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Love that Niche shirt.
What beach is that?
Does Barney's carry all the Lutens Paris exclusives? Do all the Barney's or just the New York store? And since when? That's very interesting, I'd go to the Beverly Hills store to reacquaint myself with some of those if they're there. BTW I just got a bottle of Eau de Rochas - another interesting summer eau de cologne. This one has a patchouli dry down, gives it more backbone that most similar scents. A bit like Eau de Guerlain in that it's an older edc that lasts for a...
Silver Lake was full of hipsters when I lived there in the 90's. Now it's full of wealthy parents.
I've been reading a Hardy Boys book to my 5 year old. He's into it.
I'm not sure if there's any relationship between quality and price in perfumery, or if there is, it's a very weak correlation. There is definitely something to be said about rarity, or limited production which will certainly drive up per-unit costs.
That whole synth fit is great. Love the relaxed fit of the jeans and shirt. Did you and/or your mom diy all those pieces?
I surprised you have longevity issues with Philsykos - it lasts all day on me. One that might work better is Eau de Guerlain. A fairly straightforward, traditional eau de cologne with a lemony opening, it lasts a lot longer than most in that style.
I really like those camel trousers
I dig that sack suit. I look for those all the time on eBay but haven't found the right one yet.
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