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Hoy llevo Nueva York
Fumerie Turque - that honey goes a little urinous for me, and then suddenly with that tobacco and all the typical Lutens orientalism, it's like, who pissed on the rug in the opium den?
I did Ciclavia yesterday, braving the brutal heat. Ate several things along the way. Had a very good tostada de ceviche mixta from a truck at the East LA Civic Center. Late in the day we wandered into the GCM, which was predictably packed with the cycle route passing by on Broadway, but the line in front of Tacos Tumbras a Tomas was manageable. I'd never eaten there and, not being that hungry, just ordered two tacos, one of the famous trompa and one of carnitas. First of...
Flat Iron, skirt, flank - those leaner cuts are just about all I eat these days. I lost my taste for rib eye - too rich. I only want something like that occasionally.
I eased up on the Peter North stylz and went with Equipage today. Still retro but on the gentlemanly tip.
It's too big for sure, but I'm surprised you weigh 165. I'm 5'11" and also weight about 165 and I'm not super skinny. Maybe weight isn't a good proxy for size.
I've been hoping to see a fit pic of the slide shirt.
I dug out my old decant of Richard James Savile Row - I think this one is discontinued? It's a soft, sweet leather with some ripe fruit notes. I like it, though it's not one I'd be tempted to buy a bottle of.
I have a bottle of Body Kouros but never wear it. To me it's in the same general category as New Haarlem and Yohji PH. I like the latter two a lot more. CN Scent (regular and Intense) is a crazy strong scent to my nose. I ended up giving away my bottle because there was no minimal application I could handle. I've been wearing my hairy chested man scents the last few days. Tuscany on Monday, Azzaro PH yesterday and Kouros today. I can feel my sperm count rising by the...
I used to have a bottle of that - I got a lot of anise from it.
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