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- CORRECTION = Your aim in life as a SF member is to get as much made for you & not rely on batch variation from OTR makers.- in the long term, items made for you will return in spades compared to all the OTR you buy at discount hoping to get a good fit.- as EarthDragon mentioned, a Ascot Chan or any bespoke (even MTM) will be on average less than the 1st or 2nd tier branded shirts out there.
- may I suggest you go into a reputable mens shoe shop that stocks English shoes & get sized up properly as a guide.- for example I vary nearly 1/2 size between,Edward Green 202 & 606 same, yet 1/2 size up with 888 lastsJohn Lobb 7000 is 1/2 size larger than 8000Anthony Cleverley is 1/2 size smaller than George CleverleyCrocket & Jones 337 is 1/2 size larger than 348Vass U is 1/2 size larger than F or New Peter last- also make sure when trying dress shoes that you walk in...
The links below each days pics are to posts about movement, colour &...
Also Michael Hill (who is staying on) has been designing the ranges for a few seasons now.
Friday Hard to tell, but the pants are pin cord cloth from Loro Piana ** FYI I've stopped answering PMs re details as I post links re details.. One like this & the other is in my signature..
Airforce > Navy * Feel like reading?
Loro Piana 4 Seasons wool/cashmere "gun check" flannel Loro Piana 4 Seasons wool/cashmere grey flannel Loro Piana "Zelander" More at
- lucky summer is around the corner.. Ariston cotton Solaro is where it's at
Not HKG.. PERIOD.. Other than The Armoury & some tailors.. Other than the few remaining SF iTriads.. It really is only a designer brand obsessed culture - preferably black clothing..
- it's not as easy as ABC hence the removed the price list. There are many factors to consider, from cloth choice to details.- IMO you can't get better value than P Johnson in Australia & in most parts of the world
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