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Wider in appearance, wider in fit, or both?
Calf and shell belts belts for me. I am not much of a fan of multi piece belts, which most shell belts are, but many on here like them just fine.
Nice shoes. Your selection of denim is just fine.
I like, and own, both models. Well done.
Alden's QC needs improvement and I have said as much, more than once. Further, I have said Alden is not for the guy who demands perfection (and this is said not to excuse Alden for bad QC; rather, it is a facing of reality as we know it).Moving on ....The striping on the upper, while unfortunate, will be unnoticed by virtually everyone. But perhaps this is a deal breaker if it will bother you to no end. The edging discoloration can be rather easily remedied. You will...
The Coniston and Galway are each nice, with the latter being in a totally different category than the former.
I too have found him honest. Further, it is my understanding he will decrease his ebay price if you are willing to do a direct Paypal purchase.
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