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Maybe cuz I'm old and from Socal I have a soft spot for that old school cholo low rider style.
How about zig-zag/winos? They're under $20 at my local army navy store, so they're practically disposable. There are ebay sellers too.
I wear Eau d'hermes and Eau sauvage all the time!
I actually haven't a scent from either one. I'm kinda stuck about 7 or 8 years in the past - I stopped keeping up with new houses and scents around that time, with a few exceptions.
PdN New York today - I've been wearing this a lot, and it's one of the few scents I could wear for weeks at a time. I see this described as "formal" sometimes, but I don't really see that, though maybe it's the aldehydes in the opening that give that impression. It's such an amiable scent. Especially as it dries down, it hints at a lot of different styles - citrus, spice, lavender, amber/oriental. I think it goes well with any occasion.
Are there any fit pics of the RTW khaki trousers?
I was wearing my hair pretty long around that time too. This is circa 1989, with an old Stussy shirt.
I'm just Baron. Aromatics Elixir tonight.
I read that back when it was published. So many great pictures.
How do the lightning bolts fit - tts?
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