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saw billy joel years ago in the hamptons at a diner...have had dinner with jane curtin a few times, she's called me funny (high point of my life)...jeffrey skilling stayed at the same resort we did in costa rica, right as the enron thing was blowing up, he was a major asshole (made some off-color remarks about trailer parks). his wife also had some of the biggest rocks I have ever seen in my life. Saw alanis morrisette a couple months ago walking her dogs in central park...
best of all, she's got a sex tape!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Just curious wht makes a pair of jeans retail for $750. read superdenim and find out
maybe if someone posted the guidelines for what exactly was factored into making this list...there's nothing on p.1 that says the list is based on price/value ratio, construction, availability, color, fading, etc....perhaps some clarification on criteria?
how are nudie and APC on here and SC, eternal and 45rpm not?
omfg menz warezhousez!!!1 gon cop nao
so what exactly is retail on these things?
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