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So I've thought about it a lot and there are some things about my MDR that keep it from perfection for me (length of arms/body, blacked out hardware, I may be too careless for lamb, etc) and I'm thinking about hocking it and ordering either a 2013 or 2010 DR in black calf, with either silver or gunmetal (depending on the model). Couple questions... 1. What are order projections for someone ordering a DR right now? 2. Are the giant bell sleeves still showing up, and is...
Haha funny you should say that, pretty sure I was playing some knockoff Pokemon game on the iPhone at the timeGBm?
ToJ0 black/black going on almost a year of steady wear!
OK So this is sort of an interest check since this piece (From F/W '09) is awesome and incredibly rare, but it's a bit snug on me if I wanna wear anything other than a shirt underneath it. Size small, best fits a 46 or larger 44 (depending on layering). Made of a really nice and soft matte waxed cotton outer, it is 100% down filled. It is super warm, and incredibly comfy/soft inside and out (but also very sturdy feeling). Made in Japan, it has an insane amount of details...
Ugh, I think I'm getting to that stagnant clothing stage again, where I take everything I own for granted and can only come up with the same 3 outfits to wear every time I leave the house Doesn't help that summer is coming up and I'm basically just a human reservoir of sweat
Haha I need to start looking into a srs down jacket asap
Also, http://instagram.com/reedobandito88
I got accepted into Michigan's Summer Start program, which begins at the beginning of May. Means I graduate 6 months early too. The program was a big plus for deciding the schoolI'm so goddamn ready to get out of the PNW
Plz find me employment ne waysI'll give you .5% of my first year salary or something
Alright so I've basically been traveling nonstop for nearly a month now (BC-->Ann Arbor-->San Fran/Northern Cali-->Eugene), and have like 1000 unread posts in every thread haha. Somebody gimme a slightly (or very) tongue in cheek run down on what I missed! Also, enrolled at Michigan Law school, starting in a month! So fucking excited
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