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Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus .. IMO.. Jacket - shoulders too small - see divots - chest of coat too tight - size up - lapel width is in keeping with the slim style Shirt - something not right about the collar size - I prefer collar points no visible Tie - knot is too BIG for the slim style - tighten not Frames - burn em
It's time Over dinner last week in HKG EthanDesu, Gazman & I agreed that it's time for Panerai again - especially the historic or non-complicated models. *rode to cafe & as it is winter down here in the Antipodes, gloves for warmth
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos tone, PJ travel to ADL. No need to go to SYD/MEL. - correct & not to labour the point, but please stop PM or emails me for deets on P Johnson as I am just a customer. - why is it so hard for some of you to go direct? This was the same with Herringbone - I would get PMs or emails about availability of size or stock?
Plan your day so as to not RUN.. I have just come back from 2 weeks in HKG where it was 30c & >80% humidity at midnight. I packed only linen & cotton - nothing tight fitting & no socks. The other item of note is that UNIQLO make fantastic HiTec underwear that wicks moisture away from the body. Edit: I did pack one pair of travel high performance wool pants
P Johnson Qs.. I'v just checked my SF PM box & there are over 10 PMs over the last month about P Johnson, ranging from time to delivery, cloth choice & $$$ May I just suggest you all to contact P Johnson as I am just a customer. If not, this has been covered in detail in the SF P Johnson thread. Sorry, I'm not about to answer all the PMs when a simple phone call will suffice. I assume some of you have also messaged me via the my bRog - just call Patrick (SYD) or Tom...
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar Love the check, which fabric? I am tossing up between a solid grey and a grey check for my next. - it can be overwhelming with the choices. http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/post/5...as-per-my-post - click on p Johnson tag in my bRog for details of all thing P Johnson Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin Curious full suit or just jacket either way very...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Im so proud.. - thanks Casper Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant You give good windowpane, pappy. - at 1st read I thought you said wood.. Quote: Originally Posted by Boswell Very good. Would look even better wtihout the bracelets, but that's just me. - correct, you are not alone Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Casual...
This AM - PAM210 snagged
Arrived back from HKG with a delivery from P Johnson at my office.. For the life of me, I can't find the P Johnson threak. For more details, you know where to find
Friday separates & back to the crisp air of Sydney & to please me not youse
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