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- both cloths are Loro Piana 4 Season wool/cashmere
Not that simple as you need to factor in: - your proportion - leg, body & arm ratio etc. - your build - type of suit - cloth FWIW - I'm the same height. Have a click at all my suits for visual cues http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/tagged/WWIW
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Details & BS @ http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/tagged/WWIW
EG Westminster with suit JL2010 St Crepins with suit last week Or just go here http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/tagged/DubMunks
EG "Westminster" in Mole suede. 888 last & on Dainite JL "City II" in Pewter suede 7000 last
- Are you serious? Or just new around here?
I guess these are CBD
- CORRECTION = Your aim in life as a SF member is to get as much made for you & not rely on batch variation from OTR makers.- in the long term, items made for you will return in spades compared to all the OTR you buy at discount hoping to get a good fit.- as EarthDragon mentioned, a Ascot Chan or any bespoke (even MTM) will be on average less than the 1st or 2nd tier branded shirts out there.
- may I suggest you go into a reputable mens shoe shop that stocks English shoes & get sized up properly as a guide.- for example I vary nearly 1/2 size between,Edward Green 202 & 606 same, yet 1/2 size up with 888 lastsJohn Lobb 7000 is 1/2 size larger than 8000Anthony Cleverley is 1/2 size smaller than George CleverleyCrocket & Jones 337 is 1/2 size larger than 348Vass U is 1/2 size larger than F or New Peter last- also make sure when trying dress shoes that you walk in...
The links below each days pics are to posts about movement, colour &...
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