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Maybe refined was the wrong word. There's something about the relationship between the opening notes (refined?) and the base notes that don't blend easily.
There is so much good food at the GCM, you're not missing anything. Wexlers pastrami is amazing. Sticky Rice is great. Madcapra, Belcampo, Ramenhood. I had an amazing bowl of chili at a new place that was doing sandwiches and other stuff, forget the name.
I just had lunch at Chego, first time I've been there. OMG, it's so fucking rich. I had the pork belly and the fries, I feel disgusting. I feel the same way I felt after trying Eggslut. The food was good, but by the time I was finished I knew I'd probably never return. It's just too over the top - too much sour cream, too much cheese, too much oil, too much sauce.
I wore Dior Leather Oud yesterday. I bought a largish decant of this a few years ago, and immediately regretted it. I was expecting something very raw and animalistic in the vein of Montale Oud Cuir Arabie, but instead this struck me as more sweet, powdery, brassy. Something about the balance of notes rubbed me the wrong way, I had to wash it off almost immediately. After a few more cautious and failed approaches, I just put it away. I dug it out yesterday and decided to...
That site is terribly designed - I can never find anything.
Which ones are those?
By the way, I just got a pair of BBBF chinos on eBay for $55 - they're kind of amazing - button fly with all MOP buttons, over constructed all around. The cut is conservative but in a way I like - high waisted, slim but not skinny. There's a bunch left on eBay still I believe.
I think it's on sale because they're discontinuing it. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/06/fashion/brooks-brothers-discontinuing-black-fleece-collection.html
Isn't black fleece defunct? I guess you can find it on eBay still.
I wore Tauer L'ADDM yesterday. I have a decant with a roll on applicator, and I always have the same experience with this one - I basically dab the applicator onto my chest one time - just a single dab, not even a roll - and I'm completely infused with the scent all day, and the next day too, until I shower. Powerful stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: