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I sat with Sternberg at a dinner party about six months ago. Nice guy. He was wearing Uniqlo.
I think a lot of RRL stuff is MIC and that stuff is made to a pretty high standard.
The Document one that NMWA had last year is also pretty great. They have it in blue suede right now but the old one is here https://*****************/listings/1084964-Document-Cow-Suede-Bomber
I got a copy of Humphrey Magazine for Christmas, and you guys were nice enough to throw in a PF Combatentes shirt jacket. Very considerate.
Visvim denim suit F/W '73
My pair are the chinos, not the fatigues. The "Military Style Chino Pant." The fabric has a bit of a sheen, and it hasn't broken in at all with washing. Just feels like poly.
I have a pair of Stan Ray chinos and I'm really skeptical about the 100% cotton on the label. They feel like a poly blend, and actually seem kinda crappy overall. I turned my pair into shorts but they're headed for the donation pile.
Fazzolari Lampblack. This is really good. I find myself wanting to wear vetiver scents less and less, except my vintage Guerlain EdC, but I've been reaching for this pretty often. There's an ink note, which I like, and it get's very soft and maybe a little floral after the opening. I haven't tried Encre Noir, but I understand that one is also inky, so maybe they're similar.
The pictures you've posted of that coat make it impossible for us to tell how it actually looks.
You guys talking about the hoodie or the crew?
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