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It took me a long time to warm up to Kouros, but it's become a favorite. L'air du desert moroccain today. I think I always say this but this is so potent on me I often shy away from it, but today it smells perfect. I wish I'd bought a big bottle of this back when it was released and cost a lot less.
I was gonna say this. Cheap enough to experiment with. I actually thrifted a pair of cropped faded black 501's recently and I'm intending to taper them.
Profumum Roma Ambra Aurea. I'm realizing that I haven't delved much into the world of amber scents, apart from Amber Sultan (I also think Tauer's lddm is a sort of amber). This one reminds me a bit of the Lutens but it has a big smokey note in there that gives it an incense vibe. It's a very strong scent overall. I like it, but not enough to buy.
I had an Il Bisonte wallet to which I did nothing except carry normally, and it aged beautifully. And it didn't take anything like 5 years. I think it had a nice patina after a year or less.
A couple of modern, interesting brands to check out would be Commes des Garcons and Etat Libre d'Orange. You can find a variety of styles from each house - from pleasant/easy to strange/avante garde.
Sampling Malle's Une Rose today. Another one I'm surprised to not know (though I may have sniffed it briefly in a store some time back). I think I somehow lumped this with Lipstick Rose in my memory, which was silly because they're so totally different. It's built around a big, juicy rose note. My first impression is that it's somewhere between the fresh, green, rose of Sa Majesty la Rose, and the wet earthy elements of Voleur de Roses. That's a good thing - I like both of...
I love Yatagan but it's hard to wear. It's intense.
I just got a small decant and some samples in the mail, I'm wearing Bois des Iles (the decant) right now. Hard to believe I've never smelled this, though there's something incredible familiar about it. It just hit me what this smells like - Egoiste. Of course, that's another Chanel, and I bet if I googled there's probably a pretty direct link between those two. This version is the new one - the Exclusifs EdT, and honestly, the more time this is on my arm the more I think...
I was going to say the same - I think Alternative Apparel made shirts like that and called them Moroccan collar.Found it:
Eau de Rochas today. I think this is the one marketed to women but it's similar to Eau Sauvage. A nice light citrus chypre. Yesterday I wore a blend of Aromatic Elixir and Kiehl's Musk oil. They paired nicely.
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