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Window Cleaning Day Cussing Angry Birds *deets at you know where ** I am still failing at multi-quote & worse is all the members I chose to have hidden are back!
Getting closer to kick-off.. & I don't GAF if you don't like bracelets
Sheesh - I can't even decipher the html to multi-quote..
Breaking some rule & blowing some Meh Minds
Quote: Originally Posted by timotune I think the infamous "bathroom-shot" has to return: - shirt collar is to big Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Damn it's hot today. - IMO your pocket shapes let you down, which I know is hard with OTR. Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 Today - you need more contrast between top & bottom Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS Just took...
Same coat as yesterday - this time paired with RAW denim jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 I feel like your tailor must deal in millimeters... notice the sleeves, how they are JUST on the edge of being too short... a millimeter more (1/16 of an inch for Americans) and they would be too short. - is there no other way? FWIW all my coat sleeves are the same length & this shirt is looser in the cuff (the expected shrinkage never happened )
Recent P Johnson commissions - will wear more later this week.. Jkt is part of a suit Pants are fine wale cord all Loro Piana cloth More deets at you know where.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley Post some 'ere. ;-) http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...=229772&page=7 - noted! even an old digger like me can't use the search function with out fear of.. Quote: Originally Posted by blahman ^^ What tie is that you are wearing Phat Guido? Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon It looks like a Gallo - correct, about 5 years...
End of 1/2 day at work & 1/2 day looking after my Niece & Nephew..
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