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These look pretty great, actually. Can't seem to find them anywhere online tho. What's sizing like?
I want to start this out by saying that I love this jacket and am totally on the fence about selling it. The only reason I'm considering letting it go is because it simply doesn't get enough wear by me (a damn shame), and my shoulders are ever so slightly to broad to wear it really comfortably. This is the classic iteration, and imo the best. Ultra heavy/thick deep black virgin wool (the whole jacket must weigh like 8 pounds), chitinous grey buttons made of what appears...
lol I'm going to a Drunk History party this weekend, going as James Dean because fuck it
Good tips guys. I'll probably grab a pair of waterproof (?) docs 1460s or Timbs then stock up on hefty wool socks.
Has a very faint black skull and crossbones on the back. Dunno if I could rock it, but man it's got some cool details
OK so I've picked up my parka/down vest for the impending winter, but am still absolutely stumped as to what to do for a serious pair of winter boots. Here's what I'm looking for: -Water/snow proof -Good sole grip so I won't slip on ice etc -Black in color -Not horrendous or too terribly chunky -Would like to keep the price between $100-200 Suggestions? Also looking for some warm (but not bulky) wool gloves
Considering letting go of my Stock 46 Black lamb MDR w/ Blacked Out Hardware. Fits a slim 48/regular 46, has dual front zip, slim cuffs etc. There are really minor nicks in a few expected places and some general wear, but overall has a ton of life left. If you guys are interested PM me for pics/potential prices or trades. CHeers!
Wait you're in AA too?? I'm meeting The Shah for coffee on thursday around 4, you should come too!
Thanks guys, I'm super pumped. This jacket feels like armor, I just feel like punching everyone I see when I wear it dlester, law school is awesome, I've been having the best time of my life here. Ann Arbor is amazing, my classes and professors are fascinating, the people are the best. I made the right choice PS that Attachment parka came in and holy fuck is it nice and warm. Gonna survive the winter after all
I fucking love this thing, it's a work of art Sorry that it looks like I'm sporting a middle boob
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