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- I see your point, but his price point is very competitive that it is a no brainer compared to what is available RRP in stores- being MTO, he does not carry any stock & prices vary on cloth availability- also being MTO there are many options to factor- finally the PJ business models is quite lean unlike retailers
GC "Bodie", Brown EG "Westminster", 888, Mole suede, Dainite EG "Dover", 606, Antique Edwardian JLC "City II", 7000, Pewter suede JLP "Phillip II", 7000, black calf JLP "2010 St Crepin", Misty Black Carmina DM, Inca Alden "LW", Barrie, #8 Shell Scotch Grain C&J "Belgrave", 337, Chestnut Antique
Bit hard since everything is MTO..
- both cloths are Loro Piana 4 Season wool/cashmere
Not that simple as you need to factor in: - your proportion - leg, body & arm ratio etc. - your build - type of suit - cloth FWIW - I'm the same height. Have a click at all my suits for visual cues
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Details & BS @
EG Westminster with suit JL2010 St Crepins with suit last week Or just go here
EG "Westminster" in Mole suede. 888 last & on Dainite JL "City II" in Pewter suede 7000 last
- Are you serious? Or just new around here?
I guess these are CBD
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