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It's certainly possible to rank several TOJs "absolutely" as far as aggressiveness and ease of wear go. It's not really subjective to say the MDR is less agressive than the 2010DR?Though it does get hazier with some of the more interesting/busier combos.Also, my list in the first place was obviously subjective opinion?
Anyone who has followed Ye for even a little bit knows this is pretty typical hubris/retaliation that we've come to expect from him. I mean, this is the guy who dissed the South Park writers in a song because of a parody episode they made of him basically saying he was too serious about jokes... But he is a brilliant musician, a rare critical/commercial success and I think he fascinates us and will continue to Plus, My Dark Twisted Fantasy is fucking GOOD
Well, considering it's an $800 jacket and it'll take six months to arrive and most people on the forum are in the process of finding their clothing comfort zone...I don't think it's quite overthinking it to take the time to carefully decide between rider models?
Explains why the measurements are so tinyGosh I want a 5-zip, need job first
I mean, I noticed that the majority of people looked a lot more "put together" than here, and it was clear that most put thought into what they wore. But I saw very very few actually impressive fits or anything interesting (some guy wearing a Doma/Yohji long shirt and black harem pants??!), and certainly saw some real fails (diaper drop crotch and KVA sneaks on a nerdy skinny-fat white dude). Did see a lot of people I assumed were models though (long legs, very thin,...
I'd buy a chair from you too
Totally depends on your style, 2013 takes a bit more agressive wardrobe and comfort in wearing clothes that'll get you stares/comments, whereas the MDR is relatively innocuous and easier to work into a more basic wardrobe (jeans, tees, sneaks, etc)
Didn't you collaborate with her on a number of pieces? Plus you've done a few other pieces with a tailor (those J-pants), and your style is so unique that I feel like you could really make some very cool things (and of course, you'd have the full support of the SF community)
snowman, please actually become a designer ASAP
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