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Wait a minute...My Attachment parka has the same exact looking tag as that leather jacket...It's also tagged a size 'M' and not a 1/2/3
Beautiful jacket, but that sleeve length looks ridicMine should be coming in tomorrow or early next week
Yea got this proxied from a sample sale like 2ish years ago, one of the few pieces I've held onto throughout my various stylistic stages
Not that I recall, no...
I got seriously lucky, grabbed them off of eBay for like $50 new, think they're from S/S '13. They've aged beautifully and are built really well
3Sixteen Barena Uniqlo x2 Buttero
They aren't online yet, you gotta email them and they'll walk you through the process, not too complicated/time consuming. Designer/owner is super nice, his english is superb
Went w/ the hand-sewn Goodyear welt, will post impressions
Everyone thinks it's like a bathrobe or something...They don't understand how it can be a cardigan but also be so longMy mom calls it a dress haha
Diggin that kg. Whenever I wear my Barena cardi around everyone always asks what the hell it is haha
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