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Have you been to the new Centeno place? Your critic raved about it.
I tried to stop by that truck about a month ago and it was mobbed, didn't even try to find parking.
I've been to the new Grand Central market a few times now. I had breakfast at Eggslut a few weeks ago. It was pretty good but almost too rich for me. It's not something I could eat that often. I'll go to your taco stand next time. As for San Francisco style burritos - I don't like them so I'm not help. I like the burritos at Cacao Mexicatessin in Eagle Rock, speaking of yuppiehipster gourmet Mexican. The Duck Carnitas, the cochinita, the Hongos - everything I've tried...
Had the lamb barbacoa at My Taco on York the other day. So good. I like the gentrification happening around here, but I'll be bummed if all these cheap Mexican spots get driven out of the neighborhood. BTW, is "lamb barbacoa" redundant? In Dallas (and maybe all of Texas) the barbacoa is beef, but that may be a regional oddity.
Temple of Genes
I thought these might be of interest to this crowd - they MC guys are kind of mocking the design but I think it's kinda cool.
Those pants are pretty cool, I think. They'd go over a lot better on the sw&d side of the forum.
I like the grove, mostly because I love the Framers Market. Every time I go I lament the fact I'm not there all the time.
Is that a casentino blouson? Clever, I'd wear that. I like the colors throughout the collection.
Love the reminiscences, great stuff all around.
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