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Suarez isn't a "good striker," he's a goal scoring savant. At least he has been for the past year or so.
Who wouldn't be? I was telling my buddy during the match that the US could make the semifinals with him up front.
Man, Suarez - that dude is an evil genius. That motherfucker just had knee surgery.
Of course not. But it's still a huge PITA, then you send out second chance offers to the runners up who never respond for some reason, and you have to file your grievances with ebay. And it's not clear to me what the repercussions are for the offenders.
I don't sell much on eBay but a few months ago I sold 5 things and 2 buyers didn't pay. That had never happened to me before.
you lost me here
Is wooster talking to anna dello russo?
Styleforum has an illustrious history of "honoring" name change requests.
I like that pair of giant jeans that he rebuilt down to his own size - that's a project I'd like to try myself.
I was thinking the same thing - I wear khaki a lot, and more cazh less biz than Tira even, but I am getting to be an old man and I may look less cool than I think I do.
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