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I feel like one company is making the credit sequences for all these cable dramas. They're starting to blend together.
Is the current version of Yohji appreciably different than the older version? I would suspect not but I haven't heard either way.
Parker was selling that knit (maybe that's the one) and I regret not grabbing it.
While the sale prices are awesome, I think you're quoting prices here that are 10% under the current sale price, unless I'm missing an additional discount code or something.
I don't get coffee from eau noire either, fwiw.
Who makes that suit SVB? Buttoning point is high for me but otherwise it looks good.
I wear 900 a lot but it doesn't seem all the "70's" to me, especially compared to Paco Rabanne or Azarro PH. I want to get a bottle of Aromatics Elixir, which is supposedly the same fragrance but in an edp formulation and marketed to women. I've smelled it and it is indeed very similar.
Did you get the corduroy floral or the paisley? I switched my order on the cord shirt at the last second because I was worried it would fit too small but I love the way those look.
Gone But Not from the Phoenicia sample pack. This one is a a traditional - even old fashioned - floral. The notes say rose, jasmine, elemi, fruits, cognac and musk. I get the rose and jasmine, and the musky base. I don't get fruit or boozy notes. I don't know what elemi smells like but I get a kind of industrial note or maybe lipstick or chalky powder. The perfumer has described it as having a touch of "hairspray." Anyway, I like it. It's a bit more perfumey that I usually...
There are really too many good fits, I can't really choose.
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