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So damn good, but yea, requires some gear/timeEspecially now that it's heating up, I drink a TON of cold brew. That shit is TASTY
Beautiful pair of black calf leather derbies on a hefty, chunky medium grey vibram sole. Made by rather hard to find cult Japanese label Lad Musician. Really solidly built, excellent for both casual or dressier clothing. Insoles are nicely padded, leather feels quite sturdy and has just the right amount of shine. Condition is almost new, sole is almost entirely free of scuffs and there's only the slightest bit of creasing on the upper. Previous owner wore them maybe 1-2...
Clothes are wearing you mang
I had a glass and plastic Bodum, didn't clean it for a few weeks (I think I went on vacation or something?)
Haha ok well I'm an idiot, dunno why I failed to consider this
What brand is it? I left my old one uncleaned too long and it rotted
French press is my personal favorite because I really like all the silt that ends up in the cup, makes the coffee a bit heavier and more substantial Really dislike aeropress, too thin bodied (perhaps my buddy just doesn't know how to brew a proper cup using his, idk)
tproc, what pants?
Ahhhh you dirty bitch! You're the one who came through with a quicker payment for the Jil Plz sell to me if it doesn't fit you or you don't like it kthx
Ha I'm trying to imagine how we're the same height/weight but you have like a 5+" larger chest, it's boggling my mindI'm trying to imagine myself with that big a chest at this weight and cant
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