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- I agree with you about the TB aesthetic and the overly tight style that is prevalent at the moment with the young, but most that know me will agree that I have always been anti-tight fit. All my jackets have enough room for 2 sweatersFYI - there's enough room under the jacket for me to wear a sweater.FWIW - this style is best closer in fit as opposed to those bomber style jackets of the 80s- I haven't stepped in a gym for almost a decade, though I do ride a lot (approx...
No chance as the quality of the photo was sub standard.FWIW - same cut as my earlier post with wife beside me.
Hope this helps. I usually button all but the bottom one or two FYI mine is a size S RLPL in navy suede
Hello Friday DETAILS: Shirt - UNIQLO S/Coat - Patrick Johnson "Napoli" line Navy Pantaloons - Patrick Johnson "Napoli" line Shoes - Tretorn x Sid Mashburn
Hello It's been some time and there's hardly any one I recognise from when I was active on StFo. Anyway as those that have followed me on my old tumblr page or either of my Instagram accounts will know, I haven't had to wear a suit since 2012 and mainly wearing casual if not on my road bike (Lycra) regular basis. But there are times that do call for me to wear a suit or a jacket at a minimum, so my WAYWRN posts will be not on a daily basis as before maybe for the next...
Nice to see the Aussie thread is still alive and informative
There's so many new faces, feel's like I'm in a new school. Will take some time to absorb the vibe in WAYWRN before posting. The quality has certainly picked up, fits and photography.
A week of no ties
- IMO if JLP, EG & Vass where to have a love child, StC would be the outcome.- StC though in my early experience are a few notches above EG/JL
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