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You know when you see old photos of your dad with his ridiculous 80s fashion shades? That's what you'll look like to your kids in the future if you buy those blue-tinted glasses
I secretly like the idea that you started at post #1 and just came to this conclusion
Saw this and thought of Gosling. Make of that what you will.I like the shades.
Awesome fit and wholesome delivery! Anyone who didn't grin back is dead inside.This could only be topped by a jumping pic
Is JS a taboo topic? I'd be interested in feedback since I'm UK based so can't see what they're like first-hand.I've been looking for a bag/brief I can take to work that's a little more SW&D than MC.,default,pd.html?dwvar_NYRU0682_color=070&start=15&cgid=bags-briefcases
Thanks - look great!
can someone post a pic of these backpacks? I've not been accepted into the brotherhood yet.
how do the uniqlo OCBDs fit?
+1 (if "kill it" means the sneaks are bad... -1 if you mean the sneaks are good)
Slack Tide x NOBD
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