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username vasWitness, I think he's newer on here. It was up for like...4 days on the Marketplace?I wouldn't usually trust a fashion jacket for serious cold weather, but this thing actually looks warm as fuck
Attachment Fishtail, gonna need something for this "polar vortex" bullshit Dunno why y'all slept on this, especially at this price
I'm not positive what season it's from, but the guy said he bought it new from the MMM store 2 years ago...Which would make it F/W '12? Though IDK, it could be '11 or '13 And LOL at the wave of 5zips out of nowhere
Sounds like I picked right in material and sizing, nice. Is it heavy weight then? The leather tough?
Lol I'd cry. I haven't bought anything in ages, and this is basically the perfect iteration for me. Black, calfskin, gunmetal zips, size 48 etc
Sup guys,
WTB: New/Used Black TOJ 2013DR in 46 w/ 48 lengths or Stock 48 Will pay good price! Also consider trade for BLESS Black Wool Hoodcoat, size L (46-48)
Looking for the dark grey wool long coat from the last F/W season, the one with the zip in black tech vest. Preferred size 46, but would consider a 48. Willing to pay a good price. Thanks!
What's up fellas
Nothing really, there are just some nicks here and there and sometimes I get real drunk and do something stupid and I know one day it'll be at the expense of a sleeve hahaCotdamn, 10 months is an insane wait period.As for the wet naps, I need something to remove odor moreso than dirt or grime. The jacket smells a little funky after 2+ years of wear lolThere was a mild controversy over batches from the last few years having rather large cuff openings that are slightly bell...
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