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Haha ok well I'm an idiot, dunno why I failed to consider this
What brand is it? I left my old one uncleaned too long and it rotted
French press is my personal favorite because I really like all the silt that ends up in the cup, makes the coffee a bit heavier and more substantial Really dislike aeropress, too thin bodied (perhaps my buddy just doesn't know how to brew a proper cup using his, idk)
tproc, what pants?
Ahhhh you dirty bitch! You're the one who came through with a quicker payment for the Jil Plz sell to me if it doesn't fit you or you don't like it kthx
Ha I'm trying to imagine how we're the same height/weight but you have like a 5+" larger chest, it's boggling my mindI'm trying to imagine myself with that big a chest at this weight and cant
Clark's are more versatile imo and you'll probably wear the Clark's for a while even after you get deeper into the SF fashun game
I'm personally a big fan of Hot Ham Water "So...Waaaterrry"
Thanks, I'd say this also fits a bit tighter than my ToJ0 in the same size as well. However I feel like it doesn't look too small worn so I'm not worried. Does the calf stretch much over time? It appears as tho it's been maybe 5-10 times, but it's still in almost new condition
Yea it has the same fit problems I've had with pretty much all raglan jackets I've tried on/owned. However I think it fits pretty nice open and I rarely button my jackets anyways (especially when it's warmer) so I'm just gonna wear it for a while to see if it stops bothering me. Fingers crossed!
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