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Too much cheese.. *some trivia at
The PS is the least of your worries..From top to bottom:- grow your hair as currently it is not flattering- shirt collar looks to tight hence sitting up- wider tie to balance out your lapels & face- tie clip needs to be worn lower, this is a functional piece not an ornament- jacket is too tight at waist- hard ti tell about the sleeve length as both are not balanced to your arms- pull your pants up as these are not jeans- shorten pant length- is there a reason why you...
The never ending face palm on this threak.. I don't understand why the hesitation to go & ask the source
Borderline flannel day.. * details @ you know where (I hope)
@ VicktorSF - great dinner suit! - may I suggest you get larger or wider collars as they are consistently letting you down
Sheesh - I didn't know there was so much science behind my fits.. I need Holdfast to step in & help. In all seriousness - nice summary as even I learn't from your analysis of my fits & anything that makes me taller is a BONUS!
I had a few "multi-quotes" cued up.. Then WTF.. Anyway old news. Monday blues Want details - you know where.
Friday - bringing some hate.. * details at you know where
Ladies - may I suggest we leave the back patting, fluffing (of cushions) & general Bukakke for the "thumbs up" icon + comment section. & leave actual comments for constructive discussion. Just a thought.
Last weeks of flannel - so going to be doubling up to make the most of it. * more at you know where..
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