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How do you see thread stats? Can only the thread starter see that stuff?
Guisados is awesome but I think he ate there on his last visit.
That looks like the Niche square bottom floral print from last season NMWA. They still have it in stock.
Not a bad knockoff at that
I'd wear that db tux jacket too.
This is a great idea, I'm seeing a bunch of things I hadn't noticed before. I have had a few things on my wishlist for a while that I'm surprised are still available. And I think these are all pretty slept on - I haven't seen any of them posted by buyers in this thread. EOTOTO Sunbathing woman jacquard v-neck sweater This is such a cool summer sweater, totally unique, oddball in just the right way. I wish the V were a little deeper or slouchier, but that's a minor...
I think a polo would look better sized up 1 or 2 and worn loose and buttoned to the top.
I've half heartedly supported a few different Premiere League clubs - Spurs, Everton - but that isn't anything like being a fan. My allegiances are too easily shifted. It's nothing like my feelings for the Dodgers - I have no rooting interest in any other baseball team. If a real American star emerges and becomes strongly affiliated with a Euro club, that will probably be my team. Or if Magic Johnson buys a team over there I might be persuaded.
New Posts  All Forums: