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That's got to be a different coat entirely, right? I don't see patch pockets on the lookbook coat.
CdG series one Tea is a pretty hardcore smokey lapsang souchong scent. I'm not sure if it's still in production but I associate the scent with a fun ex so maybe my impressions are colored. I know it was a polarizing scent.
I've been riding an '83 Trek 600, it's basically original.
Kingdom - I thought I'd like it from the descriptions but it's way way WAY too dense and overbearing. Sweet, spicy, stinky in the extreme - it's like the deathmetal of funky perfumes. Kids these days. I'm wearing Declaration today.
What about Bestia? I've heard good things. edit: Ok, saw you mentioned that, forget it.
I used up the last of my Poivre Samarcande today. My decant had a visible little reservoir of juice left in the bottom but none would spray out, so I opened it up and poured it onto myself. There was a reasonable amount left in there, and it ended up defeating the normally poor longevity with this one - it's still going hours later.
Maybe cuz I'm old and from Socal I have a soft spot for that old school cholo low rider style.
How about zig-zag/winos? They're under $20 at my local army navy store, so they're practically disposable. There are ebay sellers too.
I wear Eau d'hermes and Eau sauvage all the time!
I actually haven't a scent from either one. I'm kinda stuck about 7 or 8 years in the past - I stopped keeping up with new houses and scents around that time, with a few exceptions.
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