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My wife sold a camera lens on eBay recently. She sold it to a guy that also had previously bought dlsr body from her in another auction. The guy wrote her to say that he hadn't received the lens, but she has tracking showing it was delivered. He mentions that sometime his kids accept deliveries and misplace them in the house so he'd get back to her. He then opened an eBay dispute without writing back to her, but eBay sends her messages to a defunct email address (despite...
Is that sleeve pocket a custom detail? It looks like an MA-1 sleeve on an A-2 jacket body.
Where is that?
I just looked up that station - it's at Indian Canyon just south of the 10. That's not too far from town. It's 7 miles to the Ace Hotel, for instance. I suspect there are cabs and Ubers widely available. But do I understand you correctly that the only trains going out there and back are at those odd times in the middle of the night?
That suit fits you well.
Here's one last "tbt" shot, from December 2001. I may have posted this a long time ago in a what-were-you-wearing-then thread, but I was reminded about this from a conversation in the RFT thread discussing vintage leather. jackets. Fok mentioned East West Musical Instruments, but it's still a pretty obscure label. They were a San Francisco guitar shop that started making leather jackets for their rock star clientele in the late 60's - early 70's. Their most famous jackets...
Tippecanoes and Locals Only, on the same block, were great. I'm still friends with one of the owners of Locals.
Yes! Worked there the summers of 88 and 89. You may know that the owner, Jim Otto, had a reggae show on the local public radio station. "White as a ghost, dredder than most" was his tagline.
I have a new picture I can post. I mentioned in the RFT thread that I was "modeling" as an extra in a look book my wife shot. Here's the the shot I ended up in.
Here I am wearing a Stussy shirt in 1989. Also, that summer I worked in a record store in Laguna, Sean Stussy came into the store and we were both wearing that shirt. "Nice shirt" he said.
New Posts  All Forums: