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Ugh if only my bball arrived before this wknd I could've done a Synth impression! Guess I'll do one anyways regardless of the end of the contest
Simple, well made clothes are always welcome
Uniqlo Skinny Denim, to wear with bball jacket (too fat for old APCs ) Hopefully the artificial fading looks good irl, already know the fit is spot on
Just got a pair of the faded dark blue skinny jeans: Anyone buy these? Is the shade of blue and fading nice IRL?
My mom actually calls it a dress :/
Reminds me of:
"MOM! I'm home! Can you make me some pizza rolls?"
Ha you guys are making a big deal over this denim jacket. Looks good, good price, made in japan, I'd say go for it
In other news, Trader Joe's now stocks Ghost Pepper chili powder in grinder cans. Bought one, tried it...One of the weirdest spice sensations I've ever experienced. It felt like someone had lit a fire in my chest, and I couldn't breath very well. But it wasn't so spicy in my mouth. Maybe it has to be cooked into something, I just sprinkled it onto some Pad Kee Mao so idk
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