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Hey I don't even dress that way except once or twice a year. Just saying it's easy to do it badly.
The hardest part about MC is getting the cut, fit and proportions right for the jacket and trousers. There's a lot that goes into that - the rise of the trousers, the width of the leg, the break at the ankle, the flare of the jacket skirt, the shape of the quarters, the height of the gorge, etc. But then other things can be tricky, like the size and shape of the shirt collar and how it relates to the size and shape of the lapel. The width of the tie and how that relates to...
Used up the last drops of my Aoud Cuir d'Arabie this morning. I'd like to get a full bottle of this but I don't know if I'm willing to pay the freight. I'm definitely picking up a bottle of Knize Ten soon (not that they're at all alike, apart from a leather note).
Is that indeed the new version? It seems darker than the one you had this season.
The problem with the shoes is that they are balmorals and not derbies, which is kinda weird with jeans. But other than than,
I'm probably way older than Moo and I have no age related anxieties. It's like, age ain't nuthin but a number, man.
I'm working on a project with some furniture designers. They want to build a b2b marketplace platform, with other possibilities for regular ecommerce. Anybody here an expert in the various platforms out there, the strengths and weaknesses, flexibility, scalability, and how to find a good developer to build the site? You can PM me and we can talk via email. Thanks
I like the first one too, and in fact bought a similar one in eBay that was on one of the pti eBay posts and it was also recently pictured in your blog post about robes. The only unfortunate thing is that it's actually a mislabled women's robe (notice the right over left crossover), but it's large enough that I just kept it.
I miss Vaclava Krishna.
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