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I put mayo on egg sandwiches. And on burgers. never ketchup.
Did anyone ever take fit pics of the SS slide shirts?
I remember this one, used to wear it a few years back and thought it was very nice but in general I don't wear those heavy boozy scents that often. I don't really get the sentiment about niche though. I've probably said this before but in a truly blind sampling, you think you could separate niche from designer scents if you weren't already familiar with any of them? A lot of the same noses make both styles, often times the designer scents have bigger budgets. If anything,...
Wrong, brand-agnostic is more legitimate. OK, case closed, lets move on to something more interesting.
How do you see thread stats? Can only the thread starter see that stuff?
Guisados is awesome but I think he ate there on his last visit.
That looks like the Niche square bottom floral print from last season NMWA. They still have it in stock.
Not a bad knockoff at that
I'd wear that db tux jacket too.
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