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They were free before? How do they make money?
Eau Noire today. It's been a while, I missed it.
I watched Battle Royal last night.
I'm really sorry I didn't get into this thread early enough to suggest you were being rather niggardly with your compassion for your foes in this argument. I don't think there was quite as much finger wagging going on as you suggest, just some mild ignorance (and in fact not a whole lot of resistance to education on that score.) But I appreciate the enthusiasm of your response, offered in the true spirit of 'ye olde styleforvm."
I dig those Monitaly striped pullovers. Also think that OS color block panel knit is pretty cool - don't think I've seen it mentioned in the thread.
I think that looks like a Niche tag in that sweatshirt. Also looked like some new Niche shirts in those winter styling shots gdl poasted a day or two ago.
Swaggy P looks like he'd post in the waywt thread
Gray sweater? what's the coat? Referring to the c4 pic
Has anyone seen this short film for Juniper Ridge - it's on the homepage. Man this cracked me up. It's like, peak Brooklyn/Portland. The first time I saw it was on tumblr and it took a while for me to realize it wasn't a parody, like the Vena Cava "Fashion Film." FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.
New Posts  All Forums: