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I think there's a video of Edward Sexton floating around out there showing a DB suit he's made (for himself I think) and the trousers are not cuffed. I remember noting that and thinking it looked super sharp.
Remember Imitation of Christ? That was women's but a lot of what they sold was just vintage clothing with a new tag sewn in.
I kinda digging these suede/canvas vans as a poor man's alternative to those visvims.
Are Mercurials running shoes? I thought they were for soccer.
I've been looking at those pants online - did you find them in store in LA? how is the sizing?
Kingdom is awful - too strong, sweet, dirty...too too.
Unless there's something specific about Wonderoud that makes it peculiarly unstable, this is not true. I have several scents that are more than 10 years old (and I've bought vintage scents from the 60's and 70's) and they're all fine. Store them in a dark cabinet or closet and avoid excessive heat and they'll be fine.
I think Jicky is still stinky in the edp and perfume versions, but it may be that the perception varies from person to person. To me it's not a poop smell, it's more like a urine soaked vibe.
I thought the re-release was the same as the original? I just googled and I see there's a lot of disagreement on this, as you'd expect.
I have a vintage automatic Seiko diver that I haven't worn for over a year. I'm glad that watches have no appeal for me, one less thing to spend money on. I truly don't get the appeal of a quartz watch - they work fine but we're surrounded at all times by perfectly accurate time keeping machines, so timekeeping seems like the least of a watch's appeal.
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