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^^^That's a good scent but it's insanely strong. It wears me out.
I'm also wearing Eau Sauvage, yesterday wore Eau de Guerlain.
Lots of summer shoes are suede, but they tend to be unlined suede. I assume those boots are leather lined? Alden makes unlined suede chukkas and loafers. Clarks are unlined. There are all kinds of suede summer shoes - I just don't think those boots are in that category. They still look good to me, especially in that lighter color, but something lower ankled and unlined makes more sense with that outfit.
That pp fit looks pretty good but suede chelseas seem like an odd match for linen and seersucker. Sweaty feets.
I love that Alpha jacket, didn't even notice it on the site till last night and it appears L is sold out already.
What's weird is there are a bunch of posts in the old thread responding to pics in this thread, but I can't find said pics in that thread with the weird pagination. It's like the Mystery House over there, you go onto a page and the door back to the last page disappears.
I think Noir Epices has a lot of aldehydes, which tend to give a big, bright. perfumey vibe to the opening. It took me a while to warm up to aldehydic scents and smell past that amplified, perfumey quality. Once Noir Epices settles in, I get a ripe orange with spicy cloves and some rose. Very comforting.
I really like Noir Epices. Wearing rose nacree du desert again. It smells a little sweet today, or it did at first, but it's settling nicely.
To be honest, I haven't smelled any of your other favorite roses aside from Parure, the sale of which I still mourn. I didn't really think of that as a rose scent though in the way Rose Nacree or POAL are. I still love Iquitos and I'm happy I have a full bottle. I wear it all the time.
Actually, Rose de Nuit is pretty great too, if I was going to splurge I'd probably have to revisit that one before I decided. And I do really love PoaL.
New Posts  All Forums: