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Echo Park is great if you like the neighborhood. There are tons of new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. It's a great walking neighborhood too, and close to Elysian Park. But if Echo Park was your cup of tea, I feel like you'd know that already, so you should probably spend an afternoon or evening there yourself before deciding.
Eau Noire. I've always liked this in the past, but today I'm especially struck by how strange it is - the green, wet vegetal note underneath the burnt caramel immortelle.
I think it looks a little long from the front due to the tag sitting between the quarters - it creates bit of an illusion.
Ha, you beat me to it. When I saw "diversity" I was thinking like, white techbros and asian techbros and some foreign techbros?
Mr. Blass today. This reminds me of a couple of Guerlains - Coriolan and l'Instant PH. It also starts to resemble Derby in the dry down, so maybe there's an element of homage? I never liked l'instant - there's a note that really bothers me. Mr. Blass has a touch of that in the opening, but it goes away pretty quickly and you're left with an 80's style, full bodied spicy/woodsy/floral masculine.
That's a very astute description - I hadn't found the words but peachy/butter is pretty right on. It's growing on me, I can easily see why it's such a well loved scent, but it's not a style I typically go for.
Bond Chinatown today. This is a nice scent, but maybe not for me. A bit sweet/gourmand, which is something I like to smell in passing, but like less to smell all day, wafting up from my chest. I think maybe it's that this is floral gourmand, so it lacks the bitter note you get from coffee or dark chocolate or anise that gives a bit of yang to other gourmands.
I find Knize Ten to have a big floral component amidst the leather and sandalwood. Hermes Equipage has a prominent dose of carnation. The new Lonesome Rider from Tauer has a big Iris note. Speaking of salty scents, the old Annick Goutal Vetiver, which may or may not still be in production (it appears that Luckyscent is carrying a new scent by that name) has a strong seaweed/iodine note that was very "salty."
I could be wrong - I can't find anything out there. It may have been a single breasted tweed suit. I do remember he was wearing chelsea boots, and I really liked the look of the clean, narrow cuff with the boots. If anyone knows the video maybe they can find it.
I think there's a video of Edward Sexton floating around out there showing a DB suit he's made (for himself I think) and the trousers are not cuffed. I remember noting that and thinking it looked super sharp.
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