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I like that collection a lot, Mohawk General Store or South Willard should stock this.
Are you sure you're talking about Yatagan?
I might be in for a Grand Central run, I'm around.
Whoa, Lightning Bolt - that logo was plastered all over my childhood. Did someone buy the company and revive the brand or was it in steady operation all this time?
The hidden collar pocket is an interesting detail. It was common in East West Musical Instruments jackets, which was a San Francisco made brand in the early 70's that catered to the local rock & roll scene and which is very collectible today. I wonder if he's familiar with those? I suppose he is.
Stitches - I think the light jacket/darker pants thing is always a challenge to pull off. I have some very pale grey flannel trou - those or cream flannels would work best with that jacket I think. Or tan twills or something in the light shade family.The medium-dark grey kinda steals that jacket's cheery thunder, or contrasts in a way that diminishes both. It's not bad really, just kinda blah.
All trader joe's are designed for maximal frustration - too little parking with impossible ingress and egress from the lot, narrow aisles, too crowded. Even most of the new stores are like this. I think the only one I've been to without these issues is the newish store in Newport Coast.
This is great - I love vintage printed shirts and have several in my closet, but my favorite ones have mostly been worn out and tossed. I have one now that's on it's very last legs, with the collar and cuffs fraying badly. That's the problem with vintage, and maybe part of the charm, but a lot of those pieces end up having limited use because of their age.
Are there any US stores? There are a lot of cool pieces in there.
Man, ghostface. All the pieces are fucking dope but none of them stand out on their own because they're blended into a perfectly balanced melange of dopeness.
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