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For professional business dress, the shell cordovan captoe blucher may be the single most versatile model in a man's closest.
Nice set of LWBs.
Nice tie. It looks quite light in color for burgundy, but perhaps it is just the lighting ....
Are they on your list of "may be returned" or have you just not gotten around to wearing them?
Splendid shoes.There are very few Alden models where color 8 would not be my favorite color. However, one of those rare exceptions is the LWB, and cigar wins that battle, followed closely - ever so closely - by ravello.
Hard to argue with this.
Hard to argue with this.
Thanks for the reply.Between posting that message and now, I indeed did contact BS, and was told information consistent with what you have said above (my UK8.5E translates into a BS 9D). NOTE: The boot in question is not in stock (in any sizes) and will not be until at least the end of February. Further, the boot has "pebble" leather only on the toe and heel. The remainder is smooth leather.
If there is a problem with a relatively new pair (particularly if they concede the problem is of their own doing), they will refinish them free of charge and without doing a full restoration.
I am an equal opportunity poster. The leather I will be getting is black calf (not buffalo or misty).
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