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OMG what a heartbreaking finish. I was in a crowded bar - the crowd went from delirious to stunned, confused murmurs, and then it was over, just like that. That's football - we didn't deserve the Ghana win, didn't deserve this loss. We gave away that first goal, Bradley played much better this game but he missed the gimme and gave away the ball leading to the equalizer. He's the last guy I expected these lapses from.
What a great fucking tournament so far.
Costa Rica looked pretty strong in both games - they were really in control throughout. Uruguay was a shambles without Suarez but now I wonder if the Ticos were just better than I thought. They've been impressive.
Doesn't Saturdays make one? Or do you just want Vans brand?
And what about that non-call on Campbell. Holy crap where did this come from?
I didn't expect Costa Rica to look this strong, especially in this group.
Suarez isn't a "good striker," he's a goal scoring savant. At least he has been for the past year or so.
Who wouldn't be? I was telling my buddy during the match that the US could make the semifinals with him up front.
Man, Suarez - that dude is an evil genius. That motherfucker just had knee surgery.
Of course not. But it's still a huge PITA, then you send out second chance offers to the runners up who never respond for some reason, and you have to file your grievances with ebay. And it's not clear to me what the repercussions are for the offenders.
New Posts  All Forums: