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I take it you've never been here.
luckyscent sells samples.
The other thing is that cotton khaki's work better with warm weather looks, for the most part. I think could pair some full pleated flannels with that Moscow coat.
Here's one from Mister Mort's instagram, with vintage khakis. I think the crop works, plus this guy's general vibe is cool. I was thinking of picking up a pair of repro style khaki's from what price glory, maybe sizing up a bit too, to get this look.
I don't think I've seen many comments on the Document broken twill trousers, or fit pics. From the measurements it sounds like the rise is extremely short - is that accurate?
Lonesome Rider again today. By the end of the day yesterday I was thinking this is the modern Knize Ten. Earlier in the development, it actually reminds me a lot of Montale aoud cuir d'arabie. The leather/animal note combined with the subtle rose is very similar. LR is a much gentler scent though, and there's more going on.
I got my sample of Lonesome Rider, wearing it now. My first impression is that I love it. The second is that it smells uncannily like the description. I've grown to expect that most scents won't smell much like what I expect, but this one is just what Andy describes - citrus, pepper, leather, smoke, iris. More than just those notes are there, but thats what strikes me at first impression. Very nice, bravo.
Square is failing?
I went to Inspiration last year, it was well worth the visit. There is so much amazing, one of a kind stuff to see and ogle. There's also a lot of stuff to buy at different price points and in different styles - denim, 50's, western, Ivy, military, surf, leathers, etc. If you want to spend money and you like vintage, you'll have more trouble narrowing down your choices than you will finding things you like. I imagine some of the vendors take credit, but I'm sure that many...
What does the Raphael look like with the shearling collar removed?
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