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Terre d'hermes lasts all day on me. I'm wearing Egoiste. I've been on a bit of a Bois des Iles/Egoiste kick lately. To me they're so similar as to be indistinguishable from a distance (I suppose Egoiste is a bit stronger) and I love them both.
I'm layering MPG Baime with Frederic Malle Une Rose. I've had a small bottle of Baime forever, but I rarely wear it. It's supposedly a basil scent, but I feel like the basil is not as prominent as other green notes - vetiver and possible thyme? The opening notes give the impression of natural bug repellent spray, but the dry down is nicer. I decided to add some rose to soften the opening, and I think it worked out OK. I think next time I may try to layer it with Kiehl's Musk.
They were set up at adjoining tables at the AIX scent fair, and I spent some time talking to each of them. Antonio didn't speak english very well, but he was very gracious and I thought his scents were interesting. He had a couple of white florals made with gardenia and jasmine. The interesting thing is that he uses raw materials from flowers that are harvested early, so that the note is muted and green rather that heady and sweet, as you'd typically get with those notes....
Jeni's has shut down twice due to listeria contamination - they were out in front of it and it was in the news. Posts here aren't going to affect them. Plus, they do have really great ice cream. There's a scoops in my neighborhood and I take my kid there a lot but the ice cream is kinda mediocre. Too icy, not very creamy. Jeni's and McConnells are both great.
Phoenicia Perfumes Realoud is full of blue cheese and cow patties.
Still sampling the Bruno Fazzolari scents. Yesterday was Monserrat, today is Jimmy. Both of these have big fruity components, and in both cases that makes them no bueno for me, stylistically. Objectively, they both are well made and have good longevity and structure. I prefer Monserrat. It has grapefruit and apricot and osmanthus (which is also a bit fruity), but it's balanced out by some astringent green notes. Jimmy has some note (cassis?) that is just too juicy for me -...
Looks good. Where are all the pictures of the paper hats? Those things sold out so quickly, I'm curious to see how they look on you folks.
I'm wearing La Curie Incendo again today. I really like this, especially the contrast between the smokey opening and the soft, sweet incense dry down. I wish the longevity were a little better but it's still a very nice scent.
Bruno Fazzolari Five today. This is in the classic EdC style but it has uncommon longevity. It reminds me of two scents I like a lot - Terre d'Hermes and Eau de Guerlain. Like the Hermes, this one has a mineral note, but it's less pronounced in Five than it is in Terre. Like Eau de Guerlain, it's got a potent lemon and herbs component, and also has great longevity, like Eau de Guerlain. All things being equal, I like this one as much as I like any of my summer citrus...
I wore Seyrig from Bruno Fazzolari yesterday. It's a big aldehydic floral, supposedly inspired by Bonnie & Clyde/Chinatown era Faye Dunaway. It's not normally my style, but I enjoyed it. I'm curious to sample the rest of his line, which I'll do over the next few days.
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