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The Geffen MoCA is right in little Tokyo, lots of great places to eat there. Hama Sushi? Sushi Gen? Definitely ask in the LA thread.
I think his meaning is that, this process would be more analogous to MTM than to bespoke, due to the lack of fitting. Not that I'm endorsing his viewpoint. I have no experience with either.
On another note, are any of you aware Phlur, a new fragrance startup? I just saw it on my twitter feed. Apparently, it's started by a Ralph Lauren alum, and it's aiming to bring the Warby Parker model to scents. Sounds like a clever idea to me. Have no idea if the scents are any good.
I got into fragrances around 2003, so I probably have the same associations that you do regarding these older scents. Like I said, that whole fougere style was an acquired taste, and I think my impressions were similar to what you describe initially. I honestly didn't like any of these scents when I first tried them, but my tastes evolved over the years. I'm not sure if Azzaro has been radically reformulated. I have an older bottle and haven't smelled the recent versions....
Azzaro PH and New York have been two of my favorite scents for years now. Like, charter members of my top ten (five?) I wear both all the time. I wore Azzaro yesterday, in fact, and ended up wearing Aramis Tuscany today, partly because it reminds me of Azzaro and my head was still in that place this morning. Azzaro was definitely an acquired taste for me. It very much smells of the 70's, and that fougere style is evocative of the locker rooms and hairy chested men of my...
I've considered that one several times and I've always passed. Sounds like I have nothing to regret.
I have a good friend who's worked in high end vintage designer/couture for years. He may be wiling to talk to you.
Hugo's in Atwater Village has soft serve too, though it may be some kind of soy product? Don't remember.
it's 107 right now at the Mt. Washington weather station, right up the street from my house. I do have AC, thank god. I was still thinking of heading downtown the the LAPL main branch to work there but I don't think I can handle making the drive there.
This weather is fucking bullshit.
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