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I ordered a sample of Lonesome Rider. I almost went for a bottle but he says right there on the blog he recommends against blind buying. I should get the sample in plenty of time to take advantage of the special offer before it's gone.
This thread gives me crazy outerwear envy. It's going to be over 80 today, inching up toward the 90 over the next week. I'm hitting the beach, then wearing my tss floral vines shirt to a super bowl party this afternoon.
I had the shaker bottle years ago and I sold it. I always found Bel Ami to be too strong for me, though I'd have probably warmed up to it by now. I wore Borneo 1834 last night, I'm still enjoying it this morning before my shower.
That cape is amazing
I went to the Beverly Hills store today and picked up a pair of brown chelsea boots on sale. I was wary of their shoes, but they look to be reasonably well made and they fit well. I also had a $100 gift card that I got for attending a COS event a few months ago, so there's not much risk involved. A few things I noticed - everything runs bigger than I expected (except the shoes). There was a black wool bomber that I almost picked over the boots, and the 42 was huge, the 40...
Seems fishy that there are no Parker fits in the top 100
Blue front, white middle and red back.
Another fashion memory from that era is going to the Van's store in Corona del Mar and ordering custom sneakers. You could specify the color of any canvas panel.
Did you ever shop at At Ease in Fashion Island? I remember getting my polos and topsiders there in the 80's.
Maybe refined was the wrong word. There's something about the relationship between the opening notes (refined?) and the base notes that don't blend easily.
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