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It was recommended that you continue to brush these. While I don't necessarily disagree with that, I would be careful. I have had C&J shell boots before where brushing did nothing more than take the finish right off - leaving a streaky appearance on the upper. I eventually returned them.
It is truly a disaster.
I am not being flippant.But I see this comparison as apples to oranges for numerous reasons (e.g., last, design, welt, formality). You should own both.
Great boots.
Nowhere to be found as far as I know.
I have the black shell LWB on double leather (model 9751) and I find they are more versatile than probably many would think - flannels, denim, etc.Commando is a nice touch for winter IMO in that overshoes are not needed if the snow/slush is minimal.
nice shoeswelcome to the forum
Yes - Anthony and George.
Make sure you have enough personal property loss protection (or a separate rider), and inventory them. Pics never hurt either.
+1 (shoes and boots)
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