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yall need to learn how to read
I paid with paypal credit and the process for filing a dispute is different. Paypal credits dispute process is paper based so I just sent all the necessary paper work in.
It's too late to receive the TOJ we got scammed discount huh? I was finally able to recover my funds. Also is a leather weekender still in the works? if so I'll wait if not I'm looking at the kill spencer one.
The getting your money part should be pretty obvious right? What use is winning the dispute if I dont get my moeny back ?unless you paid through PAYPAL CREDIT, referring to my case id is useless. Even then I didn't have to refer to cutemelons case id
is that not what I wrote?
I paid with paypal credit and thanks to cutemelon for letting me know to submit the paper via mail, paypal accepted my claim and since Drew isn't going to respond I automatically won the dispute. Also thanks to pawnchyoface, I basically just submitted the documents that he uploaded and replaced the transactions with mine.
I also submitted a petition and got a response.
Will you guys venture into acessories? Still waiting on decently priced all leather weekender or duffel
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@impolyt_one yo drew, I've sent you emails about selling my spot. Please send me some kind of spot confirmation reply so I can sell my spot
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