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I'm letting mine go wild. It's trending toward this but with lots of gray.
On those Grose MTO's, can they do things like delete the chest pockets on the clubman? Or delete the pocket zippers? Or is it strictly pick the leather and lining?
Tencel is made from wood.
YES. I have a feeling they discontinued because they couldn't make them and keep selling at their price point.
Kent Wang has some nice looking umbrella, both stick and collapsible.
I'm wearing Eric Buterbaugh Velvet, which is a modern take on Caron Pour Un Homme. The basic lavender/vanilla structure is very similar, but this is one is richer and comes through in higher resolution. There's an apricot/stone fruit note in there too.
I don't know TF London, fwiw. I wore Ambra Aurea today. It's been in pretty heavy rotation this winter.
I thought Bat was pretty wearable - the cave theme gives the scent a "story," as it were, but it's not so literal that you can't enjoy the other elements of the scent. I may have been influenced by the perfumer, who had a kooky charm. I think she was some kind of scientist who'd come to perfumery from that angle. She was engaging and enthusiastic about her scents.
I've tried several of those, mostly at the AIX Scent fair last spring. Lampblack is well known here but definitely worth trying if you haven't. The Bogue scents are all interesting (I see that the gardenia scent isn't listed at that link -that was the one I remembered most fondly). I really like Incendo from La Curie. Zoologist Bat was good - smelled like a cave. I should ad that I was able to talk to most of the owner/perfumers and they were an interesting group of...
I sold my TDI back to VW and came pretty close to buying a '91 560SEL, but I realized I don't have the patience anymore for an old car unless it's a 2nd car.
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