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I like those pants. I think you need more volume up top - a bigger coat would make that look work better.
Retro Southern California Post-Modern Dadwear
I wore Derby today to the race track.
Love that Oliver Spencer tweed
Jsut to clarify, final sale items can be exchanged the correct size, or store credit if no correct size is available?
I just saw he posted it on twitter. He never responded to my tweet there. That collection at luckyscent is from his show at the Design Museum in New York. The show I saw was something else, or maybe a neutered version of that show.
posted where?
I'm curious about the fit on those Niche corduroy shirts. Greg, you mentioned they run small, but can you fit into an XL? The measurements put them right at the edge for me, I think that we're about the same size (I'm probably a shade smaller).
If you haven't registered for the site yet but did register for the founders' circle, you will need to register an account. It won't affect your founders' circle status.
Plus best add on would be a simple "DAT"
New Posts  All Forums: