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I can look like a dirtbag when I need to.
You could also say the designer sneaker thing is a relatively new phenomenon, and they're just cycling through classic styles to knockoff.
I feel like you've been able to buy vans style knockoffs at Target/K-Mart/Payless for as long as I remember. But I'm definitely less attuned to trends than most of you guys, so I'm probably not that credible on this.
Love that seersucker - the elastic waist is a nice touch. Comfy style.
The vans moment is around 40 years old now but it's measured in geological time so moment is correct here.
Is he talking about those 'delgado' pants? I looked at those a bunch of times and kinda puzzled over how they'd fit. They look longer than I would have expected.
So I did go ahead and wear L'homme sage and it's still a tough wear for me. I'm not sure what note it is that bothers me - the lychee maybe, or the styrax (I don't know what that smells like so just guessing). It's the sweet, sharp note that's present at the opening and for me, inever seems to quiet down or go away to any degree. It seems very loud to me, such that I feel self conscious wearing this in public.
L'homme sage is one of those scents I really like but have a very hard time wearing. That may have changed, as I've gotten more comfortable with louder fragrances, but from my memories, it's always fatigued my nose during the course of the day. I still have quite a bit left in my decant so maybe I'll try this one soon. I wore Ambre Sultan yesterday. I've been wearing this pretty often lately, and maybe it's a good example of what I was just talking about. I've always...
I know somebody in the music business that has worked with Kanye, he gave me a rundown over a year ago of ways that he loses money. Basically by making crazy last-minute changes to sets, lighting costumes, schedules, staff, etc., and doing it all the time. I suspect his fashion business runs the same way.
New Posts  All Forums: