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I picked up a decant of Knize Ten about a week ago after being without any for about a year. Just as good as I remembered, I've worn it a few times in the past week. I was in Barney's today and I sniffed a few Malles. I was reminded of how much I like Musc Ravageur. I've been out of that one for a few years, I need to get myself some.
I'll have to look at those. I wear white slip on vans a lot too, but I've been wary of versions that have pretensions of grandeur. I do have another shoe from Greats - the Rosen - which was really cheap, is super comfortable and is holding up better than I expected (Vibram sole!). The design on a lot of their models is kind of a miss IMO.
I just shaved my unironic moustache!
I just saw a place on Instagram called Foxhole LA at 3318 Sunset. Looks like they may be more focussed on women, but it does look like they do denim repairs. I was going to call them about tapering some vintage 501s for me.
It also depends on how sizable an investment you'd have to make in the patterns. If it's money you could stand to lose, it may be worth the risk. At that point you could seek out a manufacturing partner. That's the side of the business that could get really ugly if you don't know what you're doing.
Last time I was there the line looked crazy so I got pok pok but the line moved very fast. I should have waited for Ray's.
I live very close to there, haven't made it yet but I will very soon.
Looks like Vox (RIP) 's wall
I sat with Sternberg at a dinner party about six months ago. Nice guy. He was wearing Uniqlo.
I think a lot of RRL stuff is MIC and that stuff is made to a pretty high standard.
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