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Stitchy - that suit is awesome, I love the cut and the color. How in the hell did you get it tailored so fast?
To take your own first example, how did this start? Did you already know one another?
Noir Epices last night and it lasted into today. I really like this one - I know it gets mixed reviews from some but on me the spices blend with a an overripe orange note that really blooms over time into something a lot deeper and stranger than the scent I get on first applying.
It has a lot of fans but I found it too heavy and sweet. It's a big, sweet powdery rose with a strong undercurrent of oud, very much in the house style. If you're familiar with the other montales in the oud line and like them, you'll probably like this one too. The only one among those I really love is the Oudh Cuir Arabie.
This is the best advice on that fit. Getting those pants tapered from the knee to the ankle would make a world of difference.
We need a separate tobacco, coffee, tea, beer, booze and wine blowhard wanker thread. I think we all have lots to contribute.
Still hoping to see a pic of the taninos being worn - curious about the silhouette.
Dirty? Vodka? Blue cheese olives? I don't know where to begin.
I can't remember or find - are there any pics of people wearing Buttero sneakers in this thread?
Well, FWIW I was being serious and not sarcastic in my tone - everyone knows it terrible but seriously, whatever, there are lots of horror stories and lots of people who smoke all their life and never get sick. I smoke very occasionally (like 3 cigs a month). Sadly (and more relevant to the thread), cigarettes remain and awesome prop/accessory and seem to always look cool.
New Posts  All Forums: