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Love the reminiscences, great stuff all around.
I also say flapped patches for cord, and a also a more slouchy, louche silhouette than Vox has there - I've never been wild about that particular cord suit (or more propererly, of the one or two pics of it he poasted).
They fit more slim than I would have guessed - did you tailor them or is that the cut?Plus your 2nd link to the Silverman's takes you to the same WPG page.
Pull over? I like popover fine.
YSL Live Jazz is an older fresh summer scent with great longevity, though I have mixed feelings about it otherwise.
I just looked it up - I'm kinda pissed that such a thing even exists.
I feel like one company is making the credit sequences for all these cable dramas. They're starting to blend together.
Is the current version of Yohji appreciably different than the older version? I would suspect not but I haven't heard either way.
Parker was selling that knit (maybe that's the one) and I regret not grabbing it.
While the sale prices are awesome, I think you're quoting prices here that are 10% under the current sale price, unless I'm missing an additional discount code or something.
New Posts  All Forums: