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Terre d'Hermes is a crowd pleaser in this category. I also like to recommend Cartier Declaration - not necessarily 'fresh' but it's citric and it has interesting wood and spice elements.
Guerlain Vetiver today, from a vintage EdC splash bottle.
I think Parker always kills off his old images after a while.
I like noir epices quite a bit. Lots of clove in there too.
I just bought a 12 ml travel spray of Philosykos off of eBay, wearing it today. Happy to have this for summer, my old bottle had been used up for a year or so.
Never gets old. Sorry moo, you gotta own that forever.
I'm wearing Vendetta again - really digging this in the hot weather.
Black denim yoga pants?
Artisan Fran?
I wore Vendetta yesterday (a discontinued scent from Valentino, possibly still available from ebay and such). I've had this forever and I don't think I ever realized how much lavender there was in this. The opening is an incredibly true, strong lavender, but unlike most fragrance lavenders. It's that very sour, astringent note you get when you crush a lavender bud in your fingers and smell it up close. It's almost citrusy, almost leathery. And then there's a chypre...
New Posts  All Forums: