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I don't think I could handle Kingdom on a sub freezing day let alone at 80 degrees.
Parker's is the one closest to my own style, but I had to vote for msg - I wouldn't have put that together but it looks great. Especially with the floral print side.
I think Man of Kent would make an interesting turn on the StyFo instagram*** wheel if he was down to do it. *** typo fixed.
I found an old sample of Montale Greyland and I'm wearing it today. I'm reminded that I don't really like it. I've tried to mask it a bit with a Eau Sauvage but it's not really working.
I don't mind a full break but I think it work best with a more relaxed cuff width.
If they serve spaghetti diluted with dirty bathwater I'm so there.
And pottery
Loved this challenge, if only because I found myself wearing a ton of denim all the sudden for the past few weeks. I have a couple vintage denim jackets that I've had forever and barely worn, but I worked them into my rotation the past few weeks, experimenting with different combos, and now I can see myself wearing them all the time. Also liked seeing the interesting denim repairs on some of these fits - Parker's work in particular I'm probably going to copy on a few...
I'll admit I didn't look at their collections all that closely, but I did notice they were going for a more fashion forward look recently. But most of that stuff outside their regular comfort zone looked kinda silly to me.
At a 6 year old bday party, dadcore denim stylez. I was instagrammed by a friend.
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