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Oh yea duh, yes buy his stuffs
Every goddamn thing that malcmcm is selling on The Site That Shall Not Be Named Painted side zips, painted gats, Raf velcro jacket etc...
Something about that guy's tiny tummy sticking out of those pants really cracks me up hahaha
Better than the last fit, but I just don't think that particular sweater was made for you dude
Oh yea I definitely remember getting sick off of eating a whole patch of that as a kid
Never come to SF seeking advice on restraint
Glad you like em but those are pretty hideous Also, I love my GATs but goddamn why did they have to tear on the sides like 6 months in
He said they should be done by Tuesday, then he's shipping them out. Unfortunately I'm leaving Saturday for almost a month, so my review may have to wait a while...
Both those hi-tops are hideous imo
Coat looks like Barena, link?
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