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I'm basically always on the lookout for a vintage suede jacket like that but they're very hard to find. I have an old Sears one now, but it has a varsity style collar with slash pockets and it's lighter suede, and it's starting to fall apart.
Banner should be the thumb champ - currently that epic Parker fit with the A-2 and flares.
It seemed to me that green turtleneck disappeared from the site very early in the season, not even a link with an "out of stock" notice. I thought maybe it had to be pulled for some reason. But now I see it's back on the site! Maybe I was tripping.
I was about to buy some solid white sk8-hi's - I don't any of the rest of that look, can I still escape douchehood?
Needs white t and doo rag.
EFV your girl looks fantastic - best in show #menswear.
I've been using f.lux for long time but I haven't found a solution for iOS devices, apart from jailbreaking. Any ideas?
I'm wearing the last few drops of my Knize Ten today, topped off with a spritz of Cuir Mauresque because there was so little left of the Knize. I need to buy another bottle of this, it's really one of my favorites.
There are definitely games at the outdoor court next to the dog park at the reservoir.
Is that the Sage de Cret fishtail? That and the casentino make me want to winter in the cold somewhere. C4 and Shoreman aces both.
New Posts  All Forums: