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Paid by the employer though, right? Or does it go both ways?
Guisados is fantastic.
That place rules
That's an odd comparison - their styles are pretty different I think.
I like that collection a lot, Mohawk General Store or South Willard should stock this.
Are you sure you're talking about Yatagan?
I might be in for a Grand Central run, I'm around.
Whoa, Lightning Bolt - that logo was plastered all over my childhood. Did someone buy the company and revive the brand or was it in steady operation all this time?
The hidden collar pocket is an interesting detail. It was common in East West Musical Instruments jackets, which was a San Francisco made brand in the early 70's that catered to the local rock & roll scene and which is very collectible today. I wonder if he's familiar with those? I suppose he is.
New Posts  All Forums: