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Alright so I've basically been traveling nonstop for nearly a month now (BC-->Ann Arbor-->San Fran/Northern Cali-->Eugene), and have like 1000 unread posts in every thread haha. Somebody gimme a slightly (or very) tongue in cheek run down on what I missed! Also, enrolled at Michigan Law school, starting in a month! So fucking excited
Weekender would be so dope
I love knits that have crazy reverse patterns that show the workmanship. That Cabourn fair isle I had looked beautiful turned inside out. @StanleyVanBuren should post a pic
Alright so sorry if the other guy has already told this story but.... IT FINALLY HAPPENED I was at a sketchy club in Ann Arbor (on visitation weekend to Michigan LS) named Rick's, and was waiting outside the bathroom for my buddy to finish taking a piss when I happen to glance across the hall at a rather small fellow in a damn fine black rider jacket. I look closer and start to notice all the familiar details...Ball pulls, 2 way zip, trim fit, gunmetal hardware...And I...
Ugh how did I not hear about the pre order sooner. I take it they're all sold out? Also, will there be any other Schneider F/W goods for pre order?
COOL THXHaha holy shit I go away to Canada and totally miss out. Ah well, I've still got my BLESS
Where is everyone pre-ordering all the SS Merino coats from?!
Nice thanks. I'm assuming size down one from your true size, yea?
Think I'm going to let go of my stock 48 Tan Baseball jacket, PM to buy directly or offer trades of items in S/M sizes. Would keep but shoulders too snug, best for a TTS 46 or 48 with small shoulders
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