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Do you guys recommend a brand in the range of Alden or Allen Edmonds that has a more modern looking captoe than say, AE's Park Avenue? What shade of brown do you recommend for a navy suit? I work at a consulting firm, so I would like it to be a little more on the conservative side (and I know brown is not the most formal color).
so you've got a sense of humor huh?
I know they are multiple thread out there about leather gloves, but it is discussed in them few things other than leather or bespoke vs rtw, so for winter's sake, I created this thread. Which details make gloves more elegant/casual? Do the three "points" in the back give them a more classic look than a smooth back or is it just a matter of personal preference? What about length? Thumb styles? Quirks? Other than weather, what should define your choice of lining (or no...
Do you think a RLPL white linen PS is noticiable better than, say, a $20 Kent Wang one?
Agree, although I would add quality construction in the list as well. Try to get bespoke or at least MTM.
You have to work a bit on that sense of humor
I already own a pair of AEs Park Avenue and some other formal shoes, but I wanted something I can wear with jeans. I was thinking about these shoes which can be had for $155. I'm 23 btw. Opinions?
I'm planing to order some MTM shirts, any opinions out there?
What is your preference regarding french cuffs style? This is regarding rounded FC, mitred FC or square FC. I hear some people say rounded french cuffs help avoid the cuff being caught up in the sleeve of the jacket, but I never experience this problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow There's a thread for questions and answers. If you don't want to use that, at least start a single thread with your questions about shirts. To answer the question: it depends on what type of collar you want. Button down - soft, others - stiff. I think this is the only thread about shirts I have started. And I'm sorry about the questions and answers thread, I just wanted to know where SF stands regarding this.
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