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I think the costume designer Casey Storm made the clothes. He's got a "Her" based line at Opening Ceremony now too. I've tried many many boxer briefs, and aside from the Zimmerlis I scored years ago from Sierra Trading Post which are next level, the best by far are the Target store Merona brand. I've retired all my Calvin Kleins, FOTL, Hanes, AA, 2(x)ist - Merona rules over all cheap brands.
I've had a similar grey wool blouson from Della Ciana for a few years now and I wear the hell out of it. It's a super versatile piece that you can wear all the time. I'd like to pick up another one in suede one of these days.
Step one, walk away from the computer
Do you have pics of that Sea Green stuff? There should be a tumblr or Instagram where you could photo dump your out takes.
Is **** your name? I'm sad that it isn't also your user name.
I think Greg said you could exchange final sale items for the correct size.
Black. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mention them yet in the thread. I wish there were some in-the-wild pics floating around out there.
I'm waiting on delivery of that ts(s) molekin shirt jacket - hope it looks as good in person as it does in my imagination. I was torn between that and a few other things - grey Butteros, the Spencer navy and crazy tweed jackets, the ts(s) colorblock shirts. So much good stuff but I'm keeping my kopping to a minimum these days.
That account hasn't posted for 76 weeks.
I like those pants. I think you need more volume up top - a bigger coat would make that look work better.
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