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I was literally 100 yesterday in Mt. Washington/South Pas
Yeah, I know a lot of people love this one. It's worth smelling for sure.
Like a homeless french lady that pooped her pants, imho. An acquired taste I suppose. I like a lot of dirty scents but this one was way too dense for me.
Yeah, it's how fashion works anyway. Not sure if the RW/JC example is even all that egregious, as these things go. Proenza Schouler's runway show at NYFW used earrings that totally rip off a friend of mine's designs, I've seen other friends calling that out on Instagram too and I think that example is way worse.
Seems more like he's pissed that the collection looks so specifically like RW pieces that they borrowed (free of charge he says). Also seems like he thinks they should have done a collab with him instead.
The homogeneity phenomenon started in the 80's with the advent of cable tv (MTV especially). The internet just cemented a growing trend. I went away to college in 1986, and at that time the difference in personal style, musical tastes and particularly regional slang were enormous among kids from different parts of the country. I noticed that over the later part of the 80's that some of those differences started to erode. At the time I attributed it to MTV, as I said.
Where is that image from?
^^^ That was my impression of Karavanserai as well. Lot's of cedar, not a lot of development. I really like Sweet Libertine, Fire Amber Baby and The Hedonist from that collection.
I've been wearing a lot of amber lately. Amber Sultan on Wednesday, then Fire Amber Baby from Cult of Scent yesterday. I don't think anything I wear quite gets the third party response that a big amber scent delivers. People seem to love it. I love it too, though it often feels a bit too much, especially in warm weather.
They didn't charge me anything for shipping - the total cost was around $27.
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