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Garrett Leight, I think it's actually Oliver Peoples son. I have a pair of Cutler & Gross that are now 10 years old, they're the best frames I ever bought.
That Schneider rollback is great, all gone in my size.
I find Musc Ravageur to be more amber than musk. Kiehl's Musk and Lutens MKK are the scents I own that feel very musky, where Ravageur reminds me of Shalimar, except that it has that very balsamic opening that can be a bit harsh. I don't love musk in general, but I like Musc Ravageur quite a bit. I gave an ex girlfriend a bottle of Musc Ravageur oil years ago, and I remember that it wore a lot softer than the perfume. I also love Costes, and if I remember correctly, it's...
I tried Skive at the AIX scent fair, and talked to the performer a bit. She was charming, and the scent was really nice, I regret not buying it then.
I like Dries, and I've been wearing thrift store clothing since I was a teenager. I just didn't like the silhouette or the fit on that particular combo. The pictures you posted are a bit more inspired.
I do really like the way those Chan pants fit. Are they part of a suit? I have a notion to get a db suit with pants like that.
I'm have to plead ignorance to the praise on mumma up there (and I don't usually chime in because I know I'm old and don't always get it). I see all the cool brands in the description, but it looks like a half-hearted thrift store combo to me. I don't see it.
I like a lot about those pants, but I'm not sure how I feel about the cropped cut on winter weight pants.
All that talk about Tam Dao got me to try it out today. I've had this decant for at least 10 years, and it's been nearly that long since I've tried it. It smells a lot more of sandalwood to me now, and less of cedar. It's a a bit too linear for my taste, but it's a nice scent. Rich and creamy.
The U cotton chinos are great. I love the high waist slim fit vibe - reminds me of 60's mod style trousers. If the olive was a true olive instead of brown, I'd have gotten all four colors.
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