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I really like Noir Epices. Wearing rose nacree du desert again. It smells a little sweet today, or it did at first, but it's settling nicely.
To be honest, I haven't smelled any of your other favorite roses aside from Parure, the sale of which I still mourn. I didn't really think of that as a rose scent though in the way Rose Nacree or POAL are. I still love Iquitos and I'm happy I have a full bottle. I wear it all the time.
Actually, Rose de Nuit is pretty great too, if I was going to splurge I'd probably have to revisit that one before I decided. And I do really love PoaL.
Portrait of a Lady is a really special scent, but it's so gigantic that I'd have a hard time wearing it very often. Rose Nacree du Desert is similar to PoaL but it's a bit more transparent and way more wearable. I'm not one to splurge on expensive bottles, but I may buy this one.
first link doesn't work
I just had an old friend ask me for advice for a fragrance for her husband. I made a few suggestions based on her critieria, but also said they should go to a place like MiN (they're in NYC) and sniff things. They ended up doing that and buying L'enfant Terrible from Joyvoy, which I've never heard of.
I remember that (the avalanche of hype).
I got a couple sample vials of Rose Nacree du Desert off ebay and I'm wearing that today. It's fantastic, as advertised.
I thought Manton's post was very informative.
"Alan Smithee was an official pseudonym used by film directors who wish to disown a project, coined in 1968." From Wikipedia. It's like the official sock puppet name for film makers.
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