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God this season has some great stuff, favorite SS collection since Frozen Waves. Fabrics look so nice, love the contrast sleeve blousons
Fuck hot weather, my body runs really warm and I sweat a ton, I'm constantly uncomfortable. Even the slightest physical activity and I'm drenched
MA-1 is TTS for me too. Man, excited for their slim wool suits to drop. How much are they usually (pants+jacket)?
damn, never thought I'd see c4est in a 5-zip but it looks good, especially with that buzz cut. So jelly ugh
Hell yea, gonna have to hit up SUC sometime next week
haha B!CD that is ice cold
hendrix, wtf
god wtf is up with this new trend to wear sneakers w/ suits for weddings?! It looks so goddamn bad, why would anyone want to look like a doofus on their big day? Yes sneaks and suits can be pulled off but it's tricky
When the fck is Uniqlo gonna put out their wool suits?!
Not sure I entirely comprehend everything going on witht his piece, but it's at a great price and I'm sure someone could rock the shit outta it: http://www.styleforum.net/t/360669/undercover-x-vandalize-ma-1-size-2/0_40
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