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Do you have any idea what she likes? Any particular flowers that are her favorites? Do you know what perfumes she has typically worn in the past? We'll need something to go on.
I sniffed Bruno Fazzorlari's Lampblack at the Scentbar a few weeks ago - it's a vetiver and it's pretty intresting. Also I think everyone should try Goutal's vetiver if you can find it - it's got a very salty, seaweed vibe that puts you right on the beach.
Not everybody wears it that way. I wouldn't. This reminds me of Thom Browne - I think it was GetSmart that bought a Thom Browne suit, but tailored it to his own liking, and it looked awesome. You don't need to wear it like Thom does, nor do you need to size down on your EG jackets. But anyway, CD doens't only wear EG, this was a general comment about how to think about silhouette and your own body type.
I think one recurring thought I've had about your fits is that you have your style and pieces fairly dialed in but you could work on silhouette. The way you wear these pieces tends to shrink your top and emphasize the bulk in your legs. I think the simplest way to address this would be finding broader-shouldered jackets, or looser fitting volumes for the top half. Sizing up one and then tailoring the sleeve length might even do the trick.
I love a cream linen suit but I'd prefer one without some of the fussy details - hacking pockets, ticket pocket. And then pair it with lighter colored shoes, dirty bucks, sand suede, or tan calf.
I like shortish shorts, in the 70's vein, since I grew up wearing those OP corduroy short shorts. I can't support your cargo fetish.
I actually wore flip flops (thongs in the local parlance), shorts and t-shirt today while working alone from home on a 90 degree day. I don't think anybody needs to see a picture.
The point is, this is a style forum, for people who are interested in fashion and style. Your picture is off topic, it's not something the group can learn from, comment on, whatever. If you're interested in the topic - style/fashion - and want to contribute, that particular entry isn't helpful.
I keep finding Kent Wang on random websites - see the photo credit here on this boingboing.com article about a London Korean restaurant. http://boingboing.net/2015/04/27/innocent-restaurant-review-que.html
I like it open but it doesn't look bad buttoned - you can change it up depending on the weather.
New Posts  All Forums: