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Quick fit pic of the bball! Seriously impressive piece, especially given the price. Perfect for springtime weather. Suede is a really nice thickness, feels quite hardy and almost akin to duck canvas or some other tough natural fabric. Feels bulletproof tbh. Knitting colors are super nice irl Fit is good but not perfect. Big shoulders+raglan sleeves make it a bit more cropped/tight than I'd like but it fits similarly to my TOJ0 and certainly isn't uncomfortable. FWIW...
Yea, I put on like 10 pounds during/after Europe, but some has been muscle. I've never actually measured my chest but I'm guessing it to be almost exactly 38" around, jackets w/ 40" chests fit me really wellHonestly I could have probably sized up to 50 (w/ 48 lengths) and been very happy, but I went one up from my MDR sie of 46. I'd say the ToJ0 runs TTS but very very slim. Shoulders and sleeves are forgiving, chest and body have a very large taper
Damn you went 52?! I'm 5'11" and 170 and I went 48. Fits perfect, maybe a bit slim when buttoned but it doesn't bother mePS 48 length is plenty long for me at 5'11" even with longish arms
My mom works at a hospital (psych ward) and she refused to take the shot and had to wear a mask hahashe's very stubborn and prone to conspiracy theories on occasion
Yea, I have no idea why it took me so long to warm to the idea of throwing insoles into my boots w/o thick soles that fit a bit large
OK Hirsch
I guess this is where I admit that I DEFINITELY believe in aliens
Let's do itDING DING
What does one wear with a pair of black creepers? Right now I feel like the only thing I own that really goes is my pair of black MMM cropped trousers. I'm think a pair of charcoal or medium grey cropped trousers? idk
This is absolutely true, I know at least 300 people personally who have died of or are currently dying of mercury poisoning
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