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I bought a sample pack from Cult of Scent based on Luca Turin's recent review on his blog. It arrived in lovely packaging, with a nice hand-written note. Yesterday I wore In the Woods. Turin described it as a new take on a classic Eau de Cologne. I didn't seem particularly 'novel' to me, but it was nice example of the style, with a dry woody note in the drydown (Turin called it incense but I didn't get that) and better longevity than I expected. Today I'm wearing...
This would make a cool Los Angeles square or for the modest;
How about this one.
great popover
Eau d'Hermes too! I think Declaration is the equal of those scents. Bigarade goes a bit too far in Elena's modern "transparent" style.
I didn't like Knize Ten when I first tried it, and it's now easily one of my 3-5 favorite scents. I love the floral leather opening, and the warm sandalwood dry down. It's really old fashioned, especially the way it opens, so I see why it's not for everyone. But you may just find yourself growing attached.
Is homeboy wearing a onesie under that jacket?
I have a linen cardigan that I've tried shrinking. It's loosely woven, and unfortunately it stretches back out every time I wear it. I'm sure you'd get different results with different weaves.
The order of posts on this page made this post unintentionally hilarious.
What are those cream colored voluminous wrap trousers(?)?. Those are rad.
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