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I wore Mr. Blass today. Pretty good, especially the dry down. Not wild about the opening.
501s have always been tapered. Are they selling an extra tapered version?
I've never been able to warm up to Patchouli 24. Something about it is off-putting.
Has it been that long?
Yeah I know, gonna have to play hooky and hit the beach on Friday.
Way better than I expected. And darker than I expected - I thought it would be a sitcom.
I was there last night - wow, there is a ton of really amazing stuff there. My first thought was, if I wanted to spend some money I could come home with some incredible pieces. Then the more time I spent there, I started to think I'd have an impossible time choosing things because there is just so much. I'll add that one thing I wasn't expecting was the vintage 70's and 80's swim trunks. The quicksilver booth was full and amazing old trunks that were everywhere in my...
A small bottle of VE - do they make a bottle smaller than 50 ml? I heard they were going to start offering something smaller.
I have a buddy with a booth there, I'm gonna try to go tonight.
We need a Moo smiley you can use for comments like this. A counterpart to the - who wants to do a mockup?
New Posts  All Forums: