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You are Correct.There is a difference between a blucher and a derby. There is also a difference between an Oxford and a balmoral. Most men, if they know any distinction at all, know the distinction between blucher (which they consider all opened lace shoes) and balmoral (which they consider all closed lace shoes), and nothing else. I used PTB (plain toe "blucher") for simplicity's sake and only to differentiate between an opened lace shoe and a closed lace shoe.
The pictured Kenilworths look very nice.I personally much prefer the Leeds to the Kenilworth. The Leeds fits my foot much better. I eventually sold my Kenilworths.While they are both PTBs, they are vastly different models. The Leeds is a much more "substantial" shoe (which may or may not be desired). Some prefer the one; some prefer the other ......
Sorry to hear this. I have found Alden SF one of the best (perhaps the best) and most helpful Alden retailers to deal with. Jim, the manager, is nothing if not top notch.
Wonderful shoes.My Aberdeen NSTs in color 8 and ravello would be among the first pairs I would grab if my house was on fire (of course, only after securing the safety of those things in my life that actually matter - wife and children).Happy new year to all.
As of two weeks-ish ago, the nst/black shell/plaza/commando order request had been submitted by JGilbert but had not as of yet been confirmed by Alden.
Yes. I misunderstood you. I see now what you are referring to. Sloppy indeed. Good luck.
Consider models 2161 and 2146. Shoemart and Alden SF are good bets.
For me whiskey is exclusively casual. However, the shortwing bal on the Tremont can take it to business casual if paired with the right ensemble. I consider it (easily) the least versatile of Alden's five standard shell colors.
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