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Man, ghostface. All the pieces are fucking dope but none of them stand out on their own because they're blended into a perfectly balanced melange of dopeness.
I grew up in Laguna and go there regularly, so none of the LA beaches really do it for me. There are some pretty beaches in Malibu, no doubt, but the beaches in the Santa Monica Bay are all pretty gross, relatively. But it's still the beach, I'd rather be there than the valley on a hot day...
Love those Niche linen shirts
Is it widely available? I'd like to check it out.
Also check out La Villa Cafe on the corner of Chevy Chase and Brunswick, down the street from El Sauz. Really good hole in the wall, and super cheap.
Dyer and Jenkins downtown? They only have a web store but I emailed them once and you can visit their warehouse to try stuff on. I never made it down there but they were pretty responsive. Or lvc 501 repros if you can find those in his price range.
I dig the clodhoppers - what are they?
Why are you guys having such a hard time cleaning your french press? It takes about 20 seconds.
Also, speaking of #yuppiehipster tacos, I ate at Guerrilla Tacos recently - totally worth the hype.
Have you been to the new Centeno place? Your critic raved about it.
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