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Thanks for the tip - I bought those moleskins from the UO website yesterday, chose the slowest cheapest shipping and I got them today. The cut is great, they fit perfectly right out of the box. Now I can do the black moleskin suit with my ts(s) shirt jacket.
Buzz Rickson stuff in general is oddly proportioned - it's very repro, right down to the sizing and cuts. I thought the Gibson jacket might be different.
I'm curious too - I want one but curious about weird sizing issues.
love that Document suede bomber.
Is the new stuff still good or do you have an old bottle? I've been wanting to get a bottle of this but I didn't know if it was worth seeking out an older bottle.
Curious to smell the new Amber Flash
Beyond Paradise is one of those scents that Turin famously loves that isn't loved by just about any other corner of the fragrance community.
Good contemporary furniture isn't exactly cheap either. Certainly not in the $100/side chair range Parker was discussing.
I thought New York smelled old fashioned the first time I tried it, but over time that feeling fell away. I think it's the aldehydes that give it that impression.
I was traveling once or twice a month in 2013 and 2014 and I never used a clear bag, and I was never stopped at security to look at my dopp kit. It's a rule they don't enforce for some reason.
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