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Here I am wearing a Stussy shirt in 1989. Also, that summer I worked in a record store in Laguna, Sean Stussy came into the store and we were both wearing that shirt. "Nice shirt" he said.
I think for downtown, you'll be happier visiting the historic core along Broadway than hanging out near Staples Center. There's Grand Central Market, The Last Bookstore, The Ace Hotel, lots of restaurants, cafes and shops. And definitely do that bike ride down to Manhattan/Hermosa and back. Stop in downtown Hermosa or Manhattan for lunch or coffee or ice cream, watch some volleyball, walk around the village or out on the pier. Those are nice places for a short visit.
Between the trains, buses and uber/lyft etc., I find it's getting really easy to get around LA without a car.
For good shopping, nightlife, drinking, eating and hiking, stay for 3 days either downtown, or in one of the cool "eastiside" neighborhoods Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park in an airbnb. Then spend the other 3 days at the beach - Venice or maybe even Manhattan Beach/Hermosa Beach.
I own multifamily housing. I don't see it as speculation as much as a business, like any other. I work almost entirely at the low end of the market and, frankly, most of my tenants don't have the resources or skills to own a home. Somebody needs to build and maintain these properties, nobody will do it well unless it's profitable to do so. I'm not sure what the alternative is to restricted private ownership of housing - government housing? Has that worked well anywhere?
You could use zippers instead of lacing. Not that I have anything against chelsea boots. Some high end models use thin leather panels to hide the elastic. That looks a little busy to me though.
I've changed my mind completely on many fragrances, especially ones I first sampled years ago when I was a noob. Not lately though.
I'm actually participating in a "budget" lookbook shoot tonight. My wife is a professional photographer, one of our good friends is a designer with a smallish women's line. She's shot the last several lookbooks for her. In some cases the designer (or store) can trade clothing for work, but nobody important to the process is going to work for free (I'm working for free, helping my wife and modeling as an extra in some shots). You need to pay (in cash or clothes) the...
Anybody tried Dune in Atwater Village for falafel, lamb, house made pita, etc. Tiny little sandwich spot, it's great.
In the early to mid 90's I was into 50's vintage, kinda in the vein of the cast of Swingers. I was hanging out at lot of the same bars as those guys too so I guess it makes sense.
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