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At a 6 year old bday party, dadcore denim stylez. I was instagrammed by a friend.
Ahhh - you correctly guessed my confusion there.
Love the texture of that kamakura - is that their chambray or do they do a denim?
^^^ I really like that one, hope to pick up a bottle one day.
If you can lengthen and shape the leg a bit (Like slimmer at the thigh and the gentlest of flares below the knee) like Parker suggests that would be cool, but if that's not possible I think tapering is a safer bet. I can't tell how those pants were cut exactly but they're a bit boxy as is.
American Apparel had denim shirts in every wash from dark to light an in between, but they aren't western in cut or styling. There are usually a lot of cool denim western shirts on eBay if you don't mind...
Do you have any idea what she likes? Any particular flowers that are her favorites? Do you know what perfumes she has typically worn in the past? We'll need something to go on.
I sniffed Bruno Fazzorlari's Lampblack at the Scentbar a few weeks ago - it's a vetiver and it's pretty intresting. Also I think everyone should try Goutal's vetiver if you can find it - it's got a very salty, seaweed vibe that puts you right on the beach.
Not everybody wears it that way. I wouldn't. This reminds me of Thom Browne - I think it was GetSmart that bought a Thom Browne suit, but tailored it to his own liking, and it looked awesome. You don't need to wear it like Thom does, nor do you need to size down on your EG jackets. But anyway, CD doens't only wear EG, this was a general comment about how to think about silhouette and your own body type.
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