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Really? Luckyscent still carries it.edit - I see this is the edp, so maybe you're right.
Terre d'Hermes is a crowd pleaser in this category. I also like to recommend Cartier Declaration - not necessarily 'fresh' but it's citric and it has interesting wood and spice elements.
Guerlain Vetiver today, from a vintage EdC splash bottle.
I think Parker always kills off his old images after a while.
I like noir epices quite a bit. Lots of clove in there too.
I just bought a 12 ml travel spray of Philosykos off of eBay, wearing it today. Happy to have this for summer, my old bottle had been used up for a year or so.
Never gets old. Sorry moo, you gotta own that forever.
I'm wearing Vendetta again - really digging this in the hot weather.
Black denim yoga pants?
Artisan Fran?
New Posts  All Forums: