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Hello All: I posted this on r/goodyearwelt, but forgot to post it in the simple questions thread (I knew it had simple questions written all over it) and forgot to mention that I am unable to return them to Nordstrom Rack because I am far, far away from one right now and will be for a while. Anyways, I recently purchased a pair of Red Wing Heritage Line Moc Toe Beckman boots in Antique Cigar (Model #9030). They have been fantastic, but I noticed a couple days ago that...
I bought these thinking I would wear them to the office on more casual days, but the culture is proving otherwise after one day of wear. I already have my everyday sneakers that I wear when I'm not at work, so these sadly have to go. They are in very good condition and come with extra laces in navy. Willing to part with them for $65+Shipping.
PM'd about gray shirt.
Pair of Undftd Selvage Chinos Size 34 in a nice darker Khaki Color. I hover between a size 34 and 35, and these are just a tad too tight on me. The Inseam measures 32". Red selvage detailing. These are $138 on Undftd, and I need them to move, hence the reasonable pricing. PM if interested.
I'm looking to cop a pair of BiG Beige Chinos in a 34. I have to admit that I'm not sure if the 34 will fit, but I'm interested nonetheless.
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