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There's so many new faces, feel's like I'm in a new school. Will take some time to absorb the vibe in WAYWRN before posting. The quality has certainly picked up, fits and photography.
A week of no ties
- IMO if JLP, EG & Vass where to have a love child, StC would be the outcome.- StC though in my early experience are a few notches above EG/JL
Good to see some banter. Over the last year I have made a point of purging all shoes that don't fit or I just don't wear anymore to make room for a set of core basics from EG, JL, GC & StC. I have a 2 pairs of C&J that I call beaters for foul weather & travel. I have a few pairs of Alden & Tod's for smart casual. & now that I have the basics covered in my foot ware, the start for pieces that are to be worn maybe once month or when I feel like it such as the EGTD...
Got the call from Tom @ LeatherSoul My EGTD "Oundle" in cognac shell on 888 last ordered & delivered in 4 months, sheesh that's quicker than one can say G&G with no FUK UPS
I'm so SoRaroed that I had to wear again this week Now WTF happened in the last 24 hours! Is it safe to come back?
Me today & more at you know where
Ariston cotton Solaro Happy b/day Spoo & my Sistah thinks it's weird that I have e-friends..
Cross post as I don't know why we have 2 P Johnson threads.. iBlokes I posted earlier this week about my recent P Johnson commission with some notes detailing changes to my usual pattern for a classic grey suit. Con rollino V Spalla Camicia http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/post/11058463975/cover-your-ass-there-is-a-common-misconception Enjoy
New Posts  All Forums: