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I think maybe the David Hockney style might be in the realm of what you're talking about. I picked up this sailboat sweater based on a picture of Hockney that I can't find now.
I noticed in the pics of the two CPO shirts that the flannel isn't shown with the collar up. Can you wear it that way or is the fabric too soft to hold that shape?
I wore Jules yesterday, and it occurred to me that I wear Jules more than anything else, by far. It's the thing I default to when I'm in a rush and I don't want to think about what to wear. It's not exactly a demur or retiring scent, but it somehow feels completely natural, as if it smells "like me." I never really had a scent play that role until recently, and I don't even think I'd say it's my favorite scent. Just an observation.
Check out the two Camoshita suits with the "easy" pants at No Man Walks Alone. Blue wool seersucker, and burgundy wool corduroy. Both are great, I want.
I'm a little late on this, but I've been wearing this Two Palms shirt all summer. Cheap eBay find.
I'm sampling Tom Ford Sahara Noir today. I picked this up mostly from reading the kafkaesque blog's long piece on amber scents. He compared this one to Amber Sultan and said it was mostly an amber scent. It really doesn't remind me of the Lutens at all. I wouldn't even think to call this an amber scent. It's an incense scent (I get the feeling that you Ford fans already know this). Reminds me of the CdG incense series. It's a nice scent, but I wouldn't dream of paying Ford...
I was literally 100 yesterday in Mt. Washington/South Pas
Yeah, I know a lot of people love this one. It's worth smelling for sure.
Like a homeless french lady that pooped her pants, imho. An acquired taste I suppose. I like a lot of dirty scents but this one was way too dense for me.
Yeah, it's how fashion works anyway. Not sure if the RW/JC example is even all that egregious, as these things go. Proenza Schouler's runway show at NYFW used earrings that totally rip off a friend of mine's designs, I've seen other friends calling that out on Instagram too and I think that example is way worse.
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