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I dig those Monitaly striped pullovers. Also think that OS color block panel knit is pretty cool - don't think I've seen it mentioned in the thread.
I think that looks like a Niche tag in that sweatshirt. Also looked like some new Niche shirts in those winter styling shots gdl poasted a day or two ago.
Swaggy P looks like he'd post in the waywt thread
Gray sweater? what's the coat? Referring to the c4 pic
Has anyone seen this short film for Juniper Ridge - it's on the homepage. Man this cracked me up. It's like, peak Brooklyn/Portland. The first time I saw it was on tumblr and it took a while for me to realize it wasn't a parody, like the Vena Cava "Fashion Film." FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.
You need to understand how different all modern produce and livestock is from the wild stuff it's derived from.
Are there any farmed foods, animal or vegetable, that aren't genetically engineered?
7th grade for me started in 1980! I was wearing ralph lauren polos, vans and OP shorts. edit: actually vans was 6th grade. I was onto top siders and stans in 7th.
I was talking about Bulgari Black, though I'd like to try Dries.Two other scents that had the same effect on me are the two discontinued and revered Helmut Lang scents. To me they were both headache in a bottle. Another one is Costume National Scent.
New Posts  All Forums: