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I've changed my mind completely on many fragrances, especially ones I first sampled years ago when I was a noob. Not lately though.
I'm actually participating in a "budget" lookbook shoot tonight. My wife is a professional photographer, one of our good friends is a designer with a smallish women's line. She's shot the last several lookbooks for her. In some cases the designer (or store) can trade clothing for work, but nobody important to the process is going to work for free (I'm working for free, helping my wife and modeling as an extra in some shots). You need to pay (in cash or clothes) the...
Anybody tried Dune in Atwater Village for falafel, lamb, house made pita, etc. Tiny little sandwich spot, it's great.
In the early to mid 90's I was into 50's vintage, kinda in the vein of the cast of Swingers. I was hanging out at lot of the same bars as those guys too so I guess it makes sense.
Love that Niche shirt.
What beach is that?
Does Barney's carry all the Lutens Paris exclusives? Do all the Barney's or just the New York store? And since when? That's very interesting, I'd go to the Beverly Hills store to reacquaint myself with some of those if they're there. BTW I just got a bottle of Eau de Rochas - another interesting summer eau de cologne. This one has a patchouli dry down, gives it more backbone that most similar scents. A bit like Eau de Guerlain in that it's an older edc that lasts for a...
Silver Lake was full of hipsters when I lived there in the 90's. Now it's full of wealthy parents.
I've been reading a Hardy Boys book to my 5 year old. He's into it.
I'm not sure if there's any relationship between quality and price in perfumery, or if there is, it's a very weak correlation. There is definitely something to be said about rarity, or limited production which will certainly drive up per-unit costs.
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