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For a german girl it´s pretty tough to get her hands on some overseas fashion(especially without putting them on first).... That´s why I order most of my stuff here.... by the way...are there any other germans in this Forum? If so, lemme know....PM ´s pleeze Mirja
My latest movie was the "Why we laugh". documentary about african-american Comedians during the evolution from earliest Slaveship-era until today. A very great view in the world of black comedy with tons of unssen footage by comedians like Richard Pryor,Eddie Murphy,Bill Cosby, Katt Williams and Dave Chapelle. I´ve always wondered about the fact that I somehow prefer black I know why! They´re just better)) Naw, just kidding......but most of them are!...
Since I was born a Star Wars Fangirl, I love everything about the Galaxy far,far away (except JarJar Binks,of course ). So, it just makes sense that I´ve read ALL Star Wars Books that have ever been released...right now I´m in the middle of this one here: Star Wars - Fate of the Jedi 04 Takes place in the era 45 years after the Battle of Yavin....Great book. But aren´t they all great somehow? To me they are ) Mirja
DAAAAAMN! This is the first time I hear about a new Batman Flick...... I´m from germany and we are a little Wasteland when it comes to news in this sector. Yeah, some Batman Movies I loved, some I´ve liked and only one I´ve hated! Cant wait for the new one to come out.... Mirja
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