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^^^ That was my impression of Karavanserai as well. Lot's of cedar, not a lot of development. I really like Sweet Libertine, Fire Amber Baby and The Hedonist from that collection.
I've been wearing a lot of amber lately. Amber Sultan on Wednesday, then Fire Amber Baby from Cult of Scent yesterday. I don't think anything I wear quite gets the third party response that a big amber scent delivers. People seem to love it. I love it too, though it often feels a bit too much, especially in warm weather.
They didn't charge me anything for shipping - the total cost was around $27.
I bought a sample pack from Cult of Scent based on Luca Turin's recent review on his blog. It arrived in lovely packaging, with a nice hand-written note. Yesterday I wore In the Woods. Turin described it as a new take on a classic Eau de Cologne. I didn't seem particularly 'novel' to me, but it was nice example of the style, with a dry woody note in the drydown (Turin called it incense but I didn't get that) and better longevity than I expected. Today I'm wearing...
This would make a cool Los Angeles square or for the modest;
How about this one.
great popover
Eau d'Hermes too! I think Declaration is the equal of those scents. Bigarade goes a bit too far in Elena's modern "transparent" style.
I didn't like Knize Ten when I first tried it, and it's now easily one of my 3-5 favorite scents. I love the floral leather opening, and the warm sandalwood dry down. It's really old fashioned, especially the way it opens, so I see why it's not for everyone. But you may just find yourself growing attached.
Is homeboy wearing a onesie under that jacket?
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