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Holy Devoa, all those pieces look stellar! art, nice boots. Brand? Shape looks really good
I would flip out. Did you chat him up about it? I would have
People definitely buy according to price and not necessarily desirability (perhaps branding), I myself have no doubt shopped like this on numerous occasions. I feel like this is due to a number of factors: 1. People on here, especially the SW&D side, are not often loaded, and buying one piece means not buying another. Therefore lower priced items mean more bang for their buck. 2. Not having access to these items in real life means taking a total chance on sizing,...
It's definitely both, sellers often have an irrational attachment to the piece since they bought it for X price and maybe are waffling on keeping it, so the price starts at a number only someone who is in search of the exact piece or has lots of disposable cash will pay. Buyers scour B&S strictly for pieces going at significant discount, and are always trying to get a better deal (and believe that a better deal will eventually show up).Maybe it's that so many more people...
Sufu moves at about the same speed (unless you have a hyped item), it's honestly just a matter of cutting prices to where you're uncomfortable with them, that's really what seems to move product that isn't super sought after
I honestly have no desire to ever go back to Hawaii. Tropical places don't really hold much of an appeal to me, I much prefer countries with long histories of development/advanced civilization and a cooler climate.
Coming up on 12 weeks on my ToJ0, thank god I have terrible memory because I keep forgetting I ever even ordered it and it's a nice moment whenever I remember. Man, ToJ said nearly 4 months ago they'd be closing down...I hope so badly drew says "eh" on the restaurant business and revives JC!
true true. Still tasty and actually cheaper than Cook'sI also like Jaume Serra Brut as well if I'm going cheap
Trader Joes actually has some amazing champagne for literally $5...
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