarten steez.
The first Moscot and the Bartons fit your face the best. Thoms work too. The other two don't work at all.
I like Winsome too, that's the perfect spot at noon in Echo Park.
Are those the what price glory chinos?
I've smelled both, they're quite similar. The original is more raw and leathery, the gold is softer.
I agree with all of this. I bought a pair of khaki Rosens a few months ago. Very cheap with a discount code. They work well as part of my all-khaki corny-urban-safari-dad outfits.
Love that Niche shirt.
Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie. I thought I was all out of this, but I found my decant bottle with just about a drop left, so I finished it off. This is definitely one of my favorites.
You can also check shopthefinest.com - he tends to have a lot of dress shirts in that price range. Mostly Italian brands like Barba/Borrelli/Finamore etc., but it fits the description of what you're looking for. A lot of that stuff is spread collar but he also has more pointed collars. I got a white Barba shirt there recently that has a neutral pointed collar. If you don't see anything on the site you can also call them. They usually have tons of inventory that's not on...
Price really complicates matters, especially if you're comparing it to your experiences in the midwest. I think Mcconnell's is good, leaving aside the price, both the flavors and the texture. I do love Graeder's, I'm pretty sure I first heard about them from you in this thread earlier. For a good deal, the Trader Joe's brand premium ice cream in any flavor is great and relatively cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: