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Nice look. Great boots. I wear dark denim with color 8 boots all the time.
I'm not a big fan of bal boots. Both of these look nice, but I like the EG better. And I'm not a huge fan of Carmina's shell finishing.
Thanks PP. I like both of those weaves. I am leaning towards the diamond as I already have a tie fairly close in color to the oxford. But I'd be happy to hear thoughts from those of you that may own any of the other ones pictured.
Considering a burnt orange tie. Thoughts (particularly from those of you that have one from Hober)? http://www.samhober.com/?search_performed=Y&match=exact&q=burnt+orange&pname=N&pname=Y&cid=0&category_name=All+categories&pcode=&dispatch%5Bproducts.search%5D=Search The link is for a search of "burnt orange" on Hober's website. I was struck by the color difference when comparing the oxford weave to the diamond weave (or to any of the others). The oxford weave is much...
The toe box of the 240 is higher than the Barrie (indeed, generally too high for my liking - too roomy), though overall the last is not quite as wide as the Barrie. It is definitely not as narrow as AE's 5 last (not even close).
To my eye the lined 6 fold looks the best. But all are very nice.
This causes me enough concern to convince me not to do it. But it's all personal taste.
Unless you want satin, or cotton, this is the only one currently offered in a solid "dark navy":http://www.samhober.com/diamond-weave-silk-ties/dark-navy-diamond-weave-silk-tie-3.htmlI rather like this tie.
Epaulet offers returns for refunds to SF members. If you are having doubts, just get a refund.
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