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Has it been that long?
Yeah I know, gonna have to play hooky and hit the beach on Friday.
Way better than I expected. And darker than I expected - I thought it would be a sitcom.
I was there last night - wow, there is a ton of really amazing stuff there. My first thought was, if I wanted to spend some money I could come home with some incredible pieces. Then the more time I spent there, I started to think I'd have an impossible time choosing things because there is just so much. I'll add that one thing I wasn't expecting was the vintage 70's and 80's swim trunks. The quicksilver booth was full and amazing old trunks that were everywhere in my...
A small bottle of VE - do they make a bottle smaller than 50 ml? I heard they were going to start offering something smaller.
I have a buddy with a booth there, I'm gonna try to go tonight.
We need a Moo smiley you can use for comments like this. A counterpart to the - who wants to do a mockup?
Yeah, once you know about niche italian makers of suits, shirts and ties and where to buy them, and you have a good pair of English or Italian or Hungarian shoes, and you understand your body type and sizing, and you have a good tailor, and you've developed a good relationship with that tailor, and you have no budget, some knowledge traditional men's style, and great taste... well then, yes, it's a breeze.
^^^Still my favorite. Wearing Noir Epices today.
Hey I don't even dress that way except once or twice a year. Just saying it's easy to do it badly.
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