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I really like those camel trousers
I dig that sack suit. I look for those all the time on eBay but haven't found the right one yet.
Alcohol is really an acquired taste - I don't think anybody is missing anything, flavor wise, by not acquiring it. Scotch, wine, beer - I'm a fan of all of it, but I think to someone like Regis it would just taste bitter, sour, or like poison in the case of spirits. I also suspect that a good part of the acquisition of the taste for alcohol is the psychological association with the inebriating effects. If you're not into the buzz, you probably won't be into the taste.
I noticed that too, other than that I like the changes.
I think Vox has a pair of black vintage made in the USA weejuns. I have a pair of those myself. I think you can wear them Ivy style, with chinos and no socks - maybe with jeans too. Probably with a casual summer suit. That said, I don't really wear them much. I like the idea more than the execution, and being a california boy I generally wear sneakers (vans) or sand suede in the situations that would suit the black weejuns.
It's insanely hot and humid in LA, I wore 4711 in my search for the most light and refreshing scent in my cabinet. It usually doesn't last at all so I bathed in it, then sprayed a bunch on my shirt. No matter, it's long gone.
I'm wearing Grey Vetiver today. I've had this decant for a while and thought I didn't like it, but today I changed my mind. It's a modern take on Guerlain, kinda. More simple, but still nice, and it's very persistent. It's lasted all day in extreme heat.
Is that suit glen check? It looks a bit slimmer than your usual, but it does look great. It could also be that you're slimmer. Lots of swimming?
Seeing these last pictures of the SVB suit with the trousers hanging nice and straight sells it, I think it looks pretty good. But I do think we've yet to see it accessorized and styled to maximum effect. The shirt collar is the biggest outlier. A point collar would be better. And I think it would work well tieless and open necked for casual weekend vibes.
Not sure if I can make it to the sale but I love that building.
New Posts  All Forums: