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Nothing Ochoa was gonna do about that one
Ochoa again! that dude and Hahm-ez are gonna get lots babies named after them.
You just gotta scour ebay. I have a handful of Reyn Spooner shirts, which are easy to find, but my favorites are the odd labeled American 60's print cotton shirts with button down collars. There are some ebay and etsy sellers that sell ivy stuff and often they'll have them, though they tend to sell fast and at higher prices. I think they get snatched up by designers who then knock them off.
There's a panama hat store on ebay selling hats direct from ecuador at affordable prices. I haven't ordered from them but I've considered it. http://www.ebay.com/usr/panamahatshop?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754
Love that eluther fit. I've been wearing a bunch of vintage print summer shirts but none of them fit as nicely as that anachronorm.
This is great.
I wear v-necks with button down collar shirts all the time. Cardigans less often but they make it into the rotation. Generally without a sport coat, but with a windbreaker, paired with slim chinos or 5 pocket cords and chukka boots. It's that late 60's west coast ivy look - Paul Newman, John Cassavettes, Steve McQueen. I feel like I've been dressing that way since high school.
Man Suarez, I want to like him but what a fucking savage. He's going to get himself banned from all competition.
Mexico has been strong and very consistent in all three matches - naturally Netherlands will be the favorite but I won't be surprised if Mexico moves on.
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