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Everyone thinks it's like a bathrobe or something...They don't understand how it can be a cardigan but also be so longMy mom calls it a dress haha
Diggin that kg. Whenever I wear my Barena cardi around everyone always asks what the hell it is haha
So cemented is different than glued? And is handwelted a plus? Yea, even if the quality was subpar (which I heard it isn't), they're such a great price and look excellent
So a cemented sole can't be replaced/fixed? I don't know how long I plan on having these. I guess since they're so damn cheap I'd just buy another pair once I've worn them out. I'm just worried about the sole detaching
Hey guys, so I'm gonna buy a pair of Story et Fall sidezips and they're currently offered in a cemented last ($140) and a Goodyear welted last ($200). I was wondering if the extra $60 is worth it? I have a pair of those MMMxHMMMMMM sidezips and I'm pretty sure they're cemented (?) and the sole detaches every few months and I have to get it reglued, so I'm wary. Tips??
Mostly when they dress up for on campus interviews or mock court, etc. And that's what I figured, hope to end up at a less conservative biglaw firm.
Ugh yea I'll be suited up. Nice thing is, I really expected all of the law school kids to dress up in really shluppy, boring gear but everyone here wears well-tailored suits, nice ties, etc. Thank god
Fuck no I won't haha. I'll be strictly SW&D all wknd erry wknd
Ha law school has sucked up all my free time. Miss u guyz tho
So the Story side zips run TTS then? Like MMMxHMMMMMMM??
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