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Ladies - may I suggest we leave the back patting, fluffing (of cushions) & general Bukakke for the "thumbs up" icon + comment section. & leave actual comments for constructive discussion. Just a thought.
Last weeks of flannel - so going to be doubling up to make the most of it. * more at you know where..
GMS FU Plaid day * more at you know where
- do I need to send over a photographer & not my Sistah as there is some really bad distortion going on..- is that shirt collar too big?& my BUKKAKE roll goes to :- easy TightBoy as my Niece (10) & Nephew (7) will have words with you as they are very protective of their Mom
My only comment regarding the last few pages of bad fluffing - members I have "blocked" come through in multi-quotes Where were we.. Oh, My Sistah wanted to join i as she also has her own tumblr (www.stoneleighgallery.tumblr.com) Now can we all play nice in the pit?
all these late nights watching le Tour is showing.. Home time & let's YELL for CADEL!!
I recently did when it was raining as I needed a free hand if one is holding the umbrella. So I used my Rapha Fixed Backpack - this is OK as it is water-proof & low in profile whilst able to carry my 15" MPB, camera & packable rain coat. http://www.rapha.cc/large-rapha-backpack Now I'm liking the freedom. Though I do agree about people using larger backpacks on public transport. But then I also use backpacks when travelling now.
- Patrick (Johnson is actually wearing a knit vest) & trust me he looks better than a lot of industry people posted here. I know as I was there on the day for a fitting & my sister took the photo for her blog (www.stoneleighgallery.tumblr.com)- May I suggest (as other have) you soften your tone unless you are 100% certain. We all have opinions, but the issue here is your track record as well as your few WAYW posts that are not helping your cause.
- that's it, I'm retiring now - thank you
New Posts  All Forums: