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It's because I got too big a booty :/
Would definitely be one of the weirder places to be like "Hey, nice leather....Is that a ToJ? Can I kop a feel?"
You take those slanderous words about Breaking Bad back this instant
That was a thing?!So I'm about to put in an order and am looking for sizing advice. 5'11", ~38" chest, ~17.5" shoulders, 32" waist at hips, usually wear small or medium. Looking at a "relaxed fit" sweatshirt, possibly a knit sweater, those black elasticated trousers and a deep u neck tee. Looking for a slim fit, what do you guys advise?
welp, that was a pretty quick block
This wool coat w/ removable tech vest looks pretty damn sweet, love all the little KKA style detailing.
Also, why don't people talk more about Wooyoungmi on here? I always like the stuff I see, even Mr P's buys. And the pricing isn't ludicrous either
I milk pretty much every article I own, I'm afraid of posting too often lest people get sick of seeing the same gear repurposed
I finally took some time to look through some SLP buys from retailers this season and liked what I saw. The tailoring (esp on suits) looked good, materials pretty lux and I like some of the footwear quite a bit. Prices are all over the map though, some things are stupid expensive ($461 pocket tee?!), but some would be pretty reasonable at 30-50% off (~$900 wool/leather varsity)
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