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Oh yea I definitely remember getting sick off of eating a whole patch of that as a kid
Never come to SF seeking advice on restraint
Glad you like em but those are pretty hideous Also, I love my GATs but goddamn why did they have to tear on the sides like 6 months in
He said they should be done by Tuesday, then he's shipping them out. Unfortunately I'm leaving Saturday for almost a month, so my review may have to wait a while...
Both those hi-tops are hideous imo
Coat looks like Barena, link?
DAMMIT who bought the Lad leather? I was just about to pull the trigger (though it would probs be too small for me)
Whoa some really cool finds
All of Schneider's wool stuff I've worn have been pretty damn itchy but eventually you just forget about it since everything he makes is so damn fly
I think oversized in a lighter color on a bigger body is harder too. Yohji does a lot of flowing black, which imo works much better for a whole range of body types than say a light grey semi-structured fuzzy sweater
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