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I asked my friend who would know and he said the daughter is trying to relaunch, that's all the info he had though.
Yeah my only thought was vintage Brioni. Or have Chan make you something. I imagine the flares they made you was a little out of their wheel house.
It's relatively cool in LA right now, so maybe Tuscan Leather would mellow out a bit more if it was warm out, or if I was sweating on the dance floor. I can appreciate the humor of the coke note, I just want the scent to mellow out at some point. I have the same issue with Yatagan. Those big scents are ostensibly cold-weather wears, but they sometimes work better if you can sweat a bit, which helps them to develop.
I got a small decant of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and tried it for the first time yesterday. It's not what I was expecting. It's sharper than I expected, and it doesn't really get much softer in the dry down. The famous cocaine note is definitely there, especially in the opening, but it's kinda evident throughout. The downside is that, effectively, there's a sharp chemical note always present. It's really part of the leather note - a more industrial rather than natural...
I'm wearing Caron l'anarchiste. I've had this decant forever, and I rarely wear this one. It's seemingly easy to wear, but something about it is very distracting. I guess it's the minty note, the sharpness of which likely contribute to the "metallic" quality people talk about. I know this eventually settles down to a soft sandalwood, but I'm not loving it at the moment.
Yes, I was about to say Bois des Iles. No. 22 is a very sweet, powdery floral, very much an old school classic feminine. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not much like the other exclusifs you mentioned.
Daaaaaaamn, dat Naissance
Morning soundtrack. The new album is really good, btw, but now that's over and I'm on to the oldies.
I wore Kouros yesterday, and I'm still wearing it because it lasts so freaking long. I mentioned a few weeks back that I'd been wearing Jules more than anything else, without really planning to. It was part of a larger inclination toward classic fougere scents that I've developed over the past year or two. One thing about these scents is that I was kinda baffled by the idea that these fougeres were "lavender" based, as per the definition. I've always had a lot of lavender...
I'm surprised to get the anti-globalization perspective from a former Wall Street guy. What are these factory employees in Bangladesh going to do if not this? What's the path forward to industrializing these economies if not starting from the bottom? I don't know the answer, I'm genuinely curious to hear alternative views.
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