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Love the Fuuma flarez fit, that one is just about perfect. The 2nd one - I'm not liking the way the pants are stacking on the boots. Something about creased trousers and stacks looks off to me.
I have a bunch of vintage Scottish cashmere - Lyle & Scott, Alan Paine, Pringle, Ballantyne, etc. You can find that stuff on eBay and etsy pretty cheap, though I mostly got my stuff in person from vintage dealers at stores and flea markets.
I had a wine colored "Drifter" model that I sold years ago, which I've long regretted. I inherited another one from my father in law. It looks like this reproduction from South Paradiso Leather except mine is whiskey colored. It's also too tight across the shoulders, so I never wear it.
You can get MTO navy moleskin pants from Epaulet, presumably in any of their cuts.
I don't get the hate. If you don't like them, don't use them. Seems like they're pretty transparent about offering the lowest possible prices by making everything a la carte. Of course their service sucks.
Where is that mural? I don't recognize.
I brought it to a dinner party last night and it's still going strong today.
Polos can definitely look good - I've seen it with my own eyes! EFV posts a couple good examples. GetSmart used to post all the time in this thread, ages ago, and he had a mean mod style.
[[SPOILER]] What is that MA-1?
I'm wearing Jules today, but I also put on a shirt from a few days ago that smelled of Caron Poivre, and by happy accident I found a nice mixture. Together they're almost like Aramis or Bel Ami.
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