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Quote: Originally Posted by kappy Anyone know any place that sells some CP w. discounts? (dont feel the yellow ones at Yoox) Yeah, WrongWeather has a bunch of them on Sale, not a massive size range but there down to around 140 euro. Hope that helps...
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl forum member kvc has a pair coming in so when he gets them you can ask a fist hand owner i have some geller things and i find it to be great quality. some cuts are all over the map ive found but in the case of the flight pant it seem pretty straight forward. just order you true waist size. Hey thanks Snowman!! Appreciate it, guess I'm gunna go ahead and order .
Hi, Does anyone no if there are any stockists for Robert Geller in the UK? I'm interested in the Flight Pants, but would rather not order from the US if possible... Found these on Blackbird. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Also any thoughts on the quality of Geller in general as I've never been able to judge for myself, are they worth the money?? Thanks
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