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I'm wondering if ts(s) sizing varies a bit across the line? I'm usually 41 or 42, and I have the moleskin shirt jacket in 4 and it fits great, and the vine floral shirt in 4 and it's probably a little too large - I could easily have taken a 3.
Thanks. I wasn't really trying to make it more interesting, more like less interesting. I was trying to make it more casual and relaxed, and I think the tan shoes and belt were more flashy than casual. That's why I was thinking black shoes, or white canvas vans probably would have worked better. I really like that shirt with the suit but I think it would work better if I turned down the volume on the other elements. I'm not that into the casual pocket square. I wear them...
It felt a little uptight to me - like I should have been wearing white canvas sneakers or plain black derbies. I wanted it to me more relaxed.
I wore this last night Borrelli linen suit ts(s) vine print shirt I think I should have worn black shoes and a black belt, I think the browns make a little too pitti for me.
Damn J Lo was hot back then
Still sampling the La Curie scents. Faunus, the oud scent, wasn't really my cup of tea in the end. I think the quality is good but it has a similar note as Dior Oud leather - a dusty sharp oud note rather than the more medical note. Anyway, that note rubs me the wrong way in the Dior and it does so too with Faunus. Today I'm trying Larrea. Her site describes it thus: Ghosts of a desert monsoon. Dust encounters rain. chaparral, musk, petrichor, ozone, leather. I...
I've been reading Luca Turin's new blog, where he's highlighting new niche fragrances that he likes. He recenty wrote favorably about Incendo from La Curie, a niche brand from Tuscon. I ended up ordering a sample pack from them and wore Incendo yesterday. It's a campfire/incense/wood composition, and I quite liked it. Unlike a lot of amateur scents, it wore well over the course of the day, and it had a nice soft incensey dry down. I'm trying her scent Faunus today, the...
Echo Park is great if you like the neighborhood. There are tons of new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. It's a great walking neighborhood too, and close to Elysian Park. But if Echo Park was your cup of tea, I feel like you'd know that already, so you should probably spend an afternoon or evening there yourself before deciding.
Eau Noire. I've always liked this in the past, but today I'm especially struck by how strange it is - the green, wet vegetal note underneath the burnt caramel immortelle.
I think it looks a little long from the front due to the tag sitting between the quarters - it creates bit of an illusion.
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