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The mighty mighty Yatagan
I dated a girl years ago that wore it. I liked it, but I like fig scents in general. I'm missing my used up bottle of Phylosykos, maybe a cheap MJ replacement is in order.Thinking of said girl, she wore several cool scents - Odeur 53, Ombre dans l'eau, and one of the first times we met, at a party, I could smell her perfume when we were talking and asked her if it was Tam Dao. She was floored by the parlor trick, probably went a long way toward us getting together.
I was scratching my head about Michael Jordan too, until Rach mentioned fig. Then I remembered. Wearing Essence of John Galliano today.
I love that Eidos field jacket - it's way better than mine, which is really a little too short and it lacks those tasty lapels.
Hoy llevo Nueva York
Fumerie Turque - that honey goes a little urinous for me, and then suddenly with that tobacco and all the typical Lutens orientalism, it's like, who pissed on the rug in the opium den?
I did Ciclavia yesterday, braving the brutal heat. Ate several things along the way. Had a very good tostada de ceviche mixta from a truck at the East LA Civic Center. Late in the day we wandered into the GCM, which was predictably packed with the cycle route passing by on Broadway, but the line in front of Tacos Tumbras a Tomas was manageable. I'd never eaten there and, not being that hungry, just ordered two tacos, one of the famous trompa and one of carnitas. First of...
Flat Iron, skirt, flank - those leaner cuts are just about all I eat these days. I lost my taste for rib eye - too rich. I only want something like that occasionally.
I eased up on the Peter North stylz and went with Equipage today. Still retro but on the gentlemanly tip.
It's too big for sure, but I'm surprised you weigh 165. I'm 5'11" and also weight about 165 and I'm not super skinny. Maybe weight isn't a good proxy for size.
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