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I was hustled through by a tribune guy, didn't know he'd be taking me there after lunch. There are some interesting spaces in there - the globe lobby was memorable. I've been spending a lot of time downtown the past few weeks, I'll drop a line sometime, still want to try Sticky Rice.
That reminds me that I had lunch at Maccheroni Republic last week which a guy from tribune then got a tour of your building. I don't eat a lot of pasta generally but it was very good.
I had a lunch meeting at Baco Mercat today. Tried the toron baco for the first time - it's described as oxtail hash but I had no idea it was actually formed like a burger. It was awesome. Also the boquerones, which were battered and fried and drizzled with honey, and the Persian cucumber/yogurt salad were both fantastic.
I sold my bottle of Cuiron years ago - it gave me a headache. It was plum and leather but there was a very sharp note up top that I couldn't tolerate.
Are those OS cotton blazers unvented? Specifically the beige cotton one with with matching trousers.
Those tri blends don't shrink a full size - just a tiny bit but not much.
I have a sizeable decant of Leather Oud and I don't really like it either. I don't get any fecal note - just an unpleasant sweet/sharp/woody accord that completely disagrees with me.
CdG Kyoto. Been wearing this a lot lately.
Aromatics Elixir. I just got a bottle of this in perfume concentration off ebay for cheap, and it's definitely the same or very similar to Aramis 900's edt for men. I have the latter so this is a bit redundant but I like the perfume better and it's very cheap on ebay (and probably everywhere else). It's probably a bit old fashioned for most of you but I like it a lot. It's one of those scents that smell better more interesting in the wearing than in the sampling.
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