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You can get MTO navy moleskin pants from Epaulet, presumably in any of their cuts.
I don't get the hate. If you don't like them, don't use them. Seems like they're pretty transparent about offering the lowest possible prices by making everything a la carte. Of course their service sucks.
Where is that mural? I don't recognize.
I brought it to a dinner party last night and it's still going strong today.
Polos can definitely look good - I've seen it with my own eyes! EFV posts a couple good examples. GetSmart used to post all the time in this thread, ages ago, and he had a mean mod style.
[[SPOILER]] What is that MA-1?
I'm wearing Jules today, but I also put on a shirt from a few days ago that smelled of Caron Poivre, and by happy accident I found a nice mixture. Together they're almost like Aramis or Bel Ami.
I think that the biggest shift in my experience of perfume was learning to wait out the opening. Brash, aldehydic, sharp, cacophonous openings are hallmarks of many of my favorite scents, mostly classics, but I don't think I tolerated any of them when I first discovered fragrances. I think this is why citrus based scents remain so popular - the opening is predictably familiar.
I have a few drops left of Bandit but I find myself saving it for posterity, or at least until I buy some more. I do the same thing with my tiny bit of Biche dans l'absinthe. That one is gone forever though, so I'll just keep my tiny bit as a reference. I'm wearing Aromatics Elixir today.
My buddy has a jacket a lot like that one, similar age but american and in horsehide. It's so heavy and thick he rarely wears it but I think it looks awesome when he does. IIRC, his has big lapels, unlike that one.
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