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Poivre perfume today. This smells so much like Derby.
That fire destroyed another edition of the ugly faux Italianate apartments that a particular developer has been putting up all over downtown, nothing like Stanley's place, and not all that close to it if I remember where that wall was demolished.
Yeah Ron Johnson from Apple became CEO and hired Wooster, among others, and revamped the stores. Sales were horrible right after the changes and they panicked and fired everybody. Here's a stock image of the parka
My wife has that JCP varsity. They had a great collection of stuff couple of years ago when Wooster was working there. I got the color block parka.
Lauder has done way better than most in keeping their old scents available and unaltered - seems like a good partnership.
Eau Noire. So glad it finally got cool enough to wear all these winter scents.
Tenoversix, Stanley Korshak. Grange Hall is an interesting store worth visiting - it's a bit like a gallery with oddball one of a kind items mixed in with merchandise. Mostly accessories and objects and flowers but worth visiting.
l'air du the-area-east-of-the-Atlas-Mountains down Morocco way. I've always admired this but usually found it too strong to wear much, but I'm loving it today. Maybe I'm just getting more willing to project scent as I get older. I'm going to use this decant up this winter.
Tri-blends are great but they don't cone in white do they? Oatmeal is kinda close I guess.
Where is this?
New Posts  All Forums: