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The order of posts on this page made this post unintentionally hilarious.
What are those cream colored voluminous wrap trousers(?)?. Those are rad.
I don't know if I'm more bothered by the shrimpy shirt collar being completely uncovered by the lapels, or by the bad fit of the jacket collar at the neck.
I replaced all of mine with the uniqlo tencel boxer briefs a while back and for some reason they've discontinued them. I don't think anybody else is making tencel/modal underwear nearly as inexpensive as uniqlo was. I also got a couple pairs of the airism boxer briefs but I don't like them. They don't breathe.
Petty sure it's TS(S), it sold out quickly in my size.
The hate on KD is too much. If I made that kind of money I'd choose to live in the Bay Area over OKC every time.
I met the perfumers and sampled this at the AIX scent fair a little while back - I didn't have this impression at all, though I was sampling lots of things that day. I remember the big floral with apricot and leather, and I was fairly impressed. They were also super nice guys, apropos of nothing I suppose.
Loake/Herring is a good alternative for traditional chelseas and jodphurs are a lower price. There's also Scarrosa - didn't some of you guys try those?
EG/Bonafe prices are sufficiently far from Epaulet to make that a poor comparison.
^^^ I wore Jules yesterday, I think I wear it more than anything else these days. I like that it smells like a bar of french milled soap, but it still has an underlying "dirty" quality. I'd like to find a reasonable vintage bottle. I'm also curious as to what the stuff they're selling today in Dior boutiques smells like. Where is St. Helena?
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