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I agree, and not just because of styleforum but because the internet in general. Aside from the esoteric small labels there's the crazy vintage finds via ebay and the like from all over the world.
The ts(s) shirt jacket I got from NMWA can be worn like a blazer, or buttoned all the way up with the lapels opened. It's a great piece.
Styleforum hasn't changed my style all that much. My tastes have gotten more expensive but I was into clothes before I came here. I still wear several things that date back to the 80's (or 60's in the case of sweaters I inherited from my dad.)
I wore Yatagan a few days back. It's one of those scents I profess to love but never wear, but that last wearing might have shifted my thinking. It was a lot more "pleasant" that it has been in the past. It's such a brute, but if you go easy on the application it's not too scary.
Wearing New York, I have been wearing this most days for the past few weeks. Still my favorite.
@Parker What Weejuns are those? I was looking at a pair of black full grain Weejuns in a Bass store a few months back that looked like that and I regret not getting them.
Stitchy - if that jacket is too big it's not evident from that picture.
@in stitches It's less the pose, I think, than the fact you have a lot of new clothes and you're still breaking them in. Wabi sabi will come with time and wear, welcome it. In that particular fit, fwiw, I'd wear a different shirt to go tieless like that - a blue chambray or maybe a subtle plaid would be my preference.
I've tailored some things a few times. Sometimes it's a matter of changing taste, or changing weight, or just dialing in my preferences. I haven't actually damaged anything but I've spent too much in retrospect. Then again, having something tailored right is, to me, the difference between wearing something all the time or not at all.
^^^ I would have bought that Niche army jacket if it were available in my size. Not that I'm at all disappointed with the ts(s), on the contrary. Here are a couple pics - sorry, they were just taken by my three year old son outside the California Science Center. I culled three usable pics from about 25 that he took, in at least half of them you can see me begging him to wait a second while I changed the buttoning. I was trying to show a few ways you can wear this...
New Posts  All Forums: