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No offense but, this might be the worst fit on an SS piece that I've ever seen
Wore that shit over a tee in 28 degree weather today, was toasty. Yea the arms are pretty snug but not ridiculously so
I was gonna post a fit w/ my fishtail parka anyways, nice
BEE cardigan finally arrived and goddamn, is the color and weave beautiful in person. Really heavy, really thick. Still trying to figure out how to wear it though, as it's slightly too thick to go under a jacket, and buttoned up the pockets sort of give me a love handles look...I'm thinking collared shirt? But it's damn warm, so that's good
Your feet look impossibly small in this fit hahahaIf you're actually a size 6 then I am sorry for laughing
Glad I didn't come up during this button-tension problem
Gorgeous pair of slim heavy black 100% wool partially lined trousers, made in Romania, from F/W '12 I believe. Have a center seam running down the front, gives them a cool modern edge that MMM is known for. Great pocket detailing and beautiful (and sturdy) hardware. Absolutely gorgeous heavy fabric, perfect for Fall and Winter. True black. Tab waist w/ 3 metal hook closures. NWOT, minus being tailored. Retailed for $400-500. Tagged IT 46 (US 30). Have been tailored...
So basically you got a different model you wanted in the wrong size...Maybe you shoulda sprung for retail hahaSplit toes, toasty why???
Ugh no apparently the owner/designer wasn't happy w/ the hides they used so he's having them redo them
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