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Tenoversix, Stanley Korshak. Grange Hall is an interesting store worth visiting - it's a bit like a gallery with oddball one of a kind items mixed in with merchandise. Mostly accessories and objects and flowers but worth visiting.
l'air du the-area-east-of-the-Atlas-Mountains down Morocco way. I've always admired this but usually found it too strong to wear much, but I'm loving it today. Maybe I'm just getting more willing to project scent as I get older. I'm going to use this decant up this winter.
Tri-blends are great but they don't cone in white do they? Oatmeal is kinda close I guess.
Where is this?
@ghostface I was wearing vintage overalls on Thanksgiving for half the day but I didn't make them look nearly that cool.
I wore Idole de Lubin today. I've shied away from wearing this much thinking it was a strong, boozy oriental. It's really not that strong at all - kinda transparent without a lot of village. A nice scent though.
I wore Caron Poivre today.
I'm wearing M7. I've had this decant forever and never wear it. I realize now that it's because I don't really love this one. Kinda cough syrupy. It has it's charms, but it's not for me.
What's a gi?
Trying this question in the thread one more time.
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