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I'm still wearing Lonesome Rider, trying to decide if I want to get a bottle at the reduced price. I'm starting to back off the comparison to knize ten - this isn't as warm at it doesn't last as long. The other difference is that knize really goes from floral leather to warm sandalwood, while LR's leather note persists throughout the development. I wish the floral notes were a little more prominent. I'm starting to think I'd rather buy a bottle of Knize - I've been out for...
I didn't make it to Inspiration but I did go to the after party at RRL with a friend that's deep into that vintage world. That was a fun scene - it was a like a vintage clothing masquerade ball.
I could't resist the sale prices, I'm going to try a Portuguese Flannel.
I take it you've never been here.
luckyscent sells samples.
The other thing is that cotton khaki's work better with warm weather looks, for the most part. I think could pair some full pleated flannels with that Moscow coat.
Here's one from Mister Mort's instagram, with vintage khakis. I think the crop works, plus this guy's general vibe is cool. I was thinking of picking up a pair of repro style khaki's from what price glory, maybe sizing up a bit too, to get this look.
I don't think I've seen many comments on the Document broken twill trousers, or fit pics. From the measurements it sounds like the rise is extremely short - is that accurate?
Lonesome Rider again today. By the end of the day yesterday I was thinking this is the modern Knize Ten. Earlier in the development, it actually reminds me a lot of Montale aoud cuir d'arabie. The leather/animal note combined with the subtle rose is very similar. LR is a much gentler scent though, and there's more going on.
I got my sample of Lonesome Rider, wearing it now. My first impression is that I love it. The second is that it smells uncannily like the description. I've grown to expect that most scents won't smell much like what I expect, but this one is just what Andy describes - citrus, pepper, leather, smoke, iris. More than just those notes are there, but thats what strikes me at first impression. Very nice, bravo.
New Posts  All Forums: