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I wore Seyrig from Bruno Fazzolari yesterday. It's a big aldehydic floral, supposedly inspired by Bonnie & Clyde/Chinatown era Faye Dunaway. It's not normally my style, but I enjoyed it. I'm curious to sample the rest of his line, which I'll do over the next few days.
I went to the AIX Scent Fair at the Hammer Museum this afternoon. I really enjoyed it. I sampled dozens of fragrances, and I got a chance to meet and chat with several perfumers. Bruno Fazzolari, to mention one that's familiar to some of the people here, was a super nice guy. I ended up buying a sample set from him. Some other people I spoke with were the perfumers from Nobile 1842 - they have a scent called Fougere Nobile that I really liked. There was an Italian Line...
If you go to the drop down menu once you pick a color, you can order by size, or at the bottom of the size list you can choose adjustable. The adjustable are nice actually - leather strap with a brass buckle.
A heads up - I actually bought one of those but I returned it because the crown is completely unstructured and soft. You may like that but it wasn't what I was looking for.
I don't think Buterbaugh qualifies as a true indie - I see that as more the realm of the amateur perfumers that sell online. Tauer is an example of an indie that had a lot of success. Eric Buterbaugh is well known in certain circles as a celebrity floral designer. His partner, Fabrice Croise (the guy I met) is a fragrance industry veteran. Their packaging, branding, scent quality are all top notch. They had their scents made at Firmenich, by well known professional noses....
Has anybody heard of Eric Buterbaugh Florals? I actually met with Eric's partner last year because at the time I was looking at the business of perfume. I was super impressed with their line - the scents, the bottles and packaging, and the background of the guy I met with, who was very smart guy that had worked in the fragrance world in Europe for over 20 years. He gave me a small bottle of their lavender fragrance, which I gather from the website (www.ebflorals.com) is...
Ha, I've got like 3 sunbody hats bookmarked, and I was only hesitating on picking one because I wasn't sure how they looked IRL. One of the ones I'm eyeing is just like yours but in the oak colored palm.
What's the hat?
I happen to be wearing Incendo again today, and that one really calls the incense series to mind. I'd recommend that one, but I think Larrea is good too, and with that rainstorm note maybe you'd appreciate that element more than another smoky incense.Is this still only available from that store in San Francisco?
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