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Hotel Fig is cool. I also like the bar at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake.
I think that "vintage," as a term of art, specifically assumes that something is at least 25 years old. In common usage people are a lot more flexible with the term. I own a lot of 60's shirts, mostly in the surf/prep california style - button down collars, tails, muted prints and stripes and madras. I own a lot of old sweaters from the same era - mostly English or Scottish cashmere. Old denim, old hats, old leather jackets. I have some oddball 70's things. It's not...
Have you done any cavalry twill trousers? Those are great winter staples, but they may be a stock item. I also like black moleskin - not easy to find in non-stodgy cuts.
Definitely Mean Streets.
AA isn't all that cheap. I think when they started they cornered the market on affordable "cool" well fitting basics. Now H&M, uniqlo, Zara and even Old Navy sell those pieces in similar cuts and colors. And Bangladeshi sweat shops are way cheaper than the ones in DTLA.
What do you know about the current incarnation of Diorella? Is it still good, or is it necessary to seek out a vintage bottle?
I'm pretty sure I'm older than Manton and Heismatt. But not as old as Vox. I'm not that old.
It's one fucking hundred degrees in LA today. On October fucking 9th.
Malle angeliques sous la pluie. I wonder if this had been reformulated. I had a sample of this when it was first released and I remember it being so subtle - it barely lasted half a day. Now I get a much stronger black pepper component and it seems to have much more longevity.
Mine's a 2012, though I'm kinda hoping for a generous buy back (wishful thinking?) It's a sweet car, though I doubt I'll like it as much once they patch the software.
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