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@impolyt_one yo drew, I've sent you emails about selling my spot. Please send me some kind of spot confirmation reply so I can sell my spot
selling my november 2013 TOJ varsity spot.
TBH I'd wade through this whole shit show just for some relevant information. That's the only reason I still check everyday.
Selling a TOJ 2013 Varsity spot purchased in November of 2013. I have a Navy/Sand Tan in Size 48 on order but you can change it to whatever you want because it's essentially credit. You're also welcome to change it to any full leather spot as long as you put in the difference. PM me and we'll work it out with drew.
wah wah mommy I want my pacifier. You teeter back and forth between complaining about not receiving your order and praising TOJ. Get over it. Everyone else is waiting in the same line, we don't need your daily updates. I really do hope drew sends out all the orders and then processes your refund.
I'm a lurker and read all the posts but don't like to post. I JUST HAD to second this post. Distorbiant is like the whiny entitled kid that everyone picked on the playground and does stupid shit to crave attention.
Anyone got any suggestions?
ooh. anyone have any experience with killspencer's weekender and overnight bags? If TOJ never makes theres, I'd prob jump on one of killspencers. It's a great price compared to the arm and leg for the MMM one.
got my trousers ordered november '13 but they're a tid bit tighter. anyone have experience with letting them out a bit?
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