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Is the new stuff still good or do you have an old bottle? I've been wanting to get a bottle of this but I didn't know if it was worth seeking out an older bottle.
Curious to smell the new Amber Flash
Beyond Paradise is one of those scents that Turin famously loves that isn't loved by just about any other corner of the fragrance community.
Good contemporary furniture isn't exactly cheap either. Certainly not in the $100/side chair range Parker was discussing.
I thought New York smelled old fashioned the first time I tried it, but over time that feeling fell away. I think it's the aldehydes that give it that impression.
I was traveling once or twice a month in 2013 and 2014 and I never used a clear bag, and I was never stopped at security to look at my dopp kit. It's a rule they don't enforce for some reason.
Hotel Fig is cool. I also like the bar at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake.
I think that "vintage," as a term of art, specifically assumes that something is at least 25 years old. In common usage people are a lot more flexible with the term. I own a lot of 60's shirts, mostly in the surf/prep california style - button down collars, tails, muted prints and stripes and madras. I own a lot of old sweaters from the same era - mostly English or Scottish cashmere. Old denim, old hats, old leather jackets. I have some oddball 70's things. It's not...
Have you done any cavalry twill trousers? Those are great winter staples, but they may be a stock item. I also like black moleskin - not easy to find in non-stodgy cuts.
Definitely Mean Streets.
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