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I think a polo would look better sized up 1 or 2 and worn loose and buttoned to the top.
I've half heartedly supported a few different Premiere League clubs - Spurs, Everton - but that isn't anything like being a fan. My allegiances are too easily shifted. It's nothing like my feelings for the Dodgers - I have no rooting interest in any other baseball team. If a real American star emerges and becomes strongly affiliated with a Euro club, that will probably be my team. Or if Magic Johnson buys a team over there I might be persuaded.
After trying for the past few years to identify with a club team, I finally realized that I couldn't just pick a random team to like. All of my teams are LA teams, in football I'm just a fan of good players, good play, good games. I hope to start going to MLS games this year and maybe I'll take a shine to the Galaxy. I also like to follow the Americans that end up in Europe, if Yedlin ends up at Roma I'll take an interest in them.
I ended up putting two decants of rose 31 into the swap box a few years ago. I liked it then suddenly I hated it. Then I was at a dinner a few months back and was sitting next to someone that was wearing an intriguing scent that I knew but couldn't place. I finally asked and it was rose 31 (layered with something I forget now). Scents take on such different characters depending in context, distance and how strongly they're applied. On me I get a harsh, flat, unbalanced ...
For that matter, the Ralph Lauren store and brooks brothers on rodeo drive carry lots of nice shoes.
I like a white tee and jeans or chinos, I wear something like that pretty often, but I don't like that Braidkid outfit. I remember liking his style overall but that one is too tight and the shoes are too dressy.
I have a couple sweaters (Pringle) which my dad bought in the 60's and which I started wearing in the 80's that I still wear. I bought my first pairs of modern selvedge jeans in about 1998-99 - one pair of LVC 47's that are worn out, and a pair of Denime that I still wear. I have a Dries suit I bought in around 2002 but it's not that great, though I still wear it on occasion. My style has evolved but it hasn't changed in a major way for a long time.
I always thought santal noble had a real funk to it, fecal even, but I used up my decant long ago so I can't revisit it now.
The silhouette (if not the pattern) of that 3rd Yohji fit would look good on Stitches.
I've been using both wiziwig and firstrowsports.eu
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