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Schneider's fabrics are always amazing and his stuff is almost always more impressive in person. Every S/S piece I've handled has had a unique fabric and been beautiful in its own right...I just have a harder time justifying buying nice fashunz for s/s since I usually just wanna wear cheap minimal clothing I can sweat in (I sweat an ungodly amount)
Those 10 Seis are beautiful Stitches, I second MOMA. Good entry level SW&D boot, can be had on yoox for sub $300, really good quality
hahaha oops my b
Something really important I've noticed insofar as how I buy these days is I ask myself, really honestly, if a piece I desire will actually look good worn (by me specifically, but also in general). Some pieces look amazing simply on display, but everything changes when actually worn and they can look so silly and misconceived. A great example of this was recently when I was contemplating buying a pair of MMM biker sneakers (those really tall Tron-esque ones) And I thought...
Damn kj, also probs my favorite from you too. Might have something to do with the quality of the pic (and how perfect the proportions are) I've done some bouldering with an old roommate (he was this really talented athlete who would always be running marathons/doing biking comps etc) and it was so impressive what he and others could do. My fingers and forearms always got so sore and weak after like an hour and it'd start to get scary climbing
Especially in something like Moonrise Kingdom haha
Just insane, can you imagine how much finger and core strength this guy must have? He looks so damn casual tooThere's an extended video somewhere, and a 60 Minutes interview with him too, really interesting
I think this video probably takes the cake when it comes to palm sweats:
That's so crazy, just imagine the possibilities...
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