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Estee Lauder has done a great job with their own lines, I'm not at all worried that have bad ideas for Malle or Le Labo.
I've never been able to find a bottle of Tiffany.
They had a roll on bottle out as a tester and I rolled a lot of juice onto my hand and wrist and, for one, it seemed kinda sweet and maybe even slightly synthetic at first blush. Then, it started to lose it's structure almost immediately, and seemed to be completely gone within 20 minutes. I don't know what the deal was but I was sampling a lot of scents so that could have played a role, but none of the other samples (that I liked) were fading away so quickly. I visited a...
I went to the Scent Bar today and sniffed a bunch of stuff. I thought for sure I'd pick up a 10 ml bottle of the "Tauerville" Rose Flash but I was surprised to find that I didn't really like it. I did find a few things that really appealed to me. Fazzolari's Lampblack is pretty interesting, I'd like to spend some more time with that one. I also tried Tom Ford's Noir de Noir and that's spectacular, but also really freaking expensive. I tried to buy a bottle of Knize Ten...
I think the criticism of that kg fit is misguided. I get if you wouldn't wear that yourself, or that you'd style it more conservatively, for any number of reasons, but it's hard to say that it's not a coherent look or that he fails to pull it off.
Is Goutal's Vetiver still available? That one is pretty interesting.
It was over 90 degrees (again) here today and I pretty much bathed in Declaration. I like wearing a heavy dose of something in hot weather, especially if I'm going to mostly be alone all day.
I got to sample some scents from a new niche line that's being launched in June and I have to say, I was impressed. I smelled two roses, one in particular that I think will be very popular, and a lovely lavender that seems to be a modern take on Pour Un Homme. I don't think I can say more but if there's some press about the line I'll link to it.
Like banning some of the most interesting chords from music.
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