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This is a good all-around look. Well done.
David's ties are the best for the cost involved given the ability to essentially create your own tie. The Tie Bar at $15 is in second (I was skeptical until I bought a few).
With respect to colors of suede, Alden's snuff may be my all-time favorite suede color - regardless of maker.
It depends on what is in your collection already. But since I don't know that, my vote is for the snuff suede version.
You were smart not to wait. One or two hundred dollars in potential savings in a few years will seem meaningless. I wear my Marlows TTS but many go half size down. Good buy.
I am9D plaza shoes9.5D plaza boots9.5D grant bootsI have purchased one grant shoe, in 9D, but had to return it as it was too small. They had no 9.5 D.
I too have a lower instep. My Westminsters fit me well. They are a D width (slightly narrow), which helps.
Nice MRDV. Model 2210 is one of Alden's finest.
Nice look. Great boots. I wear dark denim with color 8 boots all the time.
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