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The user name suggests that the account may have been a sock, so that's my guess.
I suppose that's selection bias though, right? The guys that get away with it might be flying under your radar.
I hear it's the Sarrasins of tuberoses.
Why do you think those are Edward Green?
Are those white canvas sk8 hi's? I've looked for those a few times and never found them.
I've gotten many shirts tailored to be shorter - it's an easy and cheap fix.
Yeah where to kop tall crown fedora, and how about a straw jobby for summertimez?
I love this whole Niche collection. The pancho, the shorts, the shirts - it's great.
I really like Sarassins
Basically anything before the reformulation is great. The old juice was golden colored, the new juice is light green. I have a vintage edt that's probably from the 90's and the edc, which is maybe a bit older. Like rach said, the old stuff has a smoky component that's missing in the new stuff. That said, it was easy to get the vintage stuff fairly cheap for a long time, but I just went on to ebay and it looks like the price is creeping up.
New Posts  All Forums: