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Yea, someone said the pair I got happened to be just an exceptionally bad model, but for $900 shoes, there should be no "bad run" ever haha
Having owned both, I think it's the chunkier sole and the slightly more "bubbled" toebox that make them look a little bit more substantial and slightly less sleek than MMMsI sized down 1 (from 43 to 42), and I think it was a good choice. I wear 42 in most brands or styles that run large, and I have shorter/wider feetHaha sorry I left them at the GFs place but I will shortly!I bought I pair of MMM sidezips from I think F/W '13 and the quality was awful, I posted a review of...
Ervell aviator leather arrived and holy hell is it nice. Really great construction, hefty material, lots of cool details. Unfortunately I just don't think it'll get as much wear as my other leathers, and I can't really justify owning 3 as a seriously broke college kid. Guess it's going up on Grailed tonight, or if anyone is interested just PM me here.
Also, on a much more minor note, just picked up this new style of sweatpant from Uniqlo: They're awesome. Fit is great, fabric is a sort of techy-neoprene, zip pockets are cool, nice detailing like paneling and the knee darts, etc. Went with a Medium|/men/bottoms/sweat-pants/sweat-pants/|
Finally was able to pick up my Story et Fall sidezips and WOW Hands down the nicest, most personal packaging I have ever received for any item of clothing, ever. It came with a typed note by the designer apologizing for the delay, a letter of authenticity with the name of the maker handwritten, an exorbitant amount of white packaging, 2 kinds of insoles, and--kicker--a pair of really nice shoe trees to make up for the delay. The boots themselves are absolutely gorgeous....
Heh you'll be the first to know if it doesn't work out. Will probably have to sell my MDR to cover it...
I messaged him and did a shady deal outside ebay skeeskeeskee Pretty sure it's one of a kind, so I doubt that's another. I'll let you guys know if it doesn't work out. Damn, that color
Also, finally going back to MI tomorrow so I'll be able to report back on my findings, about 7-8pm EST
Had one too many tallies and made a hasty decision: One of a kind Ervell Cowhide Aviator in a nice dark green/teal
My parents gifted me this blanket when I went to law school, fucking love it.
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