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What's a gi?
Trying this question in the thread one more time.
What's the fit like on the Monitaly raglan sweat shirts? Typical Japanese or TTS?
Additional to what? To other fees or to paypal fees. I don't think that paypal can auto charge fees to you without permission fwiw. But I would expect Grailed would charge something - and 3% seems pretty reasonable. But with ebay, fees are billed like a month after the fact, and they own paypal, so this insta-fee business doesn't make much sense.
Well, I'm on the internet way too much regardless. My pet theory is that the huge productivity gains we've had across the economy haven't led to the predicted rise in measured leisure time, but in fact there's been a huge increase in the stealth "on the job" leisure time instead.
I often wonder about this, but I don't usually have the time to post my thoughts about it.
They were free before? How do they make money?
Eau Noire today. It's been a while, I missed it.
I watched Battle Royal last night.
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