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Just get contacts, my life has been 1,000x better since I made the plunge (and I had a REALLY hard time getting them to work for me, but now I'm incredibly happy)
Solid 1st/2nd post, may be quotable
Haha right as I closed this window I was like "shit, someone is gonna crack a joke"
The shaft is a little tall which troubles me
OK so this is definitely more of an interest check because this piece is absolutely awesome and I'm very unsure of wanting to let it go. Received in a trade and cost me the equivalent of $350, so I'll be looking for offers at our around that price. Worn out by me 1-2 times, barely any sign of wear other than super slight fading at normal high stress points. Condition is an easy 9/10. Best for a slim 48 or normal 46. That's me in the fit pic, at 5'11" and 170 lbs, an...
Stephan Schneider Cotton Black/Grey Colorblock Scarf SOLD Really nice lightweight scarf from the best damn scarf-maker ever imo. Both ends are charcoal with subtle striping, with a center block of black. Though it's made of cotton, this cotton is crazy soft and drapes beautifully. The edges are rolled which add to the artisan look. Fabric up close is of course complex and variegated, really impressive stuff one would expect from Schneider. Interesting triangular ends! Got...
Robert Geller Slim Grey Denim, 48 SOLD Beautiful grey slim/skinny jeans from renowned jean maker Robert Geller. Color is a beautiful antique grey that changes subtly in different lighting to lilac, dark grey and sepia due to a cool dyeing process. The color pairs beautifully with blacks or browns, and the way the jeans stack make it look great with hefty combat boots. Only reason I'm selling is due to them stretching to be a bit too large for me. 95% cotton, 5%...
Vita, that fit is awesome (despite congruency issues). Was that the TS(S) floating around B&S a while back, the padded one? Fabric looked so nice, now I wish I had bought it up
I won't be satisfied until I weigh the same as melonadejello
Me too, there have been times where I've looked in my closet then looked at myself and thought "seriously? This much time and money devoted and I look like this?!"It'll pass
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