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The hoodie is great. The material is heavy and soft, the cut is relaxed, the hood is oversized. I got the grey, wish I'd ordered a second in white or black because it looks like they're gone already. I know the shoes are polarizing on here, but I like them. They're like chucks, but cheaper, more interesting design, and completely without logos or markings, which I prefer. The sizing is weird. I got an 8.5, which is just about right, though they're a little narrow. I'd be a...
That article is unfortunate, and Manton actually comes off pretty well in talking to the reporter, and sounding rather vulnerable and sincere (which is the way he often sounds here, too). I don't agree with on much politically, but I do like him because of that sincerity, and his obvious intelligence, and I admire his writing. I guess I read stuff like this all the time about people that I don't "know," and I think nothing of it, but it feels cheap to mock him for liking...
I ordered a pair of the white hi-tops and a hoodie, but I'm having them sent to the Beverly Center store for pick up so I can return them right away if I don't like them or if they don't fit. I should be able to see part of the collection there in person when I pick them up, too.
Speaking of which, seems like most of the old soul train performances are lip synch, but some are really live. Not sure if it's a matter of when, or if it depends on the artist. I think it's the former.
Who's the French sweatshirt maker?
That size chart is different than the one on the NMWA site by about 1" in the waist. Not to stir the pot or anything, but I was looking at those black tapered too, and that inch makes a difference. How wide are the black Monitaly jeans at the hem?
[[SPOILER]] -TTOWhat are those shoes?
I'm letting mine go wild. It's trending toward this but with lots of gray.
On those Grose MTO's, can they do things like delete the chest pockets on the clubman? Or delete the pocket zippers? Or is it strictly pick the leather and lining?
Tencel is made from wood.
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