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One way to think about the Galliano scent is to think of it as - Essence of Olivia Giacobetti, a perfumer I adore - and just remove the label! Who knows how much Galliano had to do with it anyway. Maybe he gets a licensing fee, which would suck. Unless you buy it used! Anyway, it's a nice scent.
Dyptique Essence of John Galliano today. This is a room spray but I wear it on my body, not sure if they still make this or not. This has a distinct creosote/birch tar smokey note that gives way to a spicy incense, but there's also a light, soapy note (lavender? maybe frankincense from reading other things online) underlying the composition which makes the scent way more transparent and friendly than it might sound. If you can still find this I recommend it to anyone that...
But there is no provision about the early 80's like you mentioned before. If you buy a house today, it will be assessed at the purchase price, and the taxes will not increase more than the restricted 2% per year, no matter how much the house appreciates in value.The rate in CA isn't particularly high - it's 1% plus whatever local bonds and voter approved assessments you have. In Texas it's over 3%, and they reassess every year. So while $28K is a lot in absolute terms, but...
Huh? Prop 13 applies to all houses in the state. You pay on the value of the house at the time of purchase, and it increases a fixed amount (well less than actual inflation - limited to 2%) every year. The only reason your parent's house could have been re-assessed is if they did a major remodel. In that case the assessment is increased by the value of the improvements, as indicated by the building permits.
Tam Dao supposedly smells authentically of true sandalwood, but to me it doesn't smell like other sandalwood scents, it smells more like cedar. I should add that I've never smelled the Le Labo Santal, so I'm not helping at all. But the note that I think of as sandalwood from Santal Noble, or 10 Corso Como or Bois des Iles, isn't really the note I get from Tam Dao.
I love Philisykos, which is fig scent. It's not a gourmandy fig, more of a fig tree kind of scent.
I got some samples from Auphorie and I've been trying them out the last two days. Yesterday I wore Etermal Voyage. I'm actually wondering if they mislabeled this sample and it's actually Regal Secret (which I didn't order), because I was sure there was a pineapple note in this and that's not listed in the notes for EV, but it is in RS. In any case, I'm not a fan. I'm not crazy about tropical fruit scents, and this one transition to a dense sweet incense, and it feels too...
I asked my friend who would know and he said the daughter is trying to relaunch, that's all the info he had though.
Yeah my only thought was vintage Brioni. Or have Chan make you something. I imagine the flares they made you was a little out of their wheel house.
It's relatively cool in LA right now, so maybe Tuscan Leather would mellow out a bit more if it was warm out, or if I was sweating on the dance floor. I can appreciate the humor of the coke note, I just want the scent to mellow out at some point. I have the same issue with Yatagan. Those big scents are ostensibly cold-weather wears, but they sometimes work better if you can sweat a bit, which helps them to develop.
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