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Clean PAM #210
2" or 5cm - this is winter & I rotate between 5 pants & various shoes, but you get the versatility
Usual Mon to Fri summary: Mon Tue Wed - I crossed the line, but survived & won't be trying the Guido Wooster again.. Thu Fri * yes I have been wearing the same 4 suits through out winter
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
I guess this is CBD Mon Tue Deets & BS @ you know where..
FYI the Scabal suits are fused, not that there is anything wrong with that except for the price- as long as you tell them.- though I know of a SYD based SFer (that no longer posts) & his SYD based tailor got shirts & sports coats made up for them by Peter Lee in HKG then asked Peter to sew in "said" SYD based tailor.. Now that is poor form.. Funny as Peter just said sure & charged them like wounded bulls
- agreed, the SYD business is even bigger.- I struggle to get an apt unless booking 2 weeks in advance
- Tom has about 5 suits in total..
- less picky? I'm the master of MicroManagement as well documented here in SF & one of the originators of letting the cat out about PL.
FWIW - Peter Lee aka LeeBaron is very good for the price point & after the initial shirts as testers I have no problems for casual shirts. Ascot Chang is a step up, but damn the product is good for the price. I get better results from PL than WW Chan for 1/3 the cost.
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