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Just spoke to Glenn at the Newbury Store and they're going to price match for me on the Strands. Glad I double checked!
I was at the one on Newbury and got denied. I guess I'll call today and ask about it. Maybe the Sunday staff didn't know they could price match.
I was in on a Sunday so there were only two people in the store, and they both said no to price matching. Is it worth calling during the week and trying to talk to a manager? Is it official AE policy to price match or is it a store by store decision?
I'm curious about this phenomenon as well. I looked at Strands at Nordstrom, but they didn't have my size. I went to the AE store in Boston, and while they weren't able to price match, they did let me try on a pair of Strands in my size (I also bought a pair of Amoks there, so I wasn't totally a 'let me try something on you know I won't buy' person) and they were notably lighter in color than the pair I tried on at Nordstrom. The display pair at Nordstrom was lighter,...
Thinking about ordering the chocolate brown Amoks that are on clearance right now from AE. How do they compare sizing wise to Park Avenues? I wear an 11.5 D in PAs. Should I stick with the same size in Amoks or size up by 1/2? Also still trying to decide about Strands vs McTavishes, but I think I need to get myself over to Nordstrom to check them out in person.
I'm thinking about picking up a pair of AEs at the Nordstrom sale. I got Park Avenues last year at the sale, so I have the black balmoral box checked. This year I'm thinking about either the walnut Strands or the tan McTavishes. My usual work outfits are dark denim, chinos, etc w/ OCBDs. I have a navy blue suit that I think would look great with the strands, although I don't have occasion to wear it often. I'm also thinking that I would like to expand my work wardrobe...
Where does KW stuff ship from? If I'm ordering tonight (Sunday) when should I expect it to make it to Boston? (Anyone with experience ordering from Kent, feel free to chime in...)
Awesome! Thanks for the clarification.
Damn. 65" is probably too long for me. Any idea when the next batch of 62" ones will be in? They must've gone fast this time around.
Kent, are you getting any more of the 62" navy blue grenadines in soon? The website says they'll be restocked in late May, but I'm not sure if that means they'll be in in the next few days or if it means they were actually already restocked and I missed my window...
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