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hot damn, it's been a minute since I've perused this forum miss y'all
Hey fam, long time no talk Who wants to give me my annual SF update?
Meh, living in the midwest has made me apathetic when it comes to clothes. I haven't bought anything exciting in like a year :/
Anyone try their sneaks, specifically the new CP looking ones? Curious about quality/fit. I'm usually a 9-10, sort of a 9.5 in CP so thinking of going with 43 on the white pair.
Tell me about this Falcon...
What's the hubbub about these Grana tees? Where2buy?
Anyone got recs for a good pair of all white/off-white sneakers, canvas or leather, for pretty cheap? My kitsune sneakers are just too small, need a replacement. Was thinking Muji. Any others?
Wait....Drew scammed people out of their orders?!? Leave for a few months, what a weird thing to return to
What about the sneaks?
Not really feeling this season. I think the constant blue/green doesn't look great and the styles are almost entirely repeats of past seasons (which is normal, but he usually at least tries to improve upon them) Do like that sleeved scarf however
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