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Exactly, they're really bulbous but in a goofy and not terribly interesting sort of way, and all the details are sort of corny. I feel like, especially during his first collection, they really didn't mesh at all with the styling of the rest of the well tailored stuff
Not sure if I'm alone in this but im really not a fan of Plokhov's footwear
Some SFers have seriously cool pads. I can't wait for the day that I can afford my own place and fill it with cool things So many Persian rugs
People don't like the fit of mine
Eh do you mean as in constantly rainy and around the 50s range? Not really. Spring goes on for a while here, but winter can be fairly cold and summer can stay in the 90s and even go into the 100s occasionally
I mean, ask yourself, do you really wanna own a product also owned by isachenko??
Looks like they don't make that espadrille-like style right now (maybe this s/s?) but here's website with some of their older stock. I own the Seville, they run TTS http://www.natterjacks.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?brand=1997
Eh I'm not really feeling them, especially for the price. Check out Vera for similar designs but less costly (I own a blue pair that look very similar to that but better imo)
Yea, super ugly. And AFAIK MOMA doesn't really stand for anything or at least it's not well known/important
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