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Hugo's in Atwater Village has soft serve too, though it may be some kind of soy product? Don't remember.
it's 107 right now at the Mt. Washington weather station, right up the street from my house. I do have AC, thank god. I was still thinking of heading downtown the the LAPL main branch to work there but I don't think I can handle making the drive there.
This weather is fucking bullshit.
My local place can make custom clip on sunglasses for any frames, so you can always go that route. I got them for my old Cutler & Gross frames, and they're great, and a lot cheaper than I expected at $60. Custom made to fit the frame, you can pick the color of the lens and the frame to match your existing frames. Here's a picture for reference, in my volunteering-at-my-kid's-kindergarten steez.
The first Moscot and the Bartons fit your face the best. Thoms work too. The other two don't work at all.
I like Winsome too, that's the perfect spot at noon in Echo Park.
Are those the what price glory chinos?
I've smelled both, they're quite similar. The original is more raw and leathery, the gold is softer.
I agree with all of this. I bought a pair of khaki Rosens a few months ago. Very cheap with a discount code. They work well as part of my all-khaki corny-urban-safari-dad outfits.
Love that Niche shirt.
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