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After trying for the past few years to identify with a club team, I finally realized that I couldn't just pick a random team to like. All of my teams are LA teams, in football I'm just a fan of good players, good play, good games. I hope to start going to MLS games this year and maybe I'll take a shine to the Galaxy. I also like to follow the Americans that end up in Europe, if Yedlin ends up at Roma I'll take an interest in them.
I ended up putting two decants of rose 31 into the swap box a few years ago. I liked it then suddenly I hated it. Then I was at a dinner a few months back and was sitting next to someone that was wearing an intriguing scent that I knew but couldn't place. I finally asked and it was rose 31 (layered with something I forget now). Scents take on such different characters depending in context, distance and how strongly they're applied. On me I get a harsh, flat, unbalanced ...
For that matter, the Ralph Lauren store and brooks brothers on rodeo drive carry lots of nice shoes.
I like a white tee and jeans or chinos, I wear something like that pretty often, but I don't like that Braidkid outfit. I remember liking his style overall but that one is too tight and the shoes are too dressy.
I have a couple sweaters (Pringle) which my dad bought in the 60's and which I started wearing in the 80's that I still wear. I bought my first pairs of modern selvedge jeans in about 1998-99 - one pair of LVC 47's that are worn out, and a pair of Denime that I still wear. I have a Dries suit I bought in around 2002 but it's not that great, though I still wear it on occasion. My style has evolved but it hasn't changed in a major way for a long time.
I always thought santal noble had a real funk to it, fecal even, but I used up my decant long ago so I can't revisit it now.
The silhouette (if not the pattern) of that 3rd Yohji fit would look good on Stitches.
I've been using both wiziwig and firstrowsports.eu
But the shoe is marked 8.5D on the inside, so I think the listing is incorrect and it's actually an 8.5D US, 8E UK. IIRC the RLPL EG's are marked with the US size on the inside.
Nothing Ochoa was gonna do about that one
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