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This is really coolI also sort of barely squeaked by in HS but got lucky I guess
Getting a distinctive White Mountaineering vibe from the F/W '14 lookbook, probably has to do with the camo pattern and proportions
I came out of college with like literally a 10% understanding of how to find work, even temporary bullshit
I think it looks good, could maybe tailor it a bit in the body but no reason to let it go imo
@ShoutOutsFoMyBo gets my vote for best one liners since @teenagelightning (whatever happened to him anyways?)
Nice, found some Taccos that deoderize for under $10...How do I size? Like if I'm buying them for boots tagged 42 but that fit more like 43/43.5, do I get 43/10?
Looking for recs on insoles, and they gotta check a few boxes: -For boots, size ~10 (Not sure if size matters) -Want them to fill out the boots a little -Not super padded -Deodorizing a plus -$10 and under appreciated Also, cheap/decent shoe trees?
I totally would, bball doesn't arrive till tomorrow or tuesday tho :/
Ugh if only my bball arrived before this wknd I could've done a Synth impression! Guess I'll do one anyways regardless of the end of the contest
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