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Do you guys recommend a brand in the range of Alden or Allen Edmonds that has a more modern looking captoe than say, AE's Park Avenue? What shade of brown do you recommend for a navy suit? I work at a consulting firm, so I would like it to be a little more on the conservative side (and I know brown is not the most formal color).
so you've got a sense of humor huh?
I know they are multiple thread out there about leather gloves, but it is discussed in them few things other than leather or bespoke vs rtw, so for winter's sake, I created this thread. Which details make gloves more elegant/casual? Do the three "points" in the back give them a more classic look than a smooth back or is it just a matter of personal preference? What about length? Thumb styles? Quirks? Other than weather, what should define your choice of lining (or no...
Do you think a RLPL white linen PS is noticiable better than, say, a $20 Kent Wang one?
Agree, although I would add quality construction in the list as well. Try to get bespoke or at least MTM.
You have to work a bit on that sense of humor
I already own a pair of AEs Park Avenue and some other formal shoes, but I wanted something I can wear with jeans. I was thinking about these shoes which can be had for $155. I'm 23 btw. Opinions?
any coupons available nowadays?
I'm planing to order some MTM shirts, any opinions out there?
What is your preference regarding french cuffs style? This is regarding rounded FC, mitred FC or square FC. I hear some people say rounded french cuffs help avoid the cuff being caught up in the sleeve of the jacket, but I never experience this problem.
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