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That's so crazy, just imagine the possibilities...
So I don't succumb and buy it myself Stephan Schneider Grey Wool Blouson, IV: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/571314002451/
Wait but ferreal is there a TCxUniqlo collab coming?? That'd actually make a lot of sense and be seriously awesome
Someone gimme suggestions for who I should do. I still have a bit of CM gear, a few heritage pieces and lots of plain black duds....so...
cyc wid it, you doing SVB?!??
I wish my style was idiosyncratic enough to be emulated, but i'm afraid prolly not...Thinking about doing one of the heritage-wear folks...Maybe Mikey?
hahahaha this is great So many choices
Will somebody please smear Blown01NJ in human feces???
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