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You need to understand how different all modern produce and livestock is from the wild stuff it's derived from.
Are there any farmed foods, animal or vegetable, that aren't genetically engineered?
7th grade for me started in 1980! I was wearing ralph lauren polos, vans and OP shorts. edit: actually vans was 6th grade. I was onto top siders and stans in 7th.
I was talking about Bulgari Black, though I'd like to try Dries.Two other scents that had the same effect on me are the two discontinued and revered Helmut Lang scents. To me they were both headache in a bottle. Another one is Costume National Scent.
I get why it was important - it's in interesting scent and it's original, but I have a hard time with scents that don't develop over time. That one just hammers home the same notes for hours. That effect is incredibly fatiguing to me.
It's the silhouette, and it may just be the picture angle. SVB's looks a little narrow and overly long. The lack of shirt cuff contributes to it. It makes him look tall for the jacket.
Loving some of these jackets - Synth's cloak, the Bergfabel, the wool EG's from KG and MOK.
I wore C&S 88 - that seemed appropriately gothic. I haven't worn this in ages, I like it.
It's funny because he wasn't a professional - SI did a pictorial spread that week (this was back in the 80's) on California's outdoor recreational sports. Nobody in the story was named, including my friend on the cover. I'm not sure if there has been another SI cover photo where the subject wasn't identified. Also not sure if anyone can tell be he's not surfing, he's skimboarding, which is very big in my hometown (Laguna).
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