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Really like the Geller sweatshirt, is it petrol color? If so, it's a really nice color in person. The dinner bomber i'm more on the fence about, maybe due to the color and contrast stripe. The Ervell knit is basic but nice, if you're concerned about "heavy wool" you might be in some warm place and if so, know you'll only wear it a few days outta the year
I always make it a practice to tip even when I feel like it's a service that doesn't really necessitate tipping, mostly because my mother is a major cheapskate and has never respected folk in the service industry. Honestly, I think a lot of the nice things I do day to day are just a opposite reaction to how my mother conducts herself... My tipping system is usually 15% for standard or sub par service, 20% for cheaper meals or good service, and 30% for amazing service or...
Right...which is why I've never bought a pair...
I'm talking about a serious amount of creasing even when they're taken care of and stored with shoe trees, that to me is really unappealing. A normal amount of creasing is fine, obviously
Postmans look so nice new, but creasing on a sleek black shoe makes me feel queasy
I'm crying
Heh heh heh baseball heh heh heh I'm ready for ya springtime!
Heh heh heh
Exactly, they're really bulbous but in a goofy and not terribly interesting sort of way, and all the details are sort of corny. I feel like, especially during his first collection, they really didn't mesh at all with the styling of the rest of the well tailored stuff
Not sure if I'm alone in this but im really not a fan of Plokhov's footwear
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