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The Denim Doctor/HTC is down on Adams now. But if you want a cheap repair job and don't care about making it artisanal or some shit like that, most dry cleaners have a tailor on staff that will do a perfectly adequate job.
Yeah I'm not sure that fabric drapes the right way to fully take advantage of a relaxed cut. I think the trousers need more structure - either a slimmer top block with a gentle flare (that might be hard for a tailor to get right) of some more taper below the knee, as you've been advised. I'd be tempted to try the former option though if you think your tailor can nail it.
I've definitely gotten rid of more clothes than I've acquired for a few years now. There are things that I'd like, but I still have too much stuff. I was actually taking a break from cleaning out my closet when I saw this.
It was a dumb question, to be honest.
Two that I wear a lot of are Cartier Declaration and Eau de Guerlain. Also Eau Sauvage is a great, if obvious, choice.
I want a Boro jacket.
Kingdom was just way too much of a good thing. Or perhaps some good things, some bad, but too dense regardless. Overwhelmingly strong at any dosage.
I don't think I could handle Kingdom on a sub freezing day let alone at 80 degrees.
Parker's is the one closest to my own style, but I had to vote for msg - I wouldn't have put that together but it looks great. Especially with the floral print side.
I think Man of Kent would make an interesting turn on the StyFo instagram*** wheel if he was down to do it. *** typo fixed.
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