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I wear button down collars with suits more often than not, even in very conservative situations. In the US button down collars are completely appropriate with conservative suits.
I once saw a bottle of Declaration at a woman friend's house and teasingly asked if her boyfriend left it there. It was actually hers, she had no idea it was a man's scent (I don't think she believed me actually, even though I told her it was appropriate for any gender despite the marketing), and went so far as to say she couldn't imagine a man wearing it. I think some people imprint a gender on a scent for reasons that have nothing to do with how it smells, then they...
Funny. To me No. 5, or any floral with lots of aldehydes, is extremely "perfumey" and fem. Those and the big white florals like Carnal Flower are like the only scents that scan specifically feminine to me, though I will wear some, especially a rose based aldehydic floral (like Iquitos - though that's marketed to men). Shalimar, otoh, is just citrus and vanilla Guerlinade - so close to other Guerlains like Jicky, similar to a lot of modern amber scents. Nothing about it...
You don't often see gold bowler hats like that.
I wore Mr. Blass today. Pretty good, especially the dry down. Not wild about the opening.
501s have always been tapered. Are they selling an extra tapered version?
I've never been able to warm up to Patchouli 24. Something about it is off-putting.
Has it been that long?
Yeah I know, gonna have to play hooky and hit the beach on Friday.
Way better than I expected. And darker than I expected - I thought it would be a sitcom.
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