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I always thought of that one as a tobacco scent first, with the dried fruits complimenting. I had a bottle of it years ago, don't remember what I did with it.That's one of my sister's favorite scents. I bought her a bottle of the parfum for Christmas a few years ago.I wore Philosykos today - scorching hot in LA today while it blizzards back east. I also just got a new decant of Musc Ravageur in the mail. I sprayed some of this on my arm at Barneys a few weeks ago and was...
I'm so getting those.
I have some regular t's in that slub fabric. It's pretty see through in white. Not so in darker colors.
eBay and etsy
I have a few vintage Reyn Spooners, and I've even thrown out a couple in the last year because I'd worn them to threads. I my style has always hovered around that 60's surf ivy style - it was the common thrift store style of my early adolescence in 80's coastal Orange County.
Wearing it again today with a heavy application and the leather is super obvious now, it's really the most prominent part of the first stage. Now this reminds me a bit of Knize Ten, but more modern and without the florals. Like Knize it has a soft, warm, woody/spicy drydown. Really nice, too bad it's so expensive.
I'm wearing House of Matriarch Black No. 1. I applied it lightly, thinking it would be strong, but it's actually pretty transparent and I'll wear it a little heavier next time. It's a nice, woody/spicy oriental. Reminds me a little bit of a CdG Avignon. and there's something of classic Guerlain in there, especially at the end. Luca Turin mentioned Vol du Nuit in his review, but I don't know that scent very well (smelled it once or twice years ago), but it reminds me a bit...
I think you mean La Brea. Self Edge, American Rag, etc.
I felt it was my obligation to answer the question truthfully once I came to the page, saw the pics and the poll.
Layrite Bay Rum aftershave, since I shaved today for the first time in ages. It's a nice scent, but it disappears after a few hours.
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