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Well i had to pass on the Buday shoes,seems they would have to strangle 2 horseees azzes to get me into a pair,i ain't worthy,i like horseees too much. Mr Ed was a pleasure to deal with and everyone without freakish sized feet should order a pair ,or some ties,pants from his great establishment.
These are amazing shoes..i emailed Buday and it's a no go shipping to Canada,i just now emailed Panta Clothing and i'll see if they will place an order in their next order with Buday,i can seea collection of these in my shoe closet.
Service shmervice...a hiking boot with this leather would be incredible.
Actually these just scream Viberg!!!!!..No one will ever ask"are those Vibergs".They in your face Vibergs! They're pretty awesome.
I think it's the wide angle lens,these whisky cordovans are a sz 8?maybe 8.5?…i tried photoing a pair of bobcats in size 15 at that angle and they make these look like a sz 2. Did someone mention a group order of #66 hikers in that marvellous Loden green with fire n ice sole?
That's cool...i payed 420 and every time I put on my boots I feel I only payed for one and got the other thrown in for free.
Ohhh I remember reading about a pop up show in NY...these are some great boots and I need more.
I have a question about the Mocha Oil Tan Viberg hiker on the website..are the size 14 an E width?..also the price is US even if purchased in Canada?,,I emailed and there's no response..maybe my US fund question was offensive?..any chance of getting this same makeup with a fire and ice vibram sole?
The #66 Hiking boots..My third winter,they felt great out of the box but now feel like they're painted on my feet.
Update on Vibergs and winter ice n slush…These are the stickiest boots,shoes,tires i have ever worn..Toyo winter tires have nothing on these fire n ice soles.they're nuts on ice,like walking in the summer,i have not slid once! Also they are super comfortable,i lovem so much.
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