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I wore eau du coq today. It's a nice classic EdC, but it's right there with 4711 in longevity, which is to say that it's gone without a trace in under an hour. Next time I'll try spraying it onto my shirt.
I like the loafers.
Nick's is good, I've been there a few times. It's not special or anything but it's solid. I've only been to the San Shi Go in Laguna, but I've always liked it.
What paint do I use to paint sneakers? I was thinking if painting some Jack Purcells. Also, should I use bright white, or some kind of creamy variant. Swiss Coffee?
I have a decant of Tam Dao but I've never warmed up to it. I find that fragrances that have strong single notes tend to induce scent fatigue for me.
I thought the SF10 didn't apply to final sale items? That's good to know.
Ahhhh, Knize Ten. One of my very favorites. Interestingly, I also didn't like it at first and I gave away a 10ml decant. It was just too...I don't know, perfumey? Old fashioned? It just struck a strange chord with me. I think scents with big floral components struck me this way - I was focussed and disturbed by a certain element, and for that, couldn't really smell past it.
Yeah, but with the same neo nazi imagery. As a guy that grew up in a socal beach town in the 80's, that surfer culture was pretty toxic back then. Super homophobic, kinda racist, violent toward outsiders. There was a big skinhead punk scene in socal at that time too. Not cool, not worth glorifying, especially in the context of the rest of that collection. To try and say it's about chinese lucky numbers with all the preponderance of other evidence is just silly. It's a...
Really? Luckyscent still carries it.edit - I see this is the edp, so maybe you're right.
Terre d'Hermes is a crowd pleaser in this category. I also like to recommend Cartier Declaration - not necessarily 'fresh' but it's citric and it has interesting wood and spice elements.
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