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Sent you a PM about this.
Thanks, LVoer. Don't know why I didn't think of Roy myself since he is my go-to guy when it comes to shoe repair/resoling. As well as paying for the ability to try the overshoes on I'm willing to pay the "small-operator premium" at this store.
Can any Toronto-based forum members think of a b&m store here that carries options 2, 3, or 4? I think I'd like to try these on to make sure the size was right. -Carruthers.
As a buyer the only thing I've ever asked is that the declared value not include shipping. Also, from a Canadian perspective it seems that in the past few years taxes and the brokerage fee are being applied much less frequently, especially when the item is coming from the US via USPS (but also on my tailorstore shirts from Sweden). Rumour is that this is because Customs is concentrating more on security than generating revenue and obviously this may vary and could change...
"Well, these are nice but I don't think I'm ready to buy them today." And then purchased online--the next day if you want to be particularly strict about your honesty. Frankly, here in Canada where AEs are carried by two retailers (to the best of my knowledge) who both continue to mark them up as if the Canadian dollar were still worth US$0.75 (i.e. $400+) I don't see the problem. Charge a competitive price or I'll take my business elsewhere.
Stephen, nice shirt. I'm no expert but judging by the comparison between the shots with your arms straight--where the sleeve pools around your forearm--and the ones with your arms bent--where it still looks like you can spare some sleeve length--I would lean towards reducing length rather than cuff size. Which of the pink fabrics did you go with? You sadi that it's in the $50 range so I'm guessing the pink oxford? How do you like the "feel"? Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang How nice are their top "executive" level fabrics? Not sure. For my first shirt--especially because I wasn't working from an existing shirt--I went with one of their more inexpensive "Exclusive" fabrics. Specifically the Queenstown which is US$42 plus shipping. I think this fabric is quite nice, especially for the price, and has an interesting texture to it.
Received my first shirt from tailorstore on August 9. I paid for it on July 13 and it was marked as sent on their website on August 2, so it was about four weeks from placing the order to receipt. I took the measurements myself and had the shirt made from my body measurements, not from an existing shirt. I am very happy with the fit in the shoulders and sleeves (my principle reason for ordering custom) though I think I will add an inch or two in the waist and hips for...
I was under the impression that these sort of armbands are a holdover from the days when RTW shirts were even more generically-sized because everyone wore removable collars AND cuffs. Because sleeves were generally too long and one's jacket was more often left on all day I think they were used more widely than just by those operating printing presses. The best modern use of them I have seen was by the waiters at a fairly old-fashioned Toronto steakhouse who make...
Well, I offer: And just before delivering one of the best speeches of his career--the eulogy for President Reagan: -Carruthers
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