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I have a bottle of Body Kouros but never wear it. To me it's in the same general category as New Haarlem and Yohji PH. I like the latter two a lot more. CN Scent (regular and Intense) is a crazy strong scent to my nose. I ended up giving away my bottle because there was no minimal application I could handle. I've been wearing my hairy chested man scents the last few days. Tuscany on Monday, Azzaro PH yesterday and Kouros today. I can feel my sperm count rising by the...
I used to have a bottle of that - I got a lot of anise from it.
Like this a lot - especially the oversized fit on the bedford.
I never got into Nudies - they were too disco for me with that wild accurate. I still have and wear a pair of Denime (some repro Lee slim cut) that I got from the jean bar at Fred Segal in the late 90's. I also had a pair of LVC 1947s from around then but I wore them to shreds a long time ago. The one fashunny thing I still have are a pair of Costume National boots from around 2002 that are too bulbous for me to wear now but they're nice shoos - made in Italy, welted,...
Did you get that jacket off Yoox? I was watching it but never pulled the trigger.
That Schneider woven blouson thing is bananas. Also digging the Camoshita navy mohair winter blazer.
For me Knize Ten was an acquired taste, but it was one well worth acquiring. The dry down is so warm and smooth. I really like Montale oud Cuir Arabie too, as far as leathers go, but it's also not a crowd pleaser. SMN Nostalgia is one that's often forgotten but it's very easy to like IMO and has a cool bottle. It has a big leather note in the opening with wood and gasoline, but it mellows into something very pleasant pretty fast.
Those look like they have a really low rise. Feels antithetical to the vintage chino vibe.
That's got to be a different coat entirely, right? I don't see patch pockets on the lookbook coat.
CdG series one Tea is a pretty hardcore smokey lapsang souchong scent. I'm not sure if it's still in production but I associate the scent with a fun ex so maybe my impressions are colored. I know it was a polarizing scent.
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