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The latest P Johnson in Loro Piana wool/cash gun check - same block as the chalk stripe, the only difference is the pocket choices
- I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder as the top grey suit is a 7/10 in my book as the fit/balance was still way off & there was only so much one can alter.- The tan suit is an OTR RL & is 1" too long on the body, the pocket & buttoning os also off as this was a 38R when I am usually 38S or 36R. The arm holes are also quite low as well as the vents.
Guido Agnelli seen in a cafe not near you..
5th day in a row & rain to continue for the weekend = disaster for the Wallabies v Springboks & I won't take it personally
Another day of rain.. Bad timing as I could not hear the shutter & the rain got too heavy for another shot I've enjoyed the banter between iammatt & holdfast as there is actual discussion & not the proverbial back patting.. FYI - the last weeks post of P Johnson suits & jackets are all the same cut, the variance is in cloth & pocket details. Interesting how the cloth choice changes the outcome or when the camera captures that nanosecond.
- OTR HB- FYI the lapel width is the same between the HB & PJ suits. Talking about lapel width, this has become a SF meme over the last 12 months & what one needs to factor in is the over all balance- what is hard to gauge is real world fit & movement which 2D photography cannot capture. Also good photography can make anything look good
- I did not say Armoury Team.- as discussed many times, Chan does not fit me & others I know IRL. Chan is still doing well, especially with the American market.- though they are now averaging 4 months for delivery
- well surmised & you are always add your weight in goldI like this much better than your previous PJ commissions, but am not sure it's at the level you were with your previous (HK?) tailor.[/quote]- Actually no, this is better than Chan could ever do for me. Each suit took on average 5 fittings, 2 of the suits they started again & after 5 suits I gave up. Compared to PJ where it is almost choose cloth & order.- Strange but everyone I know IRL (not via forum chat), will...
New PJ suit in Ariston flannel. Changed the block ever so slightly by reducing the front panels (see middle 1st button point, & then added the reduction to the rear to cover my back FAT. & added a besom ticket-pocket. Pants now have a higher rise & straighter leg. FWIW - my last 2 suits & pants did not require any extra adjustments - it was like picking up my dry-cleaning
Chalk & for the haters
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